Have You Been Actively Promoting Crypto to Normies, /biz?

Be me, your average joe family guy. I have a pretty good job with 6 figures salary but I make way more in crypto. I have been helping normies to pour their money to crypto. By doing so, this bull run will keep going. If you don't do this as well, anons, then you are part of the problem.

I shill them the shitcoins so they lose their money faster.
The faster normies lose money the more I make

>they lose their money faster.
I want them to be in the game as long as possible. If they lose too quickly, they will leave the game quickly as well. I think it is best to expose them to cuckbase's coins and let the greed guide them to shitcoin.

>the bull run goes faster

As a trader, fuck you

i use to have a family like that but i fucked up and destroyed it

Don’t worry, all the new money will realize then need to get more people to sign up for crypto to keep their ATH gains from dipping.

I introduced them to BTC and ETH, sent them whitepapers and books, discussed usecases, etc... anything else but btc and eth gets way over their head. I work at a software development lab at an SP500, and you don't know how comfy that makes me feel that 80% of software developers still don't get smart contracts.


I tried, but they’re all too stupid and shortsighted to bother listening to anything I tell them.

So now I’m angry and bitter that I have a net worth over 300k before 25 years old with no debt while my idiot friends struggle to pay for drinks at Applebee’s while living in 2k a month studio apartments.

Though I’d have to say the worst of them all is a co-worker who actively follows crypto (at my behest) and STiLL hasn’t downloaded a wallet or even gotten a fucking coinbase because he “doesn’t know how” after I link him dozens of videos showing him how to download electrum or set up on an exchange.

This right fucking here.

I usually unload the shit coins to some people. Sad part is I'm starting to feel like Jordan Belfort.

Yes, I gave .2 eth to my brother to promote his interest in crypto and ensure his future financial security.

Set up my dad and sister with coinbase over the holidays user

You can get it back with crypto money, user. My suggestion this time, pick an eastern european woman, Ukranian would be ideal

Similar boat user.

I'm under 20 in college with 400k in crypto. Plan to have a million when a graduate. No loans or debts my college is paid for.

>Set up my dad and sister with coinbase
If I'm your father, I'm not sure if I would be proud or ashame of you for letting me to join the race this late.

>I'm under 20 in college with 400k in crypto
Are your holding mostly shitcoins, user? I was just wondering how do you plan to cash out when the end is near.

Please, teach me. I'm in college as well and broke as fuck

>they’re all too stupid and shortsighted to bother listening to anything I tell them.
don't under estimate the power of FOMO, user.

Not him, but I am cashing out 40%. Already did so last year, paid my taxes, and been fine so far. No guff from kraken/coinbase or BoA

just regret
& the loss of all my hope
i wish i could go back 32 years
When i was A good Man

how old are you user?

>I am cashing out 40%
I have a bunch of binance's shitcoins. I haven't thought of an exit plan yet. Maybe go full Tether?

Depends on your scenario really. Most of what I'm ditching is a large stack of ETH and BTC I've held since mid 2016.

So basically cashing out a cool 100k (nice vacation, diversify into some metals/dividend stocks), pay around 20-30k in taxes (sucks I know, most of what I bought was on US exchanges in my name), then keep the rest for future investments.

Overall, I'm pretty happen since my initial investment was something like 2k, but seriously, if I could do it all over again, I'd just recommend figuring out if you wanna be on/off the grid.

>you don't know how comfy that makes me feel that 80% of software developers still don't get smart contracts.
Why do you feel that way, user?

>diversify into some metals
If I buy precious metal straight with BTC. Would that be considered as capital gain?

No and never did since when I started it was only for buying shit off the Silk Road. You fuckers ruined it.

Tfw 200 BTC left in my coinbase wallet because it was never used to buy drugs since SR closed shop.

Yup, but it's easy to find a broker in real life so....