Blockfolio rate thread

Blockfolio rate thread

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Sell XRP for XLM.

I’m not retarded

>tfw WaBi broke my portfolio stagnation


Any toughts?


Also, what to do with those BTC?

Will I make it?

I'd sell off the 998 XLM for more FUN tbqh

> no digibyte
> insta 1/10

who else is comfy?

You think I should only hodl 1k? I know XLM is SJWbux but I thought it'll go up more soon.
Or do you think FUN will be better ROI?

All in baby

What app is that?

Started 5 weeks ago with 200$, due to poor financial situation

Was gonna add raiblocks at .60, but their shitty exchange was crashing and couldn't even make an account so I dropped it. :/

Coin manager

>MFW the four coins on the bottom should be at the top....

Will I make it?

What did you get in at?

what is blockfolio. is it like robinhood where I can just buy stocks on there?

blockfolio is more like a fancy notepad that keeps track of your buys/sells and refreshes against exchanges to tell you where you're at, not for purchasing

Rate please

user, this is a golden opportunity for all of us to make it. Don't let it go. Join this Pump group asap

Missing out on xvg and req, don’t care hit £2,000 from £400 3 weeks ago

I had 4 diff buying points. 2k at 56k. 2k at 70k. 5k at 75k. 5k at 85k. Yes i have some bags

rate pls.

Should I hold both REQ and XLM? Or should I go all in on one of them

Why your REQ is so low?

Mine is hitting 1.05$ right now. I'm using Kucoin

better ROI yeah, wait a few days to see what the FairX announcement is about though, might take off

hold both, they both have different use cases

No idea. I am on Binance.

Millionaire by 2021?

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Sell the ADA for REQ or FUN. Play it safe.

I just checked the chart - crazy volatility over last 1hr

Sell XRP for XLM.

Just dropped ENG. Looking to exit VEN and then all in something for some +10% and exit. Just gonna try and flip like $100 every other day until I can build up funds for hodling. Looking like crazy what to to into trying to find some signs of easy gains.
RCN is top on the list if it starts moving atm.

newfag here, i have holdings in several coins on binance, but used my desktop web browser to buy it, is there any way i can still use blockfolio to track my binance portfolio?

Not for long, @ .0079 rn

check your order history and manually put it into blockfolio?

RCN looks like a good entry atm. long hold


>someone who doesn’t understand VEN or charts

Enjoy never making it. Was actually impressed someone sub 1k wasn’t retarded but guess I was wrong reading your post

I don't want to hodl. I want to flip in 1-3 days hold going all in.


Ill do the same user

I've done my research into VEN and their news. They are great and people are too stupid to understand that. But with sub 1k I'd rather try quick flips to build my funds and then hodl like I said. As I don't know when they'll announce next thing.

Big holder here, look out boys
Memes aside I don't really trust this yet, just getting my feet wet and I'll see how things go in a few weeks

Thanks. Do you think holding XLM and REQ is a good investment for the next 6 - 12 months?

Best case scenario, I want to buy more, and hold these two (or one of them) until at least Q2.


Some opinions please. Drop PIVX soon for more ZRX?


u will make it user

>tfw only 2.01 ETH

meant for

Yes, keep an eye on REQ news though, if they fail to deliver the price will tank.

Started with 1k USD. Best advice you will ever see on Veeky Forums is to grab C20 index fund when it hits the exchanges. It’s already outperformed holding BTC/ETH

Is it enough man


* that’s ignis futures on HitBTC so it won’t be that high when actual Ignis hits. And my C20 isn’t on Blockfolio yet

Get out of Tronix. Ripple is fine if you think so

thinking of selling payfair at a loss to get some rcn because that wedge looks delicious
should I just wait for my btc to confirm instead?

This is my perfectly conservative and diversified portfolio. :^]

Out of Trx and into what? I got in at .004


I’m just recommending you look elsewhere. Trx is vapourware and a sketchy hold

LINK $1 in 7 hours

I'm getting fucking mad.

Got about a dozen smaller holdings. In the game since June.