Veeky Forums makes a coin! It's voting time!

We are escaping the shackles of fiat and resorting to minting our own coins. We will provide the tokens for the NEET economy that is largely underbanked. But first we need a name!

Well it's been a productive day so far. Our meme economy is starting to grow. I can see the lambos from here. I also made a trip for administration purposes

We've come up with the name for our coin. we've quite a list so we have three polls. Vote for which one you like.

Note: I realize we can vote once per bucket, so if you want to do that it's not a big deal.

Bucket 1:

Bucket 2:

Bucket 3:

Voting will continue until tomorrow Jan 1 2018 4:30 PM EST

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Voted for MOOT

Voting will continue until tomorrow
Jan 1 2018 4:30 PM EST

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Voted for Anti pajeet coin

AutismBucks has two entries with two different tickers. Oh well!

It's in the lead right now!

>Girl (MALE)

I voted in all of them, WOJAX is the best, I didn't see it though and didn't vote for it, but it's the best

You should do a second vote combining the top ones from each first vote. Seems kinda weird otherwise because a coin could do better just because the list it's in is shit.

Please note, tokens with the same name will be added together!

This, voted Wojax it sounds the best

Yes I think that would be appropriate. The top winners will be voted on.

The best way to solve that would be a bracket format, but that would take quite a while

Wojax is here

>no one voted JEW (JEW)

sure its reddit here

Bucket 2 is the best bucket

You can delete bucket 3

Feminism Coin or something like that is the only right answer, we can market it as "if you don't buy this coin you're not a real feminist" and shill it to normies while we control the price


Love it I have voted.

where the fuck can i buy this and when the fuck is it going to be released

This. It would be so much fun, and we transfer money from assholes to neets.


or maybe it's unfunny and uncreative so nobody picked it because there were better options?

fucking goyims, I swear...

Votes are coming in. The top 2 votes in each bucket so far:

Bucket 1:

Bucket 2:

Bucket 3:

Soon. All in due time.

Phase 3 we will decide the supply and the airdrop schedule. People who helped will get extra airdrop bonuses!

Why vote on stuff that has no story or inherent features? It won't get used and the value will go to 0.

Feminism or jew flavored names opens up so many possibilities and trolling opportunities.

Nice old school Veeky Forums meme. Fuck yo coin tho kek.

the JEW and Shekel Ones are nice i actually submitted the Shekel one. But I also voted for Wojax that would be nice too.

It already exists, gonna debut tomorrow

Hey OP, are you going to make a final vote tomorrow between the three winners of the buckets?

That would be a good idea, and gives any Veeky Forumsnessmen who were out partying the chance to take a vote as well.

Kek is this ironic? My autism makes it hard to tell

Yes the top 3 choices from each bucket will be voted on tomorrow!

Jan 1 2018 5:00 PM EST

Nice, my money is on JUST (JUST)

it is, each token sells for 0.001 ETH on their sale, and if youre a woman you get double coin bonus

I'm gonna say I identify as a woman and that they must check their cis privilege if they deny me my dubble tokens

I would imagine they would require identity proof (if they're smart), but that could be got around by using your girlfriend / sister / mothers identity.

keep it up OP


Were all gonna make it! When we all start our marketing efforts this will take off. The meme hype machine will infect reddit and twitter.

I can already see the Coinmarketcap listing

Im starting a telegram channel soon

Unless it is CryptoWaifu
and you can breed them
I will not be buying or using your shitcoin.

Bizraelies dont need to buy them . they will be airdropped. We'll see once we reach phase 3.

Vote for happycoin

Yo sirs, just dont tell normies its /ourcoin
Shill some OMG tier shit on the coin webpage
Make em fucking buy it seriously
Lets make money on this shit

Happy coin is the best

Happy coin is normie proofm it sounds fucking sick.

To be decided on Phase 2 and Phase 3! A coin cannot start without a name and a logo.

Hey i made a telegram group.

Join the official telegram group here!

goo dot gl/JQzM2b

I dont know what it is but im feeling happy today

Voted nicecoin :)
How make this coin? DAG with POS and 1 million coin airdrop to everyone on biz and then starting price $14 on buttrex sell the entire network to India use the proceeds to buy a tropical island and and it will be called Veeky Forumsland with free waifus for everyone =DD

Official telegram group here! ( spam evade )


Remove square brackets

If happy coin dosnt win im making my own fucking coin


Holy fux Wojax sounds s!ck as h*ck

wokecoin is already real

>not realizing there are already 3 different (JEW) coins out there

Official telegram group here! ( spam evade )


Remove square brackets

>Lambo LMBO
Had to go all the way to #3 to find it what the fuck


Get in here and vote for you future coin!

Anyone not shilling for LMBO is not a true Veeky Forumsraeli literally the only option

you have to go back

Voting commences!

Will post another thread if this dies around Jan 1 2018 12:00 AM EST

Girl (MALE) is really clever desu

I can't decide between ASS and Shitcoin(SHIT)

man i actually can't choose, there's some nice options in there

>Girl (MALE)
>Goodboy Points

i think wojax would be best though

Voted Wojax its no brainer (literally)
GoodGoy points would be brutal, but we would be jailed in a week

Unironically my favorite


If you need a logo for the project ask /g/.

Voted in all 3 polls. Ended up voting for all winners lel. Girl (MALE) was funniest. The wojack one in bucket 1 was best though.

Wojax is a word that you can use in enough different ways as to appeal to the grammatically illiterate masses i.e.

as a noun:
>i'm down to my last wojax

as a verb:
>wojax me and then i'll send you the passcode

as an adjective:
>my account is wojax af rn

as an adverb:
>the funds were deposited wojaxerously

as an interjection:
>Wojax! that's a pretty good deal on pizza rolls

i cant do conjunctions, prepositions, or pronouns for obvious reasons

Yes they are quite known for making logos more than /gd/

Indentities go for $1 on dream market