Activate the January effect

>Activate the January effect

It's so great that things have finally
>returned to normal

W-what's the january effect, Monsieur Bogdanoff?

Prepare your pink wojack

So am i getting fucked or am i doing the fucking?

Will I finally get my crash?

Por que no los dos?

Proceed with crab-16

Checked. Kek has spoken to us.


Can someone give me a quick rundown on who this is?

Looking at coin market cap from last year. Bitcoin dumped really hard in January for some reason. You know whats funny about this is that the number ALMOST match perfectly with this year if you just add a zero!

And there is that 8000 thing going on? Does anyone know why BTC dumped this hard?

Either Igor or his brother Grishka Bogdanoff. French pop scientists.

Good. I finally want the blood I was promissed.

>Crab is being activated as we speak

Please dump I want to see the Wojacks when every alt is in the shitter

Many coins have already broke the pattern reliably. BTC no longer effects Ripple and Ada


Cripple will be in the shitter too don't worry.

Copy. Crab-16 phase 0.42 engaged. Newfags triggered. Market point 2.0 reached, executing all scripts.

might be a dip soon, get your wallets ready

Big sell-off for people deferring taxes? Or did everyone already do that in these last few days? Or maybe both?

the call that saved bitcoin