LTC will never be above $250 again

>LTC will never be above $250 again
Fucking Charlie destroyed litecoin

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capped for the future


the fact that LTC is being shit on so frequently in the past few days gives me the feeling its about to pump... hard
Bought in 25k worth at 220 hopefully dont get JUSTd


>bought 18 at 96 dollarydoos
>have put 2k of my own money into crypto
>sold some litecoin near ATH to cash out 2.4k and buy some alts

Still hodling:
>5 LTC
>1.5 ETH
>2.5K FUN
>2k XLM
>650 REQ

and it's all bought off house money. Feels good brehs. Thanks Litecoin, I will continue holding the 5 out of respect to the moon mission you took me on.


Why won’t this stupid coin go UP

because Charlie cashed out and is ready to let this ship sink

Then why still tweet shit about LTC? :( shouldn’t he just go dark?

This doesn't look good, user

literally nothing to worry about kek

good TA user

the thumbnail looked like some kind of evil angry land-squid until i clicked on it

This is THE shitcoin. For some fucking reason four days ago i though it would be a good idea to buy 1 ltc, now im just watching everything else moon while this shit bleeds for eternity

>This doesn't look good, user

And just a day ago we had actual posters saying it was going to $100.

What are they to say now?

charlie chink cashing crazily


I hope so man, because I'm all in.
$7500 and praying for the moon!

Bc, despite (apparent) mass-retard perception, something big is coming.

He knows what's going to happen, and doesn't want to be accused of insider trading with any of his comments. He saw what happened with BCH and just wants to differentiate himself from the many dishonest, sleazy pieces of shit in this space--people like Roger Ver.

He also donated millions from his sale to the LTC Foundation, and team, which means something big is coming and their team needs to expand. This shit moons in January. Anyone who is not retarded can see that Charlie Lee's sale will end up being great for LTC, not the opposite.

>What are they to say now?
Implying price drop from $420 to $150 and then bounced back to $230 is totally fine.

>something big is coming.
Are you meme-ing, user? Top kek

>to $230 is totally fine.

Damn you for making me do this edit!

>Roger Ver
"Insider trading is non-crime"

Kek, put your LTC wallet address next time, I'll let you keep my coins. It is going to $0 anyway.

Here send as much as you want!


The good news if it doesn't, you don't need to worry about the IRS


I can tell you are a cashie........or an idiot.......keep chasing those shitcoin moons my dude

actually if he lost money, the us goverment owes him $3k

Roger Ver is a ridiculous, sperging faggot. Every syllable out of his mouth is worth less than a human turd.

It's incredibly obvious when you're not retarded. You wouldn't understand.

>keep chasing those shitcoin moons my dude
The irony, sold all my LTC to go all in TRX and ICX. Feeling comfy as fuck.
I'll buy some LTC back though for my pal since it is going to $0 anyway

>Government owes him 3k
Implying he is married and make enough money to get tax deduction for capital loss. Top kek.

Nice dude you must be a millionaire now

You can write-off donations

Ltc and funfair for 2018!!! Happy New year anons

Thank you for attempting to save those poor niggers with crypto, user.

On Cryto yes, not on Fiat. Huge difference


LTC has been shit on every day here regardless of the price. except the few days after the price increase from 120-350, the pajeets had nothing to say but when dipped back down to 320 it was back to the same old antics. this place just does not like this coin. the same FUD day in day out. gets tiring listening to this place, a lot more than bagholding


Why? Can't you, dare I say, cash out?

Why are you letting Panjeet to get into your mind, user. Assuming you are a Chad, you are a member of master-race. STFU and keep trading

>move more than $5,000 - 10,000 to your bank account every week

>immediately get flagged to the IRS from your bank due to money reporting laws

>IRS audits your ass hardcore

Gotta love being an Ameriburger

And the huge thing was not bazaar..

>Cashed out
I would never do that. I don't want the government to hand-over my capital gain tax to the "poor" niggers. Fuck that.

Sold all mine to buy TRX this week.
Fuck Charlie

>Gotta love being an Ameriburger

>Be American
>make millions in crypto
>purposely do transactions over 10k
>give bank extra paperwork
>give fbi extra paperwork
>give irs extra paperwork
>laugh all day, constant boner
>any of them don't like it
>hire a lawyer

Then how do you make money?
If you have a job, you are still paying taxes to the gorillas.

it carries over the next year and the year after that until you completely write off your losses. just need to do a bit of googling

Learn international tax code, if you have a family abroad, ask them to wire you Fiat with your crypto money. You don't need to report gift money to Uncle Sam if it is from non us resident , as long as it is less than $100k per person

Oat pigs. That was such a short lived meme. It had maybe two weeks and was never seen again.

>carries over the next year and the year after
You know a year is too long in crypto

I have an accounting degree (but no and I did look into this a little after someone else mentioned it here a few weeks ago. It seems easy, but I'm sure there is more to it than this. Even if you would just be filing an information report.

I know right. It was a really good meme.

Did anyone save the one with pig Hogan asking for oats?

>No job
WTF user, unemployment rate is less than 4% now
>I'm sure there is more to it than this
I have done this a couple times. Everything is as fine as it gets.
Also, remember the IRS use Benford Law to randomly audit Chad's's_law

I dunno. Like a lot of you I’ve been making loosing trades. But after joining this P&D group I finally started to make more BTC.

>tfw sold my ltc at $8 years ago
hey fuck you nigger