Mark my words. I spotted Cardano, ICX, Ripple and others

Mark my words. I spotted Cardano, ICX, Ripple and others.

IoT Chain made a payment to Binance, meaning they'll soon get listed. It's a Dag, but temporarily an ERC20 token.

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>ERC20 token.



Request is an Erc token, dumb fuck. A lot of really high cap coins are erc tokens. IOT chain is blasting off. Look at the 24 hr volume. It just hasn't caught on yet in the west

ERC20 until the mainnet releases, t

You're probably the guy who made be buy this a couple days ago and I thank you for that
But any idea about the date it gets listed there?

where can an american buy this?


really quick registration, your eth deposit appears instantly and takes 20 confirmations to be spendable. this exchange is second to binance, to me

Eh, Okex is good too and it has the biggest volume. Almost everything's in English although with bad grammar

huh it said not available to us customers, did i cuck myself?

finally an ITC thread fuck

>hey we are iota of china but have no working product haha give us money

god i fucking hate ICO's so fucking much

they do have working product dumb fuck
IoT Chain depositing 120k ITC to Binance's wallet

Oh right I'm stupid, not amerishart myself. Too bad then

Nahh youre fine. I did huobi and they didnt ask for any verification besides phone number which you can say is canadian

Man there are so many potential moon missions for Q1 2018 that I can't fucking decide which to get on.

just get 10 credit cards bro

lmaoo for real

This is the one

XLM dude, XLM

just $1000 worth , did i get scammed?

no, welcome

Finally I wont miss a moon mission thank fuck
This one is as obvious as antshares

ty, pls dont be a really good scammer chink with that sketchy youtube video

Lol did you even look at CEOs LinkedIn? Scam

Goys it's looking very green in the small cap space, storm, icx, xlm, wabi, even link.

I'm going to wait this out a bit, or am I being retarded?

Go all in you cuck

You're an user, looking for the next moon. There's so many people telling you which to chose on biz. You see Rai already mooning. You see XRP already mooning. You see BTC flailing. This is your coin, trust me. It's not like your measly few grand is going to make a difference in the price, so why would I shill you? Buy this, wait for Binance listing, however long it takes, and profit. The way to consistently double your money is this:

- Fish where the fish are.
- Fish there early before too many fisherman arrive.
- Sell.

Right now it's one shitty Chinese and one shitty Singapore exchange. You have arrived at your moon mission. Just buy in and wait. Sell for x2 or x3 and then move on to the next one.

Only 2 or 3x? I think 5-10 is way more realistic with what IOTA did.

honestly. i went from 10k to 24k on bnty, and after that created a meme ass diversified portfolio between link req eng xlm and icx, my portfolio bounced between 23k-25k for a day and i got bored as fuck, all in this shit last night and im at 30k now.

That's the way to do it.

x5-10 is possible, but it's also greedy. That's how people lose their profits. Taking at least 75% of your profit at x2-3 is just safe and the way I roll. It's worked out well for me. I don't make as much as some, but I don't lose as much as others, too.

not retarded. still gay though.

this is as fucking obvious as it gets. Will rival iota in marketcap in the short term. Iota still has longterm advantage. But for now, ITC is the fucking place to be with regards to DAG.

bought 1 eth in ATH just like i did today with REQ and x2 instantly, so i hope it does the same shit

It's gonna go up 1 dollar every 2 days at this rate

LOL faggots we don't need blockchain to control lightbulbs from our phones.

What realistic applications are there for this shitcoin?

This is an easy x10 in Q1. Srsly one of the least shitty icos lately around.

x10 easy if this bull market continues.

This looks much more decent than the XRB shit. I am all in.

Do you not understand the scope of B2B IoT? The benefit of having FOG computing with endpoints that communicate between one another in a secure way? Citys are already spending billions on this kind of tech and its simple stuff like smart lighting, and parking spaces. It's in its infancy right now and still billions of dollars of spend go to it.

you dumb fuck. thats just to prove that it works. obviously it can be applied to anything that needs data and connectivity. eventually industrial machines


i hope so, love DAG coins, they shit on blockchain in every possible way, would've jumped on Raiblocks but i hate buying shit that's already 1m cap, no gains unless it's really mooning like IOTA.
this coin has x10 potential EASILY in 3-6 months.

i just wish i could get on okex cause its trading 3000 sats higher there and like 8 times the volume

this shit is now 4k sats higher on okex, this fuckt

chink scam coin

worst coin, ceo is scammer.

the fuck u meeeeaaan nigga he wouldnt have the dank ass partnerships he does if he was a scammer.

nice just bought 900

Anyone can enlighten me on this one? Willing to throw in 10 BTC, but i need some Veeky Forums redpilling

IOTA but ran by chinese men that dont care about social justice
Already has working product
Not on big exchanges yet
Way undervalued

Any nice stuff in the pipeline? News? Exchange listings? Roadmap milestones? How much increase are you still expecting in the upcoming weeks?

Binance listing
Wallet coming out end of Jan
DAG blockchain fully released by 2018 EOY


Anyone had any success with withdrawals on Huobi? My withdrawal status is stuck on 'To Be Reviewed' for 40 minutes now.


you can, say you are Canadian and use tunnel bear. I got was able to trade but decided to buy from hunobi or whatever cuz its cheaper

all in sirs

same lol i just cancelled it. what were u trying to withdraw

They manually review and approve, it can take hours. My first withdrawal a few days ago was approved within minutes, when I topped up my stack again this morning my review has been pending 6 hours now.
Spoke to the live chat, they advised there's a backlog. Just have to wait.

Actually, I mean, fuck this scam exchange, they take your crypto and don't let you withdraw... DO NOT BUY

fuckin chinks. they must have like three chinks just manually reviewing withdraws

There goes $50 I guess. What about OKEx? I heard they disabled ETH and ERC20 deposits and withdrawals. Where the fuck do I buy this shit?

they can amass an army together to pump out shitty clothes in record time in the worst conditions, but apparently can't manage to gather more than 3 to approve crypto withdrawals - within chink business hours only

pure goofy
just fucking wait it out, even buttrex takes like 20 mins

i still just bought on huobi, its the cheapest there right now. ill withdraw my shit eventually i guess lol. i just wanted to do some arbitrage onto bibox but fuck it i guess not today lol

Already in ;3

Just paid 116 dollar BTC fee. Im done.

what lmao for what

Putting money in my electrum wallet. Ffs, it gave that yellow error sign and I did child pay for parent option
Guess I didn't pay attention how much as I got it fixed pre-set. 0.08 BTC Gone with the miners.

Its not even fast for 116 dollars, slow as fuck. Atleast give me some quality service.. I pay good money.

Fuck OP you fast posted a similair thread. This will blow up soon, DAG has the hype and its indeed going to be listed on Binance. EZ Bilion marketcap. Thank god finally got somewhat early on a good mooncoin

31 days ago, is this normal?

It takes long for binance to put a coin on list. But you can clearly see that Binance has been paid with 120.000 ITC. Which is no small amount meaning it will come on binance.

Yeah, no doubt about that.

How do you guys know it was Binance who got paid?

It says Binance when you open up the transaction details.

Cool, on my phone currently but will look into it later. Thanks a lot user.

yall late AF to the party but sup thanks for the bags.

Of course man, get in before its listed!

Website says they dont even begin DAG testing until Q3 2018............

this is vaporware until this time next year. good luck bagholders.



Yes boss I'll stop posting immediately.

Aka 90% of crypto?

can still dump on a binance pump if what op claims is true, surely?

please fuck off with these pajeet groups

might work as a pnd but this is not actually accomplishing anything for 12 months

Iota has nothing either except some shady partnerships and look where it sits? First china dag and china will jump on it

So is it safe to use Huobi? I fucking passed on XRB because was too lazy to use a new exchange. Can't let that happen again.