*does absolutely nothing*

*does absolutely nothing*

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ICX has almost 3x in the past week, what are you on mate

He probs bought near the ATH, feelsbad for him.

It just mooned 3 days ago. Just sell if you're impatient.

Lets all love Lain

what went wrong?


This shitcoin is dead. Veeky Forums killed it.



Screen-capping your post to publicly shame you in the next ICX thread when this moons at the end of that triangle.

can't wait for my sweet 5x in Q1 2018

I just bought a bunch too, bout 20% of my stack. All charts i looked at seem tasty


Hodl it, sell them during pnds and buy back more discord.gg/B5zzheA

that's it?

I'm still going to shame you for doubting my TA in the next thread....Be sure to keep an eye out for the shaming.

>trying to save face after falling for an obvious bait

I only have 501 ICX, will I do ok?

lol tons of ICO holders consolidating. Give it a couple weeks user. dont miss the rocket to 20 bucks.

>Give it a couple weeks user
this aren't stocks m8

No, I just can't pass up the chance for a good shaming....That's what 11 years on the chans will do for you.

>11 years on the chans
I'm sorry

Yeah, not as sorry as I was when I lost 8 years of chan image and thread hoarding (hundreds of thousands of files) a few years ago due to a lost encrypted file container passphrase....I still got the EFC saved and backed up for the day when quantum computing cracks modern encryption standards. It will be the best time capsule ever.

I don't know what to say

Apologize for my loss, newfag


Should I dump this piece of shit? It's fucking doing nothing for me.

Yes. It's over.

if you look at the charts it honestly looks like it could explode upward anytime. Or start dipping more. But i bet on going up and bought in today actually.

markets are a tool used to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient

wants to sell ICX before Jan 24

fuckin idiot.....

>ever selling my korean hyper-ethereum

It will continue to do nothing for another month, move on mate, buy the news, sell the rumors

Nice glitch. Very /cyb/

that means keep buying til end of Jan 2018 you fucking carrotcake donut

Beat me to it.

Will this coin 10x my gains ?

3x-5x over next 5 weeks, post your MEW address and i will send you 15 ics if it doesnt hit $15 by Feb 1

better off selling now and following other moons missions untl january 20


time in the market > timing the market

Please lad send me 15 icx , i lost 24 daytrading

remember when it went to $7 guys

i lost 30k worth of IOTA day trading

instead of 15 icx, take the lesson to not daytrade