Should I Sell Now?

Bought at $205 yesterday, it is $230 now, Should I sell now?

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I bought in at 100 and got out a few days ago as it started steadily dropping below 275
put my 7ltc into XRB, I'm a happy fucking camper

I had 1 ltc left over just for old time's sake but sold it off today

do what you want

look here
your answer may be there

>using ltc to make any sort of profit

that's not how this works, user

I would
ETH is better for storing value, LTC has been dropping

I hold a shitload of ltc but fudding it is so much fun I love these threads

>do what you want
Do I want your LTC? Sure

probably, unless you think BTC will break free. crypto market down trend is still a go and BTC is likely to have a big """"""""crash"""""""". park it in tether for a bit

You can't fund me if I'm sold out, user

>your answer may be there
My day job is a stock broker, user. It isn't as fund as crypto.

I think Litecoin is more tied to BTC than any other coin. Except maybe Bcash. But LTC is tied in the sense that it does what BTC does.

BTC has been bleeding out quite a bit lately, but 2018 has a lot of promise. On top of that, they have one of the longest standing and capable teams. Charlie has said/done some questionable stuff sometimes but he still believes 100% in LTC and is a pretty smart guy. If you're fine with those minimal gains then go ahead and sell, but don't cry when LTC hits new ATH in 2018.

All that said it's certainly not the best investment. It's just a safe one.

a-alright user, here you go

my LTC bags free of charge

>Except maybe Bcash
Have you seen the volume of people trading BCASH for LTC a few days ago? It was massive.


Thats True user just trying to give a plan B to some
plus every post is coins i am not rich just yet but next year has not stared yet!!!
and i believe i will be a Rich man till than for you all

Didn't see that. So you're saying people are ditching Bcash for LTC? Where can you even exchange those two together? But anyway I'm not surprised. They are basically the same thing - both aim to be Bitcoin but faster. Except Bcash is some weird cult thing with a meh team and LTC is more than just a block size increase with a great team.

Still waiting for his "big unexpected surprise"

>bought at $350

Than this song is for You user

>ditching Bcash for LTC
Watch this, it's worth you time


It's a blessing and a curse

1 is a Step UP from 0 Is it Not user?

I impulse bought what i thought was the end of the big dip at 274.

>Accidentally chose pay with bank instead of card
>Forced HODL till the fourth
>hoping for normies to New Years bump it to 300 so i can sell and buy more XMR

If you make good decisions with it.
Just going to hold. Resolution is to delete blockfolio.

Yeah I saw that a couple days ago. Checked his numbers and he's right. That is the data. Whether or not you believe his conclusion, those are the numbers.

Volume is just Volume - yeah it's a good indicator but it doesn't necessarily accumulation. Of course there was a shit load of volume it was dropping and being volatile as fuck. And volatile as fuck is what traders want. And traders produce the volume.

I'm still super bullish on LTC of course but I don't think this really constitutes evidence of anything major. If we use volume as the sole indicator on what's going to explode then I think OMG and NEO should be top ten coins by now.

>bought ltc at $60

still comfy

Volume in conjunction with change in Market Cap is what you should look for. The day this guy is referring to is 28th. The drop in Market Cap was only about 30% of the total volume that day. Indicating that over a billion dollars traded hands WITHIN Litecoin. Normies selling, Whales buying. Namely using BTrash.

I work at Kynikos Associates, a small short seller firm. I know what Volume is. The difference is though, it is BCH to LTC. If it is just between LTC and USD, I wouldn't worry to much about it.

And what is your opinion on the significance of that? BCH to LTC, I mean.

Bought ltc at $42, I’m comfy af

LTC chart coming up on an important step for continued upward trend right now. Currently trading at 229 on GDAX. Look for it to form a new stair step at or above 226. If it does, we're going up some more for the day. If it continues in to a stairway pattern it could break out of this bear pattern it has been in the last couple weeks.

You know why people ignore Linux? Because any pajeet with a laptop can make a logo, create a distro, and dream of being the next Bill Gates. Think for a moment how that applies to crypto. Litecoin should be #3 crypto under Eth.

Do you feel that? Thats the ground shaking. What are you gonna be holding on to?

It's happening. Nice little stairway forming.

Looks like it. Next milestone: spike to 245-250, drop to, ideally, no lower than 235, then next spike.

I'm not a mind reader, but this massive volume isn't caused by normies. BCH receives good reception among normies (kudos to Roger Ver, I fucking hate that guy). On the other hand, Charlie Lee has been doing nothing but harm to LTC with his terrible PR campaign. It must be insane to think normies would trade BCH for LTC. Charlie's brother run the biggest crypto exchange in the China. Since this transactions mostly happened in China, maybe their whales got the "big unexpected surprise" leaks and that lead to this massive volume.

>this massive volume isn't caused by normies


This makes sense, and makes me feel good. Thank you, senpai.

I'd buy a Wa-litecoin

You mean, WhaleBro's coin?

Do I keep my 12 LTC or sell it fpr XRB?

it's a act of mercy allowing you to sell before the horror

It's going up

Veeky Forums in a nutshell

So you’re telling me someone lied on the internet about LTC hitting $1500 EOY?

Yes. Buy XLM or WABI if you want big gains this week.

I saw this on that day it happened

I still cant explain it
such out of the ordinary volume yet no price movement

I'm thinking it was just some shady wash trading on OKEx. fucking chinese, will they ever stop trying to manipulate the markets

>such out of the ordinary volume yet no price movement
They are buying on the way down, which is the proper way to do it