Are you going to invest in petro?

Are you going to invest in petro?

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Uber curious about this project, what barriers to entry should we expect, sounds way too promising of a project that the average citizen will be able to truly be involved in

>crypto-backed by tangible commodity

Eh, really only works if you can easily redeem the crypto for the crude itself. Even then, that defeats the entire purpose.

It’s going to be a money laundry by the big people from Venezuela.

Probably it will start from $0.10 and hits $100 by the next 6 months.

When I say big people from Venezuela means that they have more than $2000k millions ready to clean it.

Sell this coin to me.
How is it decentralized? What prevents their commie gov from 51% attacking their own nodes and expropiating your coins when the feel like it?
How am I supposed to redeem it for petroleum? If I can actually go there and fill my tanker without the UN busting my balls, why can't I just pay them phisically in cash instead of using some shitty made up crypto?

Capital flight from Venezuela already happened tho.

Can crypto save Venezuela? Should it save a commie hellhole though.

>crypto backed by something other than autism

You should invest in petro

Still waiting for my answers, OP. Those are easy questions, you should be able to give me a proper explanation.
Unless your coin is a sham, of course. Is it, OP?

He asked if people were going to invest in the coin.

Do you have mega autism or what?

Are you genuinely retarded? I knew Venezolan shills woudn't have good reading comprehension, but you being unable to track IDs is of an idiocy far beyond my wildest expectations.

If you expect anything coming out of the Venezuelan government to be successful you deserve to lose everything and starve to death

This man is Diosdado Cabello.

He has one of the most biggest fortunes in the world.

Do you know what is the problem with him?

He can’t use that money because he stole it to the nation of Venezuela.

Now with the president Maduro they are going to create a crypto to clean that money.

I am not talking about 100 millions. I am talking about hundreds of them. Like 2000 millions at least.

So... you should buy $0.10 for $100.

Whats the coin called?

>interested in currency supported by a collapsed government

who is this petro and has he done?


We need more info on this.

Even if its backed by the shittiest country in the world its more legit than 99.9% of cryptos. Its guaranteed to moon if you can get in early.

Is there any info out there how they will launch this?


I.....I might be upon reflection. Sorry user.

Not really much info out. Devs are shillings hard for presale ico.

I'm from Venezuela, and I don't plan to give a single dollar to those fuckers. A la mierda con esos mamahuevos, malditos enchufados del carajo.

Cállate pajuo ni siquiera debes tener $10 XD

This. I'm not touching anything that is the brainchild of the Venezuelan govt

¿Tú eres marico maldito marrón de mierda? Vete a comprar Dogecoins maldito pelabolas.

>social democratic petrostate
Fuck no

IS THIS LEGIT INFO???????????????????

Mira mamaguebo te voy a mandar al sebin rata

lel no its scam

I cant find official info on petro yet

Will Bittrex or Binance list it?





PetroDollar (XPD)


>Llamar al Cbin por publicar mierda en un foro mongol de entusiastas de salmones


Is this it?

How can we get the fucking coin

Venezuelans should just use Bitbean.

governments and banks will be using their own crypto not your worthless tokens on shitty scam exchanges lmfao! 2018 the year crypto goes to zero

There's no website just a placeholder
Only a few hundred thousand in volume
Almost 2 billion market cap

This all really make me feel uneasy. I'm not one for much policy posturing but big banks and now possible nation money laundering really makes me worried about how crypto is going to be adopted. Millions of dollars just vanished in Iraq/Iran and these were pallets of physical currency but crypto changes the entire game.

Thats a scam trying to get your ETH.

I know it is bad, it is totally fucked up, but it is a great chance to invest, Maduro and friends have an extreme large fortune to laundry and the price of PETRO will pump like hell

Should i invest in the ICO?

What do you think guys?


Maricones venezolanes.

Shit ok, then how do i buy Petro?

i thought this was petro
PetroDollar (XPD

or is it another?

if it is another when it is going to be released?

I just got told in my /pol/ approved discord group that im not allowed to invest in any nonwhite crypto after the XLM/stellar thing....sorry guys, but it's official.

If you invest in this coin (Petro) then you're a nonwhite lover who supports genocide

Lemme guess, Colombian trash?

Is this coin going to lose all of its value like the Bolivar did?

Socialism doesn't work

Ok no harm done if it was an honest mistake. You are an okay dude.

as long as you aren't supporting liberals and faggots you will be fine

He lives.

Maybe start mining this aswell when its released.

>he unronically likes the "cofveve" even though everyone knows trump is too fucking dumb to write let alone be presidential
This will go to fucking Andromeda galaxy when it happens.

Before you start on this, letthus me see YOUR whitepapers. If I don't like your genetic code I'm not investing in anything you want to promote.

No for fucks sakes, it's not Petrodollar.

well we need a DATE when this coin is going to be released, is it going to be in January?

No way I'm trusting that fatass faggot commie president.
No one here should.

Would foreign investors get into trouble if Drumpft decides to sanction Venezuela. Would we be breaking any laws by aiding in money laundering or sanctions busting/evasion?

Why would you? i mean, buy the coin then sell it and buy another nobody has to know lol


Fucking glow in the dark CIA nigger

When and where can i buy