Anyone else dealing with BTC regret?

Oh man, why didn't I mine or buy some when a friend talked me about it in 2012?

I could be a millionaire covered in pussy now.

I feel like shit. Have you had similar experiences? How do you get over them? It fucking kills me mostly because I really need money

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Probably would have lost it, or got fucked by mt gox. Don't worry about it.

hindsight is always 20/20 user, when you grow up you'll begin to understand that.

also i bought a couple BTC because i wanted to gamble with them. lucky me.



>when a friend talked me about it in 2012?

So you didn't know jack shit about it. There are literally thousands of people who knew about it and mined some or bought some for cents and lost them to time or sold them for $10 - $50 thinking thats the most it'll ever be worth.

>implying you wouldn't have sold it all during a dip

or sold at before even reaching 800$

I sold 1000 ETH at $2 each.

I feel retarded now.

No. I had 2.1 btc purchased in late nov 2014. close to the best time to buy before this run. I spent the equivalent of over 10k on steam cards, and cashed the rest out very quickly.

I just started this month again with $850 and i'm up to 5,000 already. Just get back in and fucking ride the hype trains, its very easy still you just have to do your research. do not buy shilled shitcoins in the middle of moon missions

Shit, what is that? 700k dollars now?

I feel your pain

bitcoin is a banker funded psyop. all cryptos are worthless and going to zero.

Sold 400 BTC years ago for $9 each. Thought I made a killing.
Even remember buying an 8th of coke on silk road for 53 BTC. It was like $200 at the time.
I’m still in this and it doesnt matter. Still making a killing.

Yeah my friends were talking about it when it was literally a couple of dollars for a bitcoin. For some fucking reason I thought it seemed too complicated, and as a broke college fag, didn't feel like dropping $60 on it. $60 fucking dollars and I'd be a multi millionaire right now. Yeah I'm dealing with some regret.

The silver lining is that we haven't yet missed the alt coin boom. I still think we're not too late to the party. We can still make it bro. Buy good coins and hold long term. We're gonna make it.

Yes, that's the first step of crypto. Now move along faggot, there's money to be made.

No regrets. If I didn't know about it in 2013 and pass on it I wouldn't have gotten into it last May when I had disposable income.

I remember when that big "correction" happened, a lot of Veeky Forums was freaking out. Pink wojaks galore. Screenshots of people who sold the bottom. I bet there were even suicides.
At the time, there were a lot of naysayers who claimed that the dream was dead. "Bitcoin will never recover" they said. "The bubble has popped, and we have nowhere to go but down."
Where are you now, naysayers? Now that BTC is recovering? Now that alts are mooning? Now that the percentages are green as a spring meadow, and profits are as easily picked as flowers from a field? Where are you now, you skeptics, whining from the sidelines, spreading your FUD, watching enviously as those of us who genuinely believed are reaping the rewards of our fidelity?
You said BTC was an antiquated technology that would needs be dethroned by something better. You pointed to the hundreds of thousands of unconfirmed transactions, the high fees, the massive amounts of electricity the BTC network is using, and you said, "Look, look! This coin shall surely perish!"
But guess what?
BTC did not perish.
The market has recovered, and is aimed at the sky.
Just as it was before.
Just as it was prophesied.
There will be no crash.
Only green wojaks. Only increasing gains.
We are back on track to where we are meant to be.
We have finally
>returned to normal

user, this is a golden opportunity for all of us to make it. Don't let it go. Join this Pump group asap.

We'll see this kind of posts about LINK next year
can't wait

I think the only way you would've truly benefited from this would've been to lock away your btc from physical or digital access from 2012 for 5 years (today) and just forget about it.

Anywhere in between and you'd immediately break out that wallet and cash out in panic.

Now this is funny lol

>Anyone else dealing with BTC regret?