*new paradigm*

*new paradigm*

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best coin to hold 2018. Its already mooning right now!

honestly, strap your stake in for 2018 this will be the comfiest hold with daily dividends

stfu pajeet I'm still accumulating

Give it to me straight, what is causing the price increase? Fucking close to selling. This shit is getting scary now. This easily has to be my top performing coin since starting.

They went from radio silence to a brand new website and roadmap today. The hype is real and this is the best staking and hold option for 2018/2019. New wallets just released today and ios/android wallets coming soon. This is as low as we're ever going to see it tbqh. Buy as much as you can and fucking stake to increase your gains

Holy fuck. I was just about to sell 5M, but you have convinced me to hold off on that. I'm just jumpy since I bought it at 16 Litoshi's on Nova like 6 months ago for fuck all, and if I sell it all now I'd have over 1 BTC from it. How high do you honestly see it going? I know it's NIST5 and stakes like a champion, but what else will continue driving the price? Will the ios/android wallets stake as well?

Honestly sell if you want and I'll buy more, but I was looking at this vs ARK or something to get dividends and this pays out like daily or something. I found it this morning and bought a 3M. I'm planning to get more if it goes down. Some website shilled it today too:


What's going on with novaexchange price showing up as less than 1/10 of the true price on coinmarketcap or CM exchange?

Even the delta app has the same issue.

It does pay out well, I got two payments in 1 day a few days ago, which was well over 600k of ECA. As long as price stays relatively stable the dividends should be pretty good.

Nova is shutting down. You can't deposit there, only trade with what you already have. You can still withdraw.

im going to be so fucking goddamn rich from this coin

see you fucks on jupiter

bought 1mil yesterday but wish i bought more, this coin is strapping up to leave this galaxy

in at 27 satoshis...literally fuckin spinning and dizzy right now

Awesome! Yeah the dividends seemed so high, but I thought I would give it a shot. That's good to hear!

we're all gonna make it

I bought 200k at 19.5 satoshis and it's down to 13.

How fucked am I?

shill me guys, seriously. i am ready to go all the fuck in but i dont wanna be that guy who buys all the way at the top, considering this thing rose 800% this week. do you think it will dip down or will it just keep going from this point onwards?

its having a massive dip right now. buy the dip.

market cap is only 47 million
Problem I see is that 85% of the coins are in circulating supply already
Someone is hold a TON of these


>just wait it out kid relax. hold it in ur wallet and come back in 6 months

this is the easiest dip in the world to buy. look at the website. this shit will easily be a penny

yesterday it was 9, the day before it was six, before that it was 3. Just chill out m8. It's just a needed retracement from jumping up from sub satoshi to 19 sats in a few days. It has good support and upcoming news.

The fuck? It never hit 27 sats. ATH is 20.
I think you paid 2 sats and now youre confused.

Lol dip is down 100% in 45 seconds

not fucked

tomorrow my friends im going to start a shilling campaign like the world has never seen. ive got a crypto "consulting firm" polished website ready to go.

what's my firm going to shill?

electra, of course.

see you guys at $.10

Fellow ECA friends, please join the All American and Strong Advisor Group.


H-h-healthy correction right?

unironically, yes.

sorry yeah it was 2.7 sats...super low as fuck


What did you mean by "spinning" and shit? I tho u tho it was crashing or something. How much did u put?

Where do i buy this?

My bad, ATH is 830 USD according to CMC

i mean im fucking amazed at how much money ive made


hahaha, enjoy getting dumped on. Already down 50% from ATH. Everyone is dumping bags to hop on the XVG pump before the wraith release.

Phew that was scary
Moon mission restored gogogo

Moon mission restored indeed

1M more after the dip and not selling until $.10

These low volume exchanges are always fun to watch

Look at this shit coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-MODJO.htm