Based goddamn Request Network

I can't believe it.

Money. Printing. Machine.


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this is only the beginning


mfw only 10k REQ not gonna make it

however i do have some link, still chance to make it

.63 fucking cents.

Jesus the fags who have held since the ico have fucking made it at this point while I've just been holding btc like a scared little cuck. Some of us are destined to stay poor, feels bad man

Why haven't you sold? Why did you buy in the first place? Why?????

Only bought 10k req at ico
Didn't have the balls to go for more.

Correct. It's only started.

Wait for January, the main net, FOMO and Coinbase to kick in.

gotta go all in on high risk coins

Life rewards the risk takers and the iron hands.

Being a timid cucklet ensures mediocrity.

The market has shown you mercy user, REQ is STILL under $1.00 per token.

What actions will you take?

I’m so hard right now!!

>sold my REQ at $0.30 for ICX

Dude congrats, i mean it

Thanks bro, REQ pushing my portfolio into orbit.

Fuck me I put 20k in fucking LInK

how much did you start with in USD?

Holy crap dude. You made it.

I need one more moon mission to take me past 1 MM.

Only kept 10 REQ to catch the Ripple train.

10 REQ better get me some nice shoes.

Same fucking boat

over 800k holder here. Bought the whole way down to 0.0001 ETH after the ICO. Never doubted it for a second.

How long you holding?

Total initial is $41k
Stopped doing fiat buys earlier this year and just started trading on profit alone.

Best Buy to date was last December.
$300 netted me 40.8 ETH at $7.07 ETH

0.00 EoY 2017 screen cap this

>Only 1.4k req bought at 9cents

still happy because i consider this my real first moon mission, x5-6 feels good

>Tfw only 600 because I put the rest into the sjw rocket coin

Probably over a year. Otherwise I've gotta pay double tax.

My body is fucking ready.

Can't wait to watch all these retarded Ripplets and other random coin shills pretending like their coins is poised to appear on Coinbase when Coinbase explicitly said they'd be rolling out ERC20 tokens and REQ is an ERC20 token and literally owned by the same company that owns Coinbase.

The writing has been on the wall for months. It's going to be so funny watching retards spazz out and FOMO buy it all the way to $10 once it comes out on Coinbase in spring 2018.

You picked the wrong moon ticket user.

pajeeted and depleted

>REQ is an ERC20 token and literally owned by the same company that owns Coinbase.

Literally incubated Coinbase and is now incubating REQ. I cannot believe so few people are actually connecting the dots here.

nah i know what you were getting at, but neither is "owned" by ycombinator. very exciting connections still though.

>doesn't know what an incubator is
>thinks this means coinbase/request is owned by ycombinator
>believes this means partnerships

Yeah I can't wait for dropbox and telegram to integrate Req.

Same here, sold both req and xrp for icx. This shit better moon hard

I was in an incubator program you pajeet so I know full well what they do.

You're a fucking retard if you can't associate the two crypto companies Y Combinator has partial ownership of. Holy shit, Dropbox and Telegram, really fucking relevant to crypto discussions you brainlet.

Next you'll tell me Coinbase has nothing to do with cryptocurrency LMAO

When do I cash out? I'm afraid I'll get BTCed with a 30% drop.
Captcha is ONE WAY.

Cash out 50% of your stack in November 2018 then hold the rest and wonder why you ever sold your initial stack.

I work for ycombinator (heh) Clearly you don't know much about incubation if you think every startup we work with in the crypto space are all going to be partnered together. We have over 40 different crypto/blockchain projects--Coinbase is one of them and they finished their incubation program last year, they have little to do with YC anymore.

But yeah man, you were in a incubation program? Tell me about that, did you get partners just because you were in the same incubator or did you only get some meetings where you studdered and sweated over it.

Please tell me what coin will be the next REQ? I will give you 30% of my shares when I'll cash out.

I have 1.4k REQ. Am I gonna make it or should I FOMO my rocketship trash into this?

REQ is the next REQ. They shot themselves in the foot with an ICO though and we warned them about the grey area they'd be going into doing that. We discourage ICO's because they might cause legal difficulties for companies in the future, even if everyone profits.

Though I do question the ability of Ethereum's protocol in 2018 and if a similar platform is created on a better protocol then REQ is fucked. But thats just my two cents.

Why isn't this shit on Bittrex?

get ready to be dumped on


Autism detected

>Clearly you don't know much about incubation if you think every startup we work with in the crypto space are all going to be partnered together.

Y Combinator literally has 3 publicly known companies in the cryptospace. Quantstamp is not going to be listed on Coinbase because it's such a specific use case. REQ actually has mass market appeal and usage and gives Y Combinator a chance to take back a piece of the pie that PayPal has. Of course they're going to get it listed on Coinbase someday. I don't think Y Combinator is run by fools like yourself and I am pretty certain they understand what it means when Coinbase releases a new token (it's value skyrockets).

For someone who claims to "work for" them you sure seem to not understand how they run business. It's capitalism and they'll take every angle to make sure their companies succeed.

It's good you "work for" them because you are clearly too braindead to ever run a fantastic organization like that. You sound like my Googler friends who literally don't even know what a programming paradigm is. Learn something for once.

>But yeah man, you were in a incubation program? Tell me about that, did you get partners just because you were in the same incubator or did you only get some meetings where you studdered and sweated over it.

I literally quit the incubator because the project I was working on was absolute shit and only got as far as it did because I worked tirelessly on it and made it the best possible version it could be. But fuck running a business, I'll leave that to people who enjoy the extra stress.


only holding 100k req... not gonna make it

fuck are you me? soon as xlm moves up a bit im out and moving all into req.

>only 4k REQ

Us poorfags will never make it

You will have $200,000 in less than three months are think you won't make it? That's more than enough to build a path to make it.

What do they call it when you've had a raging hard-on for hours and hours? Yeah, REQ has given me that. Thanks REQ!!! :D

I did the heh because there's a sang about Ycombinator staffers, "How do you know someone works for Ycombinator" "its the first thing they tell you"

You're only half right about 3 known companies, I guess because you're only looking at cryptocurrency related companies, we have been and will be expanding out in 2018 to focus less on currency and more on business consulting and supplychain for distributed ledger networks.

I do work for ycombinator and we do everything we can to make companies succeed, you're ignoring though that coinbase has finished their incubation process. Our relations afaik are still strong but like you said, capitalism, coinbase is out for themselves not other ycombinator startups.

>it's good you-
I just got out of uni, this is more of an paid internship to learn fundamentals of startups before taking my own swing at the plate. I also want to work in distributed networks.

>I quit the incubator
Sorry for your negative experience in the startup world, the stress is hard and there are lots of bad projects good people get into, you could have been moved to a better project I imagine. Why such a narrow scope that you only worked in one startup?

Also you'd be surprised how many ycombinator staffers browse boards like this and reddit. have you seen hacker news? aha.

Fortune favors the bold.

t. 47k reqlet

When REQ launches, it'll completely change the way people buy into crypto and cash out of crypto. Which is a threat to Coinbase and others.

Now, YCombinator, which has a high stake in Coinbase, also have a high stake in REQ. Since REQ's very functionality will pose a threat to Coinbase's entire business model, it is only logical to assume that REQ will eventually be implemented in Coinbase to assure that both platforms survive and thrive.

Prepare for a fun 2018.