Hashgraph > Blockchain, but it's patented

And who fucking cares it's patented, someone can re-do it from scratch, launch it as open source and give zero fucks

This tech is superior to blockchain, no joke, its maths are

Can't wait for private coins of this shit

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What makes hashgraph superior?

It's literally fast enough to carry ALL the transactions in the world. I'm going all in if it's made public. Pro-tip: early Q1, probably first week of February

Blockchain can carry all the transactions in the world as well, what's the problem?

unironically me too
hashgraph is literally the best thing since slice of life anime
anyone with any form of technical understanding should read the whitepaper

its a huge difference in efficiency though

Does hashgraph even have miners? What secures the network?

how are you going all in if its a licensed patented technology?

as far as i understand it they are not doing an ICO but rather expect 3rd party companies to build on their tech.

math and consensus via voting
its explained pretty well in the whitepapers or even this video youtube.com/watch?v=wgwYU1Zr9Tg

Not open source
No public chain
Not battle tested

What is the difference between this and something like IBM's hyperledger

>52 minutes
Yeah no. I'm just gonna consider this a pajeet technology as most people who criticize blockchain have no idea what they're talking about.

Blockchain has plenty of problems, among the most notable being data blowup, there's no denying that. I haven't read up on hashgraph to know how it offers a solution comparable to blockchain, much less a better solution. But please don't dismiss criticisms of blockchain, an effective yet still clearly hacked-together technology, as unfounded. Something better will come along, i can guarantee you that, and you don't want to be stuck in an obsolete way of thinking.
Happy new year.


>data blowup
It's a complete non-issue. Just increase the blocksize. Only pajeet with his raspberry pi is concerned.

blockchain (all coins) can carry a bunch of transactions at short time spans, that bitch can carry billions per sec

scale wise comparision, they compare it as a snail vs x2 times the speed of sound

and for such merits it costs less energy/time to support, so I can imagine even smartphones can contribute to hold the network just as fine

interesitng shit brothaaaaa

They use DAG, Like IOTA and XRB (Thats why its mooning)

but it's software based on a math problem that is publicly solved

that means anyone else can still re-engineer it up from scratch and offer it open source like satoshi did

what coins are hashgraph?

I don't want to turn this into a slippery slope argument, but "pajeet with his raspberry pi" is also key to a truly decentralized network. As the barrier and incentive to participate is raised, the system becomes more centralized as fewer and fewer people participate. You can see this with bitcoin, even, as the health and truth of the network is not a product of its users, but only its miners.
But what I'm talking about with data blowup is the reliance on a blockchain to maintain its entire history, which has nothing to do with the size of an individual block (though it can be reduced with a change in individual transactions' size).

none yet, and none will be from the developers of it cuz they're going full normie

Centralised, patented, untested shit

Saw this shilled by Mike Maloney (the gold and silver faggot)

you stop on the surface, the core foundations about how hashgraph runs and why does what it promises is the important thing

that shit is fucking public knowledge by now, anyone competent can design its own version of it as satoshi did, I bet it will happen in 2018 not from these devs, because I don't see anything stopping this and it's the best way around