LMAOing at you retards who don't see how great this is

LMAOing at you retards who don't see how great this is.
-Actually used
-Best privacy
-Inflation (needed for real currency)

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Monero btfo

>fork of DogecoinDark
>rich list
>no privacy
>bogus protocol
>can’t even pay McAShill properly

hehehehe dogcoindark u say?


Sad your shit bags are cemented into the ground?

Monero is the fucking iron my vault is cast from. Nothing else is even a remote contender.

ITT: scared monero bagholders

LOL wraith is just stelth adressen which monero has had as default for years.

Jokes aside, will monero be a realistic way to evade taxes? If so i can see why it would grow next year

now that BTC is fucking done Im slowly buying up XMR bros
feels pretty comfy desu

Its a shit compared to colx even to verge.

Just went all in on xmr. Chart looks like it's the next pump

>he thinks it's just a pump

good on you lad you best hold it beyond that because it'll be the best hodl you'll ever have

50 XMR reporting. It is the steel in the foundation of my cryptocastle.

You’re not thinking like a normie

Monero is ducking expensive and sounds like Monsanto which is bad, verge is cheap and has the spooky cool ghost feature.

Now if I’m a normie and hear about bitcoin being a few cents back in the day and see this shitcoin, guess what I’m buying?

only coin I feel safe holding long term besides bitcoin (cash).

5,74 XMR checking in
A-a-am I gonna make it senpai?

bch is not going to go anywhere long term, you giant fucking idiot. pls, PLS get out of this coin.

Normie money isn't whats going to take XMR to the moon. It's going to be rich ass investors trying to hide all the money they shilled off the normies. Fungability is the lynch pin of the privacy in crypto, which is something XMR solved years ago. Verge and COLX do not have fungability.

Normies aren’t what is needed for XMR to moon. It’s whales hiding gains

its on coinbase and bitpay and everywhere, its not going away - why are you saying that, supposing you are not a corecuck?

normies are just another word for sheeple

Monero is a not for normies coin.

*buys monero off centralized exchange*


This is exactly why there's no point to shilling this coin.


It's just a shame about the Monero fees.
Yeah yeah bulletproofs they will still be high.

If I mine monero does that help with the fees in a small way?

So what? There will be a record of purchase with no ability to verify that record. You can't just audit the blockchain like you could with BTC or Verge. Localmonero is already a thing however, and as more and more exchanges become decentralized this really is a dying argument.

The fees are pretty negligible for wallet to wallet transactions and bulletproofs will lop off another 80% or so. The exchanges are just extorting people with withdrawal fees at this point.

Mining is reasonably profitable with the right hardware. Fees for getting your XMR rewards depends on the pool you're mining on. Usually 0.5 or 1% of whatever your payout is.

Buy the better fork, SUMO

what exchange

>needed for real currency


Atleast to some degree. Buy xmr, make a unverified exchange account and put ur xmr on it. Now u don't have to pay taxes on any trades like most burgers have too

Great argument.

Monero is the future. A true free market cant exist with anonymity.



I know they get shit on by biz but I've never had an issue on over 50 trades

>you can only have a real currency if it is constantly destroyed
Great argument

Thank you based monero shill

Buy skycoin btw

user if you dont constantly destroy the value of the currency, the goyim simply wont refuse to spend all their money
thats why you need to constantly inflate money or else these goyim would actually acquire wealth
its economy 101 didnt they teach you this in the synagogue?

Constantly used is the more appropriate term. Deflationary currency encourages useless holding. If Monero is to function like cash, it needs to be spent. More importantly is the need to keep miners active so the network stays decentralized. They need some kind of block rewards to keep miners interested.

>more bullshit keynesian propaganda

The best economies deflationary currencies.

The American industrial revolution happened under deflationary gold standard

It's not bullshit at all. Monero's inflation is completely different from fiat inflation in that it is linear, not exponential. Besides, it's 0.87% per year after 2022 and then technically the rate is decreasing every year thereafter as the block reward is a constant 0.3XMR/minute.

How does the price on localmonero compare to an exchange?

And what’s the best iOS wallet for Monero?

I want to get in on it but Moneros architecture makes it difficult to work with, apparently

i'll look into it. thanks man.

So the currency will NEVER go up is what you're saying?

Why invest if it constantly loses value?

What? No. What I'm saying is the inflationary model is not a problem at all. As time goes on, it matters less and less. Inflation rate of 0.87% of the max supply by 2022 and then shrinking every year after that FOREVER.

I think the trajectory of Monero is pretty fucking clear at this point.


I don't think there is an iOS or Android wallet for Monero but there is a web wallet, though I haven't used it. I think it's mymonero.com, but not 100% sure. I just use the Windows GUI wallet.

there's an android light wallet called Monerujo

This exchanges charge like fucking 30$ for withdrawing. Probably because they do not want anonymous money streams coming off and on their exchange. This would be nightmare fuel for KYC and AML.

Moneros inflation is fucking linear you twat it does not even fucking compare against the same inflation fiat has. It has that tail emission so miners keep mining that is literally it. It will take 100 FUCKING YEARS. For the supply to double then it will take 200 years. Linear inflation is not an issue in an exponentially growing economy.

Small portion of monero in a portfolio is a good idea, huge risk reward ratio. Very popular among hedge funds to allogate to monero somewhat due to its exceptional privacy which _will_ come handy coming years


More like ITT people who still don't realise Verge isn't a fucking privacy coin. So high on cloud9 that they think everyone wants to FUD their coin, yet we're just trying to help.

No user you are a dumb piece if shit. Because the inflation is slower then fiat it will keep going up against fiat. BTC will go up against XMR for example.

Just bought [an unknown amount]

Monero is my hedge currency. I hide in Monero when Alts and other crypto go to shit. When the darknet bails on it I will reevaluate.

How many darknet shops even use monero? A list of the most popular ones do not show any that accept monero.

I hope this is ironic and you don't legitimate believe verge even touches Moneros future use

Explain like I'm a retard.

>make a unverified exchange account

You were born a cuck and you will never change

I don't understand the low valuation of Monero based on this. I know there are alts like Sumo or something that are basically the samething.

*tries to track the transaction*
oh wait

Monero could use some flashier marketing, just to get dumb people to pay attention to it. Would at least get things moving faster, long term I think it has the fundamentals to have more utility than bitcoin.


Below is taken straight from their introduction page on bitcointalk

>Sumokoin (スモコイン in Japanese) is a fork from Monero

30% of my portfolio will now always be in Monero for the forseeable future, unless something changes. All profits I make from shitcoins go to monero.

>its on coinbase and bitpay and everywhere
That's why I'm hodling. There is better public ledger tech out there, but as far as merchant adoption bitcoin cash is more secure. It wasn't a change of bitcoin protocol just a block size increase and the removal of RBF which was added with Segwit. So they're working within the same bounds as before without any radical change. Bitpay plans to add more currencies in the future, but for now its just bitcoin cash.

FFS I got like 6 million "smart coins", you can have them for free if you stop shilling

scaling issues right now. privacy coins will be the future though.

>Moneros architecture makes it difficult to work
It currently is right now. Honestly wallet support for this coin is dog shit and its something that needs much more work.

>everything's used by criminals, US dollar, the Euro
>ends interview

Trips of ???

Monero is the shit. First used it to day and was immediately impressed.

>Inb4 newfag
No, I just never used it before.