>Biggest Pajeet coin of 2018

Let's talk about how this coin is being pumped through the room on one shit exchange that error 502 every other day and automatically bring the price up when it dips.

Let's talk about how their is a discord dedicated to shilling XRB on Veeky Forums so nothing bad can be said about it.

I'm gonna laugh when this shit hit 50k sats and bitgrail shuts down with 502. "opps we got hacked user".

Pink wojack here I come!

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fuck these shitty pajeet blocks.

>hurr durr u jus salty

how am I salty about your faggot ass paper gains that cannot be realized because the one exchange it is on is total shit

>what is raiwallet?

imaging being this retarded

Their website looks like it was made in 5 minutes and consists of only like 3 pages and their roadmap is just a direct link to a png image. Lol

norais on absolute suicide watch LMFAO

you fucked up, its ok. this coin can still 5x

It's being pumped on one exchange because it's the last chance to get it cheap.

You can stay poor if you want to, though.

hi discord server owner

You could buy some sherrif coins, I guess. I hear John Wayne likes them.
As soon as Asian whales are done accumulating, I'm sure it will just take right off.

this is your last chance to get in, once in binance this shit will moon hard, just look at the vote pajeet
> shit exchange
> shit wallet
and still mooning
> new wallet coming
> new exchanges
> new mobile apps
you are so left behind

Lmao this shit is going to get dumped super hard once it hits binance.

Whales can't sell right now because when someone sees a large sell in the order book it drops like 20k sats

20k sats is still a 10x.
How long have you been asleep, user?

user, this is a golden opportunity for all of us to make it. Don't let it go. Join this Pump group asap

once it hits binance
> 2 weeks
still didn't take advantage of the situation
Why are you dumb as fuck ?

proof it will hit binance in 2 weeks please lmao

no one in your shitcord could answer this. what makes you think you can?

since u missed this boat op u should get in on the next one aka Flash

>miss-out fags turning their anger over on the coin itself ITT

Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how Raibitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?

Is it too late to get in on XRB?
> using DAG as iota
> dev team ready to help exchange implement it
> if shit exchange as bitgrail can, binance can
Fucking die poor user

it did moon pretty hard today, wait for a correction today, and once you get precious xrb, don't leave them on bitgrail, that exchange is shit

was it to late to get in on ETH when it was $20?

lol, people who have been talking shit about XRB this whole fucking week, since like 3 dollars deserve to be poor. Really, if you don't see the potential in one coin, you'll probably never see it in others.

those fucking pajeet prefer shilling shit coins rather than something legit !
that's why they will die poor


too true

>b-b-buy BNTY/UFR/other shitcoin g-guys, it's gonna moon soon, i sw-swear