Stellar has been confirmed to dislike cis white males. IOTA has been confirmed to aid the invasion of Europe

Stellar has been confirmed to dislike cis white males. IOTA has been confirmed to aid the invasion of Europe.

What is the enlightened white man's coin for 2018?

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should be plenty of incel neets making coins m8, take your pick

If you’re triggered just sell your coins. More money for the Jews.

All asian coins cause they don't give a shit about retarded politics

just look at pic related lmao

Veeky Forums has been confirmed cancer

MANA for building an ideal virtual world for waifus.

>don't want to be overrun by rapefugees who literally shit in playgrounds and rape women when they feel like it
Fucking SJW cancer, I hope they die in a fire.

>not understanding that pretending brown people want to overrun your country and rape everyone is what makes you a racist

with that low of an IQ you're never making the cut for the ethnostate, mate

>What is the enlightened white man's coin for 2018?

Bitcoin Cash. come slay the (((blockstream))) dragon with us

Who gives a fuck if they support gay bi-racial communism? I just want to make money.


LINK's team is pure white males

>not understand that thats all that really happens in refugee camps, aside from them just sitting around doing nothing and collecting free money

link is shilled by pajeets literally eveyday

you're right, it's a shitcoin. don't buy.

>linklets out of ideas they try reverse psychology
stay poor faggots

>refugees are literally put in a camp waiting to get moved along
>lol why don’t they do anything

just bought 100k BNB

The do stuff user. They go around and throw acid on people faces and drive rental vans down crowded sidewalks for Allah.

Dude, I'm German. They fucking DO overrun our cities and rape everyone. Well, mostly women and children. You can take your idealistic dreamworld and stick it up your ass. Fucking SJW shill, kill yourself before the new year please. Do the world a favor. Come on.

Can confirm. They've even set up "safe zones" for women in new years eve parties because they're afraid of a repeat from last year's rape spree lmao.
germans are so cucked now they'll do this kinda shit and suck the invaders' cocks instead of gunning them down in the streets like they should

>smart refugee cities


Holy kek, is this real?



That was the moment when I dumped my IOTA a few months ago.

Link is led by a Slavic God, not a cuckolded westener who bows to public pressure. Sergey would not let sjws ruin Link

read in an angry german voice, made me lol, ty

Bump to trigger newfags.

Buying IOTA is supporting the 'refugees' in France, Germany, Sweden etc, lmao actually SJW trash.


kys faggot