REQ - not on bittrex

REQ - not on bittrex
VEN - Not on bittrex
ICX - Not on bittres

Why am i still using this shit exchange Veeky Forums?

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>not using at least 3 different exchanges

then don't. what the fuck op.

Bittrex are fucking gay crooks

because you're stupid. normitrex is the worst exchange and everybody knows this.


>still using Buttrekt

>log into buttrex after 2 months of no activity to get some memecoins no other exchange has
>disabled my account for no reason
It's like they're pushing me to stay on binance.

>still using shittrex

bittrex killed itself by not listing anything new, they're also a bunch of crooks that disable wallets at very convenient times.

first to post binance referral id gets my sign up

is there even such a thing?

This. Binance is a great exchange. Fees so low I don't even notice them, withdrawals and deposits are super quick. The only issue is the fucking exchange freezing completely whenever there's a huge amount of volume on some shitcoin.


binance referreal 12151035



here you go 10101231

here you go



fuck you nigger

user, this is a golden opportunity for all of us to make it. Don't let it go. Join this Pump group asap..

I literally made a binance account just so I could buy REQ and VEN.
No ragrets so far

Which exchanges are not traceable by the IRS? Dual citizenship here, American & third world shithole.