/pol/ got me Trump

>/pol/ got me Trump
>Veeky Forums made me a millionaire
God DAMN what other boards should I go on

/x/ if you want to be fingered by an alien

Veeky Forums bro

actually this.
just stay away from /soc/

pol biz and fit is the redpilled trident

/g/ to become a dev.
u got money now u need power.

Happy about Trump, Gaing traction with Crypto, I'll check out fit!!

/out/ and /n/ so you can go on bikepacking tours

This. Gym is dead meme. /out/ is the next step

>/tv/ developed my taste in film
>Veeky Forums taught me how to cook
>Veeky Forums got me interested in physics
>/trv/ made me open to the world
>Veeky Forums made me desire knowledge
>/t/ made me masturbate to shemale porn
>Veeky Forums made me dress well

Id say Veeky Forums really has made me an all around better person.

>trump adds taxes to every crypto transaction
Remember, you’d have been better off without /pol/

Veeky Forums is the third board in this ultimate trifecta. Gains are gains, brah, and we're all gonna make it.

Since You have the money why not visit \fa\ and learn how to dress.
Alternatively visita \a\ and discover true love and never go out of your house again


you realize Trump is actively fucking us over right now with his tax code; thanks you fucking retard. Go back to /pol/ and don't return

Bump for this. /b/ prevented me for going full an hero some years ago I got redpilled in /pol/., lost 20 pounds Thx to Veeky Forums and already made 50k Thx to Veeky Forums which I hope I can pull a 20x into Lambo land.
I can't believe a Cantonese Internet basket weaving forum had such a profound impact in my life.
In 50 or so years historians will look at Veeky Forums as one of the turning points of the century and I'm not even memeing

/g/ it will make you a faggot
>programming socks and programming plug aquired

Veeky Forums made me rich
/pol/ showed me the truth
/a/ gave me a wife

Dont worry, your 500 dollar gains are safe

Veeky Forums because knowing how to cook makes chicks moister than an oyster


> what other boards should I dextroy next

speaking of oysters

Keep PRL on the downlow for now user, im gonna accumulate more early Feb

>good taste

>Veeky Forums
>cookinging well

>Veeky Forums
>dressing well

Every board is better than /b/ and /v/. Yes, even /mlp/.

Veeky Forums