This isn't about crypto so it will probably get ignored but fuck it (not a nocoiner). I'm about to graduate with a meme degree (history). I have multiple friends who are accountants (auditing, federal, forensic etc) and it seems like a good job for greedy introverts. Is it worth me climbing the ladder from apprenticeship level? I could easily get a relatively cushy job in seo or p.r but I have not enjoyed my time doing these.

oh and Happy New Year


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I'm an accountant and it's a pretty easy job with good pay. I hate it more than anything though. You work with lots of women and literal faggots. They are some of the worst people I've ever known. I hate them. Wish I would have learned a trade desu.


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It's like IT. Soulless job.

But, if you can climb the ladder well enough, you can probably get a job in a more social environment or maybe one more favorable and foreign. I recommend you bulking up your compsci/IT because those 2 complement each other well.

I miss non-crypto threads, they add diversity to the board. It's threads like these that encourage the idea of just changing this board's name/forking it.

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this job will be automated within 20 years

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fuck. I hate working with women and/or fags but I've definitely left it too late to learn a trade, and I'm too lazy anyway.
I want to do it for a decade or so and then retire off the lump sum of my savings as well as selling uncles house . seems cushy enough.
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thank you for the advice, I like the idea of working in Dubai or somewhere similar in the long term and I intend on brushing up my coding skills. I love pink Wojack threads and crypto in general but I do miss old Veeky Forums, especially things poorfags do, job interview advice, rate my cv

edgy pink wojaks are disgusting.

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