ITT the most beta things you’ve done with money

>be me
>at a bar alone
>this qt 3.14 aryan waitress comes to my table
>her smile literally melts my insides as she asks me what I would like to order
>order some lunch and a beer
>she gets it to me still smiling like a goddess within 10 mins saying not a lot of customers come by during new years eve so I got lucky today
>finish my lunch quickly and then give her a $100 tip as an altruistic new years gesture
>she innocently resists at first but finally accepts and praises and thanks me with tears of joy in her eyes
>feeling extremely smug and good about myself i say goodbye and take my leave and pass by this chad by the exit door
>the chad proceeds to go and hug the waitress and then kissed her
>turns out she finished her shift and chad came by to pick her up for the new years party
>instantly regret giving her that $100 tip
>come back home to post this on Veeky Forums

>being generous

Why did you expect to get anything back? Whats the point of giving if you must always have a return?


She fooled you user
You re weak and selfish
She was just your mirror

>tip 100 dollaroos
>not even ask for her number

you win the #1 cuck award op congratz

>cheat of girlfriend of 3 years
>decide to break up with her the next day- tell her to meet me at dunk'n donuts
>buy her and I coffee and break up with her
>she starts crying
>I realized I just wasted about $3 on a coffee for a woman I am going to actively avoid for the rest of my life.


thats not beta
thats called being a cuck

beta would be unable to make an order because she "stuns" you with her looks

3$ investment into not having her cry in your home is a good investment since you could always just run away if she went mental on you

kek. 10/10. Bateman would approve


this just happened 15 minutes ago.

>dad walks into my room
>"hey son, how are the stocks lookin? ya doin good?"
>tell him things are going fine, i'm up a few percent
>"you know your mother and i were just talking downstairs about this, how about we give you 10 thousand dollars for this bitcoin stuff and see what happens?"
>i immediately say no because i don't want the pressure and anxiety of handling thousands of dollars (only thrown a few hundred bucks into crypto so far)
>"oh okay, just thought we'd offer", dad walks away

beta as fuck but i'm just not cut out for handling large sums of money unless i'm benzoed out of my mind

as a poorfag I "lent" my mom $1000 for dental work which she couldn't afford

I knew I'd never see the money again but she was in pain constantly and the woman raised me for fucks sake
I don't like a lot of things about her but deep down it's all love bros

>Giving women your money

lmao thanks for this man

Damn, you could easily triple that on some shitcoin and give them back 20k then have 10k for yourself. Are you a woman? Because you seem to avoid risk like typical woman.



You could, as a rule, invest their money in the things you invest in normally.

Then, if everything tanked, they'd know that you received the hit too and it wasn't done in a malicious manner.

if you are honest with yourself thats the smart choice
as always investing money in risk loaded shit is something you do with money you wouldnt cry about if you threw it into fire

>flirted with by a service industry worker
>rewards service
I really hope this is fake user

i went on /r/sugarbaby and sent a girl in another country .12 BTC (back when it was like 5k) so she could act like my slave over texts. it really improved my confidence and shit at the time. but it hurts thinking about it when i see BTC moon

or i could lose it all on the wrong shitcoin or by hodling when i should've dumped, or i could fuck up the taxes and get myself and/or my parents in trouble. i'm not poor, i have lots of money (fiat) for someone my age, i don't need the added stress of crypto gambling with thousands of dollars. i know i'd be staring at charts and my portfolio all day every fucking day if they gave me the 10k to spend on crypto, and thats not how i want to spend my time.

Go all in on ICX you faggot. With 10k you can retire in a year.

free leverage money in the ultimate bull market. Idiot... Make double the money, keep the 10k and put his 10k in the top 4 coins. you win.

good call user.

You can still change your mind, say you will do it with 5k and make absolutely clear to them that the 5k may be gone for good.

You may even look responsible and adult to them by rejecting at first.


If you have lots of money then why would you stress over investing 10k and look at charts all days? If you lose them then too bad, that's risk you take when investing, you move on and invest into next thing and pay back your parents if they insist.

you did the smart thing

>altruistic new years gesture
>got upset when her boyfriend kissed her
I don't think you understand the meaning of altruism.

>If you have lots of money then why would you stress over investing 10k and look at charts all days?

because i stress over everything trivial in my life and i don't want the pressure of handling 10k of my parents money. i can pull 10k of my own money out of what i have in stocks and put it in crypto if that's what i want to do. the fact that its my parents money and i would essentially be gambling with it (crypto is like gambling to me, i don't understand it very well)

You did the right thing user.

Not really sure that's beta, you didn't want to do it and didn't. The real beta play would be to take it because they're putting it into you, keeping it in a safe and then giving it back with your own money to fake profits.

That's cute and all but watch this

>girl I have a crush on sends me a text out of the blue after not talking with her for months
>we chat for a bit, asks me how my life's been
>don't wanna tell her about cryptos but I do want her to know I'm "making it"
>lie and tell her I'm going on a trip around Europe and Asia
>"Oh wow your job must pay well :P"
>Feel smug af
>Surely she's going to take more interest in me now
>Suddenly realize I lied and that she's gonna expect to see pictures of me traveling
>Book flights to Thailand, Japan and Vietnam + hotels the following day
>Weeks go by
>Haven't heard from her since
>Check out her social media
>She just got engaged
>I'm flying tomorrow
>Don't even feel like it

H-happy new years

>sit on my ass all day and trade
>gf home from work, complains she made 200
>cash out 1000 usd, pure profit
>fourth time this week

Paid a girl with an awful haircut $10 for a custom photoset

Learn next time. Never give bitches shit unless they wear your ring and carry your last name.

Send me the tickets bitch

Bro...this is LARP right?

Holy shit
How can you be so stupid?
I'm genuinely impressed if this is not a larp

Just go back to the same bar at the same time next week and see what happens.
Be chill, expect nothing. Do not act entitled. Just try to look low key rich and be very inviting.
This is called long game

Might as well make the best of the trip user

Man, go on the trip (or at least a trip), worst case scenario next time you want to pull this shit you'll have pics on deck. Best case scenario you can bang thai hookers to make you feel better.


thats alpha, dumbass

My captain

well if you want you can send me some pics cause i aint gonne go anywhere anytime ever

Post pics of the tickets or begone.

goddammit boy
crypto was supposed to make us all alpha wtf

should have invested that money in crypto instead.

I hope you learned a valuable lesson today op. Literally.

You should thank your fate that it took your mind sperging out to finally book some vacations and have fun.

Just enjoy your trip. Do some research on places you wanna visit and things you wanna do

at least you can go smoke opium and fuck Thai boys

but seriously if you've made it you shouldn't have trouble finding another girl to crush on, plenty of bitches in the sea

like the other user said, if you REALLY don't want the Japan tix I'll take them off your hands heh heh, I've got a passport and everything

thanx for the (You)

>she was just your mirror

What does that mean?

she resulted in his literal and metaphorical "self-reflection"

Bought new set of clothes to impress a chick at a party and she didn't even show up.

Nude? Post it on imgur.

Nice! Now she can buy her "Chad" a nice meal with your money. Gotta keep those energy levels up so he can pound her all night right? Meanwhile you sit at home jerking your cuckcock using your tears as lubricant!

TLDR: You got cucked hard but it looks like you learned your lesson already.

Not larping, I hate women so much that I will only tip men servers.

maybe you are just gay?

You actually made the right decision. Nothing worse than being liable for someone else's money

this is supply and demand Veeky Forums. cutie 3.14 = taken

So you're saying that paying someone 100 dollars would make you feel entitled to ask for her number? You have just taken the Cuck of 2017 Award.

>mommie never gibbed milkie
>listen to ASMR all throughout college as a substitute for mommie
>get bitch nigger rich off crypto
>one of my dreams was to pay e-whores to send me private stuff
>pay one ASMR chick with big titties to do a mommie roleplay where her tit is out in a doll's mouth
>tell her to brush his hair, say she loves him, and other reassuring things
>she does it
>for $6000
>I actually pay for it
>mfw I could've just flashed my wallet on fetlife

>6000 for a video
Boy... there are literally thousands of women producing custom fetish content, how did you manage to spend that much? Find new players with little experience and you can get clips for pennies on the dollar

She was my ASMR oneitis and already had a Patreon where other losers were paying her hundreds just to keep making videos.

you should have done this and simply invested and no one really needs to say why unless your dumb ass is "daytrading". you couldn't do it not because your beta but because you haven't been learning exactly how to invest in crypto. when you know that you invest only what you can afford to lose and leave it goddamn alone for long term then you will be ready to take your parents money and invest it seperately from your own. this will be the best part because for the next few years you will learn that you spend hours trying to win in trading and you make less %profit in the end then your parents who do nothing but chill the fuck out

i've never bothered with daytrading, i've made maybe 15 crypto transactions total in the few months i've been involved (probably $800 total spent on crypto and portfolio is worth $1735 at the moment). i just have no faith in my ability to pick the right shitcoins that'll moon or my ability to pick the right moments to sell/hold, especially not when dealing with large sums of money.

Do you like the video or did it fall ahort of expectations?

I go back to it whenever my apathy for life turns me into a hermit. It doesn't bring me any joy, but it distracts me from everything else. I know some people get orgasmic from this shit, but I'm not someone who stays around long enough to experience joy.

LOL, good luck

>realize I just equipped a woman who's heart and mental stability I'm about to crack with a hot, face ruining beverage

>mfw read that while taking a shit at work with other people in restroom

wow I thought I was beta because I overpaid some gogo whore in pattaya once. paid like 200 bucks for a short time and figured I was cucking out on that bitch

this thread makes me feel a bit better about myself

You gave her money because she was hot, not because she deserved it.

OP, you should only do this with service industry workers who are obviously pretty damn poor and maybe already married.

Like, shit - help them at least make the month's rent.

>Like, shit

fuck off back to tumblr/reddit you dirty cunt

Money alone really only strengthens your hooker game.
Buy some top shelf confidence hypnotherapy.

I’ve done literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in Home repair, tech installations, yard work, it repair, auto repair ect for my sister and mom. If they didn’t have me they’d be up shit creek. But they’re family so you gotta take care of them plus dads dead.

That's the right choice. I've refused money from my gf to put into crypto this past year. You don't want to be responsible for other people's money. Plus that fucks with your taxes

does she know how to sit on a couch

I paid for a movie and ice cream first date when I was 20. It was like $60 and I didn't get laid and she didn't want to go on another date. Then I got mad and learned game and stopped spending money on bitches (aside from alcohol) unless they earned it or I was fucking around like tipping them $2 snaocash after fucking. No beta shit ever again my man.

I'm curious...wonder what the racial makeup of this thread is

Bought XLM

I'm white.

1 nig per 1 chink


top kek
Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.

Wasting it on drugs, alcohol, and fast food instead of putting into crypto

ask for a tenth of that and see how it goes or something

But don't you know the whitest thing you can do is desperately seek women's approval to the point of debasing yourself? What are you, some kind of nonwhite?

>i tipped a waitress generously on new years and she had the audacity to be already dating someone RRRREEEEEEE

literally /r9k/

pls be larp

use a hearthstone dumbass

ha, you're OPs spirit animal.

I got mommy issues too. Can you hook an user up with the video?

link to her youtube?


how can you not do that for your own mom. well done user.

if true big
post non-LARP pics
>too stupid for me not to believe in


If your parents are poor and need the money out of desperation then you made the right call. Being responsible for someone else s money is not a good situation to be in.
If your parents could flush 10k down the toilet and not worry about it? Go back and get the money, if you aren't good at daytrading just find something that is going to pump soon and buy that. You can pay them back double in a few months with some basic bitch holding and keep the rest of the gains for yourself.