ITT Times Veeky Forums was right


Notice that chainlink is ranked 104 on coinmarketcap. At ICO it was in the 60's. This means that it has not kept up with the growth of other more promising projects in the market. Thus, Veeky Forums was wrong.

Is there any coin that hasn't been shilled on Veeky Forums? If your advice is wrong 99% of the time, you have no predictive capability. Even a broken clock, and so on.

I get eth vibes from Link. 2018 is gonna be huge.

Bittrex will list Signatum

90% of Veeky Forums hasn't even been here for a year so they don't understand how similar this feel is

Damn, OP got rekt. Kek.

I think everybody knows by q3 link will be 15$ min

what was the fud about ETH back then?

/biz also called Ethereum a russian scam durign 2016 and most old /biztards went in on Lisk instead.

Feelsgood being a true /bizraeli and calling things right.

this, pls explain

>other more promising projects

you mean vaporware with a decent marketing team?

russian scam coin - impossible to implement idea etc

>tfw the fud kept me away and only put .2 btc into the ICO
>tfw sold half eth stack when it dipped from ath to 8 usd
>no face

Back then there was btc dominance and eth was compared to all the other shitcoins. Smart contracts and vitalk's autism were also memes.

link is scam, no product, dont buy sir

>Times Veeky Forums was right
>Out of millions of shitposts

It's a truly sad state of affairs when Linkies stare cold hard facts dead in the eye and label them FUD. Chainlink has NO working model and won't have one for at least 4 months. They recently switched language and its become evident that Sergey can't even write a "Hello World" script in GO. What really made me laugh was the numerous job adverts in the EOY blog-post - as if speculators needed any further proof that Sergey and his pet monkey had made absolutely 0 progress asides from paying a handful of Fiver pajeets to clutter this shithouse with link shill threads like OP. I could throw a dart at the top 100 list and whatever it landed on (impossible to hit LINK lol) would outperform this shitcoin 1000x in the next year.

Premined, autistic dev, and not having the name bitcoin

You are not an investor. You are not anything special. You have contributed nothing to the development of ChainLink. Buying a funny internet token and hoping the price goes up does not make you an investor. You do not matter at all to the success of ChainLink, none of us do. Sergey already has partnerships, he already has industry recognition. Sergey very easily could have secured ALL of his funding from angel investors/firms or fintech and instead he CHOSE to do an ICO. Because that's the kind of guy Sergey is (he's a philosophy major for a reason), instead of only allowing insiders and big swinging company dicks to make money off of his product which IS NOT MARKETED TOWARDS THE AVERAGE PERSON, he chose to hold an ICO so the average person could get a piece of the pie. Now every entitled faggot here who buys LINK is upset that they didn't get an easy 10x in a month so they panic sell and fud. Sergey doesn't give a shit about some loser whining on Veeky Forums about his bags because he knows what he has, he knows the opportunity he is giving you, and he knows that if you sell and fail to make money off of LINK it is because of your own weak hands, and you will look back in regret when you see that all you had to do was wait a couple months. But you didn't because you're impatient and wanted Twitter updates and blog posts too much to see the bigger picture.


It's about the general consensus, not each individual post you mong. The amount of memes is probably the best indicator, look at the rich quality of LINK memes

well all these are true and its still went up.

Some called CFD a scam including myself

Soon biz will be right about BEE and EVE

What's the deal with swapping to STRAKs?