Just sold the rest of my xlm stack

I don't think it will gain but I don't even care if it dies because I don't believe in a coin that can be openly racist against me. I urge all of you biz bros against anti white racism to do the same. The straight white Christian male is the most oppressed group in 2017 and even the Trump presidency wasn't enough to change things. If you believe in equality, and I mean REAL equality, you would sell your lumens as well.

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>selling a coin that will be $1 in one month

oh give it the fuck up. This is the dumbest FUD campaign ever. I'm holding my stack through next year you stunned cunts and I will be laughing at you mongoloids about this retarded bullshit

If this is the worst FUD they can come up with I know I chose a good coin

>Buying an sjw coin to make a quick buck


>MFW /pol/ missed out on IOTA
>MFW /pol/ missed out on XRP
Don't let your ideology guide your investments, decide based on technological fundamentals

perfect picture for a statement like that you fucking jew.

ya man. sitting /comfy/ in ICX/XLM/XRP and ETH for next year.

i'm still pissed off i sold XRB at $8 though. thought that shit was being manipulated for sure, now it's $20.. fuck

>putting politics over money
You're on the wrong board.
Go back to


Yeah, just read their guidelines. If you are white and/or male, you can be harassed and abused and the mods will do nothing, but if you even make some "marginalized" "person" FEEL unsafe, you're toast. That's some weird understanding of "privilege" these SJW cancerfags have. Disgusting pieces of shit, really. Totally disappointed by a company allowing this hypocritical double standards.

You know jews would literally invest in Hitler if they thought they would get returns, right?

No one cares this board is all pajeets now

go back to /pol/ faggot

OP, you dumb goy. You could have held your bags, then dropped them in exchange for Right Wing Death Squad funding.

>The straight white Christian male is the most oppressed group in 2017

unironically kys if you believe this you pathetic fucking snowflake incel. also lol @ being religious in 2017

They literally removed the 'reverse racism' bit in the past hour. All that's left now are guidelines that essentially boil down to "don't be a raging asshole." That's how responsive the team is to making sure everyone (even white males) are included. Enjoy not making the easiest 3x in your life, faggot.

... They did.

cmon bruh im white and this really rustles my jimmies too but
>The straight white Christian male is the most oppressed group in 2017
i dont feel like this is true. it's an issue and it triggers me but you feel butthurt because it's targetted at you and you are feeling what it's like to be the victim. so it feels different /worse because it's your first time feeling it

It's not FUD, I read it myself, and people took screenshots. Now they seem to have removed the section allowing harassment of "privileged" groups, but you just need to take a look at their other points to see that it absolutely 100% fits their SJW views.

>The straight white Christian male is the most oppressed group in 2017

Do some people unironically believe this?

>Its ok to tell people to kill themselves if they are white
>assblasted racists using snowflake to mean white

I mean you kinda proved his point mate, check your nigger priviledge

Kek, get an outrage because they accidentally showed what racist and sexist pieces of shit they are and quickly remove it. And you think that's praiseworthy? Fucking shill, kill yourself.

Nigger go home, please. Or, if you're an SJW, kill yourself regardless of skin color, you are a waste.

I'm straight, asian, Christian male, right wing, and I too am utterly shocked by XLM's community guideline shit.

HOWEVER business is business. This is going up in Jan-Feb big time and I couldn't let a good opportunity pass. I'm also capitalist by nature, we all are here in Veeky Forums. so I'll reserve my feelings aside for financial gains. Once I earn enough (I currently have 450k in usd), above 1m, with the help of XLM, I will use some money to shit on them for being pathetic SJWs.

Im sorry i couldn't hear you over all the money I intend to make off this coin

why the fuck is Veeky Forums suddenly turning into /pol/

You don't think stellar could do another giveaway but this time to poc and lgbtqs? It sounds fucking retarded and would hurt their product but seeing what they've done it's not out of the question.

>Look at those SJW pussies and how easily they get triggered
>Waaah waaah look at hao i am opressed! Some dev team said something i don't like, i'm literally part of the most oppressed group in the entire world!

Are you legitimately retarded or are you simply pretending? Please tell me it's the latter

I already made 500 bucks on this today. Weak-handed faggot.

i'm not going to sell my xlm bags because it's not enough money to justify it, but i'm never going to put another penny into it.

this is seriously the best FUD campaign that can be rallied against XLM. Everyone knows this coin is going to blow up early next year and they're trying to initiate some stupid fucking ideological selloff.


What did I miss? XLM is sjw centralized vaporwave?

/naziwhale here, what did I miss? Thinking of accumulating this coin but I need to know this (((drama))) first.

t. Alex Jones

Stop using the white man's technology please.

Of course you are, whites are to Asians what niggers are to whites. You're a good little cuck who watches from the corner while white men fuck his women.

Asian men can't even shit without looking towards white men first

dumped it
not about politics for me its about integrity and moral
could moon to 5 dont really care about it

The difference is they get upset over nothing and success of whites. The guidelines is discrimination that they always talk about

>"Haha fuck niggers fags kikes chinks etc"
>"D-dont say anything bad about white people though"

lmao xlm will do what req or ripple did first two weeks of january if not sooner. all cryptos go up youd have to be incredibly impulsive not to see this


You dizzy skeezers can get worked up about just about anything. Does this negate the IBM and FairX partnership? Does this change literally anything?

I invest to make money. All you emotional faggots can stay poor.

Victim complexes are ok when whites have them

That's what /pol/ and The_Donald fought so hard for this year

No but white victimhood makes for some pretty strong FUD, this is Veeky Forums after all

At least give us a link to a tweet or an image or something

Protip retard, you're only fucking yourself by selling xlm while it's this cheap and set to skyrocket next quarter.

Back to where you belong you pussy ass whiteboy.

go look again retards they just deleted it, probably written by some dumb intern that nobody bothered to check

t. History

>mfw when in Trump's America whites like you will forfeit 5x gains to maintain some kind of retarded idiology

More spics are jumping over the border every day you're a stupid nigger if you think Trump is gonna stop that you're retarded. When the USA is invested with spics and ISIS you're going to want MONEY to keep them away

>Tfw people all over the world getting murdered for being white
>Tfw necklacing was state sanctioned until this year
>Tfw the entire arab and african worlds

>Tfw this soyboy wants to bitch about how muh programs are needed because some black man with the same rights as everyone else cant get a job

You're the racist mate, I think everyone can compete equally in the market, you're the one who thinks people of colour cant

>Disagreeing with a bunch of literal retards on the Internet
>"S-s-stop using the technology developed by their race u dumdum!"

Why is every white supremacist so fucking stupid? Is finding one with an IQ above 99 impossible these days?

>The difference is they get upset over nothing
>Implying OP getting upset over a few words hurting his feeling and claiming he's the most oppressed person in the world because of it isn't "getting upset over nothing"

This thread is fucking proof that you get upset over nothing, and to make things worse while SJWs do like to get butthurt over nothing (just like white supremacists), the colossal difference is that they don't claim to be the most "oppressed group in the world world", unlike mr beta virgin cuck OP who thinks everyone is out to get him. He probably looks like pic related, oh the humanity.

Yeah but someone posted something mean about whites on the internet one time and it hurt their white feelings so they took their money and went home :((((

My post said literally nothing about job programs, who are you quoting. Do you let your emotions mislead you this way when you're trading? I sure hope not...

this is indeed bullshit, if it hasnt been edited by some nigger in inspect element but nobody who cares about making money is going to give a fuck. you retards that dumped because of ethic reasons can stay fucking poor.

is this on their official website ?
i have to much money in this for this too be true

>More spics are jumping over the border every day
But that's 100% false

>those poor black victims
oh fuck off mate

have you guys seen this shit:
>Physical contact and simulated physical contact (e.g., textual descriptions like “*hug*” or “*backrub*”) without consent and/or after a request to stop
nigga wut?

this is /pol/ now nigger
your not welcome here either

They removed it from the guidelines. It was just a dumb employee copy and pasting shit.

>made 500 bucks
>not realized

it is

Sell it all you dumb fuck.

All you morons sell your XLM right now, do it. Fucking retards LOL please push the price down 10% if you can (doubt it) so I can up my stack.

>>those poor black victims
That phrase was nowhere in my posts...can you read poster IDs, or is your victim complex making you too emotional?

i dont like pol fags but you are just a triggered reddit cunt

Fucking white people, right? Check out these stats on those snowniggers.

Fact: White people are responsible for virtually all crime in Atlanta.
100% of homicide
95 percent of rape
94 percent of robbery
84 percent of aggravated assault
93 percent of burglary

We need to stop white people

t. centrist with no real beliefs

666 you gone miss this money bitch

homie don't cry. > good little cuck

5'11, lean, come see me on Veeky Forums you little basement dwelling bitch.

I'm smarter than you, have more money than you'll ever have, and better looking than you.

>overcompensating manlet
Color me unsurprised

Apologies for the wrong analogy, you get my point though: Politics is temporary. Money is forever.

If you're on Veeky Forums and don't believe this we've truly lost this board to the pajeets and /pol/ 50 IQ retards

how does it feel to be inferior in every aspect nignog


>Apologies for the wrong analogy
That wasn't an analogy you fucking retard that was just a blatantly wrong statement you tried to pass off as a fact.

If claiming you're the most oppressed person in the world because of a few words hurting your feelings isn't being triggered, then I don't know what is.

>Tfw people all over the world getting murdered for being white

The same can be said about black people, sadly your persecution complex cannot be backed up by facts.

>Tfw necklacing was state sanctioned until this year

WTF does this have to do with race-based oppression you fucking idiot?

>Tfw the entire arab and african worlds
>Tfw white people drop hundreds of thousands of bombs on Middle Eastern countries, kill millions, destabilize entire countries (Like Libya) and continue funding terror group (ahem, "moderate rebels") to further geopolitical interests of the US
>muh oppressed white people in the middle east and africa!

We are reaching new levels of severe mental retardation that should not exist, please do humanity a favor and kill yourself, it would help increase the global IQ quite considerably.

> /pol/ 50 IQ retards
Statically speaking, it is very uncommon for whites to have such low IQs.

>cannot be backed up by facts.

Where did I say I'm black, you angry little man? When will manlets ever learn...

yea but why do u care
just close the thread
but u wont because ur a reddit cunt that gets triggered by pol fags and does the same thing they do
happy new years mate

You're right #ImWithHer now

Sold my stack 2 hours ago and put it into XRB instead

> "asian"
> imagines a small person from china or vietnam

when will 2-digit IQd idiots like you ever learn. I honestly wish you'd gain on crypto so you could travel the world and stop being an ignoramus about different people outside the US "diversity".

Give me one situation in the modern day where black people are killed for their skin colour

For white people theres

>South Africa

And then in historically European countries, we are killed anyways, because apparently being white means you're racist no matter what

>Wars are racism
No, wars are resource gain, the african powers dropped bombs on rhodesia, turkey dropped bombs on cyprus, argentina dropped bombs on the falklands, none of this is racist

you're a fucking retard and so is anyone who even vaguely agrees with you

You are fucking pathetic

poor whyte baby boi waaaaaaahhh

>Black Americans aren't killed often by White Americans

Yep, the butthurt white beta virgin cuck in the US is the most oppressed individual in the entire world. Fuck all those ethnic minorities in third world countries that go through living hell each day because of legitimate oppression, mr. American "white" christian is much more oppressed because he read on some website things that he doesn't like.

You're dumbass OP. The guidelines were literally written 2 years ago by some dumb intern who just copied them from geekfeminism wiki. They already took them down a posted new ones.

5'11" is short if you're white and in a first world country, sorry little guy.

The worst part of this FUD campaign is the idea that any actual "values" you have will be impacted by a company's somewhat necessary stance on politics. my values are about personal life choices and moral guidelines, why the fuck would I care if a company I'm invested in has a left wing stance?


lmao this is so pathetic you poor baby

heeeeeelp im being cyberbullied lmao kys

Nice meltdown you're having there, faggot.

Literally in the USA.

But ok sure lynchings don't happen anymore because you are an idiot.

I won't sell even a single coin of my stack just because some of you Poltard are getting butthurt over basically nothing.
Go back cry to your moma, you fucking retard.

>doesn't want to make money off of sjw efforts
make them work for you, you stupid cunt

>US White male avg height 5'10.
I'm 5'11

fucking low quality kek you got there. are there any more. why not you and me go to Veeky Forums or soc and post pics to see.

pol kids genuinely should kill themselves. Literally no one will miss these Dylan roof fuck boys

Nice misinterpretation retard, the point is that you're overreacting like babies over mediocre political stances that are fucking childish in context of what ACTUAL oppression looks like in the rest of the world.

XLM's policy is super SJW claiming anti racism doesnt exist and they dont condone calling trans people He you need to use their pronouns of Xe and Xer

Given the amount of crime they commit, they deserve to be shot more.

You fucking dropkick of a retard, where in the constitution is the state mandating the killing of white people?

Meanwhile millions of people are burned alive because of nothing but their white skin, mandated by the fucking government


this shit happens NOW you mongoloid

This is the most retarded FUD attempt I've seen, it's hilarious

>1 inch taller than average
>>oh wow im so tall
Deluded manlet is deluded.

its having literally zero effect on price too LOL. Fucking small sect of mongoloids here think this is going to influence anything ROFL