6 hours

6 hours

What if red candle and no bullish crossover.

delet this post, i took out all my req last night and put it into link because the singapore meme got to me and now req is mooning hard

This lmao

Link is a scam. Seriously get over it

There will be no red candle friends.

Just a massive green dildo that reaches the heavens.


heaven doesn't want your dildos, pervert.

Stinky linkies reaaaaally desperate now. Their only hope is some meme lines on a chart. No news or communication at all lmfao.




heaven doesn't want your perverts either, dildo


5 hours 30 minutes

well, the first prediction for LINK was $1 EOY, but if you adjust that for inflation that'd currently be $467...

I'm just trying to be realistic.

6 hours before linktards go into deeper stage of denial

guys I'm literally hyperventilating where is the best place to buy link

It will happen. Have some fucking patience.

until what?

what difference does it make if it's a red or green candle?

Really? You don't have a drivers license do you?

tell me your TA pseudoscience secrets then oh fortune telling sage


What is realistic about the most magical of magic internet money?

Singapore finna make us rich boiiii

Chainlink has officially been delisted from all exchanges apart from ED due to poor performance

what will happen in 6 hours?

Seriously if this is shit I'm just gonna sell all my link and never look back again

fuck this shit

Nothing. They're trying to make you FOMO. I'm all in on ChainLink and stay updated by the hour on it. There is nothing happening. Relax. We got lots of time.

I don't know what you're talking about. It was 11 cents a month ago. We have 5x. Not sure what moon you're expecting but that is better then than most of the shitcoins on top 100.

>durr usd
Fuck you. It's complete garbage sat wise

>all in on chainlink
>please dont buy
i'm on to you faggot no linker gtfo

Up in sats as well as USD, so better than BTC, with the possibility of even more rapid growth in the near future. I don't see the problem here.

Ill send someone .1 eth if they can make a Link gif for me

my body is ready

Uh huh sure Roy

>, so better than BTC
we used to beat 10k sats user

Does this count?

Where can i trade btc for link?

I bought at the first good pump after the dip on that graph. Sorry, forgot about the Great Justening!

Or how about 10 minutes of watching link marines hold their position?

better get right with the Lord, sinner.

link is dumped :/

Better quality.
>that 3.14MB filesize

take you a looky lou at the macd for 1 day and thee what yee see for this night of nights.

The Lord is Sergey and we are as right with Him as it gets.

Sergeant Major reporting for duty!
Orders form the Cap-i-tan says we must HODL THE LINE

What's this Singapore bullshit I keep hearing about?

Nux must be spraying the golden nectar of LINK so he may ride to valhalla

I wanna put Goku and Vegeta on the buy sell walls hitting eachother with bitcoin/link icons, but I'm afraid I don't own a mac. Does anyone know of an open-source tool that would allow me to do this besides meticulously editing each frame in the gimp?

Singapore is bullshit as far as i know.
This is about the MACD indicator on the 1W chart making a bullish crossover in 2 hours.
MACD is basically THE most important indicator. A ton of bots act on MACD. I think you can imagine the rest.

lets say it goes the right way, how much increase is possible


>how much increase is possible

I have no idea.
The real gain in this will be the increase in volume which will probably mean that LINK gets added to more exchanges.
If you're speculating on the short term price, now would be a good time to get in.

Saw someone in an earlier thread shilling a 10k % increase lmao

would this increase drastically the minute it starts or will it be a gradual climb

Not bad

We will rise like ethereum this year (or last year)

never followed that rise, could you explain

>Saw someone in an earlier thread shilling a 10k % increase lmao

He was memeing, brainlet.

you mean that the MACD is going to cross over the 7 day moving average?

I don't like TA much but this is a good sign right? You surely don't expect anything massive to happen just because of this though?


yaeh i'm still coming up so i miss words i thought i typed but just thought. you know? correct. link is run by robots who trade signals. so when the robots see this they're going to respond accordingly. in a hand wave sort of sense it makes sense. it could be a jew trick. maybe it's not that simple? it's probably fomo>reasoning but with link you're either going to be on board early or you're going to miss out.

what do you mean about getting on board early. At what point is it no longer worth snatching up?

This. Im all in too and the ubin report (the singapore thing) is most probably NOT about LINK
Do people care? No, they just FOMO

it's not fear though. it's recognizing reality. we don't really know what's happening or what will happen next month. you can prepare by buying early and waiting or you can react when the price jumps. unless you have inside information? the singapore rumor and macd crossover could be bullshit. the market isn't rational and the price is whatever "they want it to be.


Tier one bizposting

Is it a good idea to setup a link node? The hardware requirement is very simple. I wonder how much internet use its going to cause though.