get in ZRX marines

ZRX or REQ a better buy right now?

bought at 44 cents and thought I bought way too high. oh well.

0x hitting $1 in T-00:60


Help. Putting in 400 between these two. 300/100 ZRX/REQ?

ZRX hands down, but judging with the way you ask I'd really encourage you to take a couple hours reading about the projects you're interested in before investing on asking on this shithole called Veeky Forums

0x starting to going vertical on the charts. You know what this means.

No I already hold both. Not a newfag, just been putting in what I can weekly/monthly. Cant decide which stack to add to. Thanks for the input tho dawg.

~75% ZRX, ~25% REQ for me.

Is $0.90 too high though? I would wait for a dip but prior to now both have been creating steady floors.

Nice! I still have 1000 of these. Had 20k but dumped months ago when it wasn't doing too well.

I dunno honestly, there will prob be some correction eventually, but you will still profit if you just hold.

I have to wait until Jan 3rd for banks to open up, I plan on spending all of that money on ZRX, REQ and XLM.

Ids dibbing now

thnking of putting on btc into this to increase my stack but seems a little late

It already dropped to 0.88 on binance

>thinking buying under $1 is a bad idea

That's a healthy dip. This coin won't stay under $1 for that long, 1 week max.

So anyone have any comments on 300 ZRX 100 REQ? Like I said, this is my bi-monthly investment.

do 50/50 and keep accumulating or go all in zrx now since it will be over 1 dollar vs req next time u invest

You'll make profit in 2 weeks regardless man, stop looking at few sats now and try looking at a little bigger picture.

thanks bros

just put all in ZRX and start posting 0x memes

Put in 3 buy orders. 5800, 5200, 4900. Odds of them getting filled?

5800 - 25%
5200 - 5%
4900 - 0%

Why is this not Bittrex yet REEEEEEE

0x holder to moon bunker, come in bunker over

ZRX is a utility token. It employs fee abstraction, meaning $100 per ZRX isn't impossible since ZRX remittance scales with network demand.

Sure it may be speculative now, but once it's being help for remittance $1.00 buys would be a dream.

Guys don't forget about it's little retarded brother. The teams behind these two coins are both highly connected

I'm so glad ZRX is returning. Been holding since ICO, anytime I'd post a zrx thread here it'd get archived with no replies. Now it's everywhere. To the moon we go. Price predictions? I'm hoping for $10 by EOY

Is this likely to dio anytime soon? After looking into it, I think this (and REQ) are solid long-term investments, but I feel uneasy bout getting in at the ATH

$10 in 8 hours is pretty fucking optimistic.

Should I dump my CND and FUN? They were to be longer term holds.

Spotted the burger

guilty as charged