Aaaaaaaaaaaand it moons. Just like everyone said it would

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bump, it's 3xing by tomorrow

imagine not buying btcp 1 for fucking 1 at $70

for those of you that don't know. 1 zclassic = 1 bitcoin private.

there are hella bitcoin forks out there

>in at 30

People who got in at


But are any of them privacy forks?


Fuck fuck fuck

Sold to wait for the dip like last time. Come on not now.


Theres a huge ass sell wall, can we power through it? I want all sellers to regret this so bad


>falling for the order book meme


Those walls are fake brah expect them to be pulled down any time now

I went from 3k down to only 1k down from my seed. Im gonna make it bros

did the sell wall at 69500 get eaten up or it just disappeared?

It got eaten up over a minute or 2

Im a poorfag holding only 20 of this but im so glad

we gucci now then. Shame my last fund just come in, pretty much all in, was wanting to bought more at 0.006

wtf?. Is this real? I have bought 35 zcl at 80$ but honestly i have thought i am gonna get fucked.
This is too good to be true. I am not selling this shit till fork

I am 80% in on ZCL, 20% on XLM

Annd it's stuck at the 80k sats

keep the faith

I’m waiting until $1k

why was everyone talking shit to me when I was suggesting this coin this morning? Was it because fucks are still accumulating, dicks..

predicting $150 today with new floor of $120.

should go nuts when fork news comes out too.

FUD faggots get very angry when they miss a play and want everyone to drop the coin so they can feel better.

It happened to BNTY and now it's just the playground of whales.

When's the news even coming
Getting impatient and want to enjoy moon ride

People cope with missing out by FUDding

how much is going to be Bitcoin private?

Can we ge through that wall?

let me open my safe and grab a wallet give me 10 hours


I own zcl

I don't understand how this fork shit works

My money is on an exchange, when the fork happens what happens to my zcl?

It's a fake wall set by the bot. The bot has been shitting up the coin for two days now.

Demolished that wall!!!


You keep your zcl and also get 1 btcp for each zcl, if the exchange states they will support the btcp fork

Move your ZCL to wallet, holy shit. Don't leave it on exchange.

Why is that?

the wallets are shitty af, atm. mac wallet isn't even out yet--just keep it on bittrex

Which wallet dude???

Bittrex doesn't support the fork?


btcp is slated for q1 2018. impossible to predict when devs will make announcement of date though

The guy that made whalecoin and zen classic is also making the fork, known scammer procced eith caution

Source check his twitter, his pin tweet is him literally saying he is a scammer


privacy coin with bitcoin name? i feel confident that it will reach $200 and that could be conservative.

I'm going all in.

what? can anyone explain it better to me?

fuck sake i always am too late

will buy at next drop. this is what I fucking get for going outside

For every zclassic you own, you are going to get 1 bitcoin private for free

not really, no.


Wow really?

When does the fork take place?

Also how do I get my bitcoin private when the fork hits?
Do I download a bitcoin private wallet too?

so pissed off that both my coins moon at the same time (DBC/ZCL)

expected DBC to moon first and than buy ZCL cheap

Link to his Twitter maybe we'll believe you

How the fuck is this so high? Wasn't it like $5 a couple days ago?

the guy is rhett creighton. pinned tweet has nothing to do with scamming. poster you are replying to is fud/schizo.

There no better moon fuel than a fork/air drop

welcome to cryptocurrency, enjoy your stay

it was 0 planned development, then all of the sudden idea to fork bitcoin into an alt's privacy code

IM rich
I had 5913 @ $7.80

Thank you Bitcoin Privatel

I have 3.8 zcl

Am I gonna make it?

The forked coin you get from it is going to be over 1000

Also, just bought 90 ZCL, wish me luck boys

Leave it on the exchange until everything is confirmed. Buttrex will most likely support it but you will know before it happens

33% of my load is bought at 85000 you are sitll good

Not lambo money but you will make a few grand

32 btc sell wall holy shit

No rush to move it off the exchange. Bittrex only has problems listing ICOs which this clearly isn’t. Furthermore they already have ZCL and BTC listed so this is an obvious add for them

Remember to withdraw your ZCL to a private wallet you control. Especially before it goes up too much or you'll hit your withdraw limit!

Then I can reinvest that in another coin and make fuckton more right?

How long can this crypto shit go on?
It seems like it never stops going up

OK OP, got in. Already made +200% from it, so it's a good omen getting back in. If it doesn't double in 72 hours, I'll be mad.

where is confirmation of said fork? devs could be pumping this shit artificially with no plans to do so

they confirmed the fork a while back, check twitter and telegram, but they wont confirm the date of the fork

planned for January 2018 at the moment

Don't do your weak hands if it dumps a little bit, the whales are trying so hard to keep it low

oooor. Wait a sec. Are you trying to dump your bags on us?

yeah I'm seeing the sell wall getting readjusted every few minutes. Those greedy basterds

Fucking whale driving the price down with this sell wall.


>x15 over a week steady
This is it

Oh it'll stop one day. But plenty of opportunity until you can afford a lambo

The fact that they are doing that is hyping me the fuck up, though

i think its going to be like this untill the dev team gives a date(hopefully before the 15th, even though they have no idea when the code will be done).

They already said they dont give a fuck about the price, and are tight lipped about any rumours that could moonshot the price. sometimes i wish they were the scummy kind of dev that announces announcements to raise hype/price

Hopefully they do get accepted on the big exchanges

Yep. That fucker is back again.

Comfy as fucking fuck

Am I too late?

is it really though, i want the whole crypto space to fomo Bitcoin Private, but most people dont even know it exist, let alone reddit that thinks its a scam

i bought in at $60, still hodling, so dont call me a fudder, im just worrried were not at the hype we should be at, or will ever reach

I don't think so

Don't worry, news are coming.
Once (if) the big exchanges get on board, this will explode

yea but how do i even get my coins on cryptopia?> I wont will i?

people are shilling their pajeet referral coins

guaranteed hacked in 1 month

the guy above talking about withdrawing into wallet early and often makes a good point. If you hold enough of this and it skyrockets to $1000 +.. you may not be able to move it to claim the BTCP. withdrawl limits are small on most exchanges unless you are power user

The limit on BitTrex is 100 BTC for enhanced accounts, I feel like i'm okay

I don't even have enough for 100BTC limit anyways

Reddit doesn’t actually think it’s a scam - they’re just coping with missing out since literally nothing about it was on the front page during the pump. They completely missed it

Where do you guys think the price will settle this time? Wanting to pick some more up since money just came in.

wait wait wait. all the bitcoin holders are getting these coins for free. 1.7m zcl and 16m btc getting airdrop. the supply is about to increase more than ten times over. this is worrying, it'll pump to the fork block but when is that?

1 BTC = 1 BCTP
1 ZCL = 1 BTCP
BTC holders get an airdrop
ZCL holders get a fucking airport

Best BTC fork after Cash. Arguably better than Cash.