UFR P2P Project

UFR will be on the headlights in January. The actual ways of sharing are simply obsolete, they rely on vulnerable and widely known platforms to search for the files, like The Pirate Bay, which suffers from many attacks or updowns. When you want to download a torrent you depend from some torrent site like The Pirate Bay or mega.

UFR can replace the old P2P sharing with a new reliable, secure, fast and anonymous system. I just can't see why this won't moon next year. It is a revolutionary idea.

Pros of the coin
- High quality whitepaper
- Unique concept & execution
- Responsive development team
- Solid roadmap
- Not a fork of any other blockchain

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Agreed. To the moon!

Is it still early enough to buy in?

Should I invest? I have noticed the price rocketing since the posts yesterday. Wish I would have listened to you earlier but I would still like to get in.

It's early still

cmon JUST STOP SPAMMING biz with your Pump & Dump SHITCOIN!


Proof of shilling: imgur.com/a/QORqg

Thanks user, I owe you one.

Really early. Market cap so low.


Lol, you are still mad that you didn't get in very early. You should stop spamming UFR threads and just buy more ltc.

buy-sell targets ?? is this 4 real?

I'm really excited! I think this has a lot if potential


Nice! I've been looking for something new to buy into!

Dude - instead of being mad just invest and make some money.

really excited for the future of this coin. UPFIRING MARINES LETS GOOOOOO


When will they allow pirated videos? Or porn? I can see this being huge if those things were allowed.

Lol, that's up to whoever is a UFR user.

that will be the first thing added to UFR lmao




mad pajeet not joining the rocket spotted

the secret to making money is if you see a coin getting shilled get in for a 2-3x gain then GTFO.

This coin is just starting to get shilled so you have time. I dont give 2 fucks about the project but from the shilling I can tell its an easy 3-4x. Ill be out after that but who knows the shills could take it to 100m

No, it's not. Read the whitepaper. They state that first off only "safe" files will be allowed, such as text documents. They're targeting it towards people who need things like research papers, i.e. students.
Later on, I don't see why they wouldn't allow videos, music etc.

Go fuck yourself with your already 20x mooned shitcoins! How about an ICO shill on those projects, not month to late!


The coin was shilled here since 11 cents, not their fault that people don't listen until it's actually up 300%.

wow this coin is insane!!!!!!! holy fuck im crying right i cant believe we found this! life about to change!! sir to you if buy ufr 100 million united of state dollar to bank account - your friend prince naka mannoiu

thanks for the easy 3x whoever shilled this 2 days ago haha