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my only crypto, balls deep in, is in TRX
watch over me, padre

just bought 280,000 COLX. Bring me peace.

All in on DNA. Expecting minimum 2-3x gains this month.


was 95% in FUN. Shilled it constantly. It never moved. Couple days ago I sold all my FUN and diversified. Made some not bad gains in some places, but would have been much better off had I stuck with FUN.

I masturbate to amateur videos of women having their first lesbian experience and unexpectedly enjoying it, thus turning lesbian. They are rare though.

my girlfriend's pregnant and we're going to get an abortion on tuesday. I don't feel good about it.

I sold 3 million verge at 14 sats and 40 million colx at 10 sats

post some

i bought 1 BTC worth of ZRX today at ATH. Im scared now

I'm too attached to my shitcoins to sell, I will forever baghold them

Balls deep in QASH and too scared to pull out but watching everything else moon

you dont even wanna know what i watch

Guys. This is urgent. I need crypto merchant memes.

I do though, please share

I saw this post and it's making me want to dump all my XRP...

I want to dip my balls in liquid hot wax and peel it off when it cools..

Been in crypto since April

Earned 100 bucks from the starting 2500

No, I am not joking. A series of bad trades, buying high at the ATH, selling low and unwillingness to learn TA brought me here.

If I just HODLed I would have x10 to x15 what I have now.

Am I retarded?

Jesus Christ man..even investing that into ETH, LTC, or BTC would have netted you 5-10x... take your time and stop FOMO'ing

I messed up 2017 real bad bros. Had 66 BTC in March, now have 9.6 left from buying shit like AMP, TNT, CAT, EBET and COSS at close to their ATHs and holding. Will probably lose the remainder of my stack next year since I can't stop myself from FOMOing at the worst possible times and still have absolutely no idea how to catch a moon mission

I moved in with some new roommates I met off craigslist and they have a cat and a dog. Something about them really makes me angry and I get a rush off of abusing them. This past year I've gone from just spritzing them with water and leaving a high pitched whistle on 24/7 that no one can hear to just straight up kicking them or flinging them hard as fuck into walls. The dog literally pisses itself everytime I approach it now. I have to wear heavy duty gloves at this point or beat them with a broom because they're pretty rabid around me but that makes it all the more fun. Roommates have been taking them to pet training sessions too thinking they're acting out for no reason.

nice trips

fucking mess

What did you buy? You still have time you know. There's still so many projects that still haven't taken off yet with each coin still being under $1. Just buy and exercise some self-discipline to hold no matter what and you'll be rewarded next year.

I caught the Ripple rocket at .25cents but I sold my Req for it. Now Req is mooning without me and even though I made more with Ripple, I still feel bad that I missed out.

I don't know why this is making me so depressed, I hit 1kUSD and I still don't feel good about I guess because I changed my fundamentals and now I can see that my older fundamentals would have also worked out.

>buying pajeet tier biz shills
>at ATH to add insult to injury
you fucking deserve that

dont worry user, there is going to be thousands of people like you in the next few months, the last few weeks have been fucking insane and a lot of people will be left with bags.

Just learn from it

Then dont do it user. Man up and be a good father for the next generation. You can do it.

Was riding POE waves last night. Got stuck with bags too high cause I went to bed.

you're a fuckin psychopath

We can but we're recently unemployed so no health insurance. We have a little savings but not much.

I don't think we have an option dude.

You obviously didn't do your fucking research on that coin, and for that, I don't feel bad.

Held FUN since 5 cents then sold @ 8 cents then fomo'd back in @ 8.5 cents

CIA checking in.

NSA here, all cryptos are our tools to monitor new world order finance

I bought ~1200 ETH when they were around $2.5 each back in 2016. Then when I had quadrupled my money I convinced myself it was a bubble and cashed out.

Fast forward to three weeks ago I hear colleagues starting to talk about crypto. Check an old account, 2 BTC I'd forgotten about lying around (used to be pocket change).

On the advice of a podcast called cumtown I think what the fuck and sell it all for XRP.

Not quite lamboing but bank owns a lot less of my house now.

I did. More research than for any other coins I bought. I knew it was a sure thing EVENTUALLY. But I got sick of the stagnated price when everything else around me was mooning. I pulled out intending on putting everything back in there after I had caught some moons. I just did it at the wrong moment.

What do you think of my porn choices, user?

i talk to all my friends like it was some shit like Herbalife.
Im in since the 24th with 300 dollars, and currently at 850, so cant avoid it.
Im already weird, im being even weirder... help me father.

I believe the only crypto currency that can actually work in real life is Tether. It can be used to collapse the Euro.

I wanna fuck a hooker in the ass but im too scared to go through with it

ive got nice trips, and also, i speak to al my friends about crypto, forgot to add.

bought 53k XRP at 1.2k sats, I sold them at 1.7k thinking my 40% profit was a godsend when every alt got slaughtered... little did I know...

its 23:57 and im checking crypto instead of celebrating new years, couldnt care less :)

ETH was my first trade ever when it was at 90.

I didn't sell when it was time to sell and I bought when I shouldn't have.

The regret is not easy to live with, believe me.

use a condom and you're gucci

>listening to mulldog
You missed the ripple train

Then I think if your hearts are in it youll overcome that obstacle. Itll be hard and tiring for a while but worth it. Im sure theres gotta be some sort of program that can help financially.

lol, told my family I was celebrating with my friends, told my friends I was going to a family party.

no regrets

my best friend passed away

now I can't cut the check for him
He helped me get started
He died on the day I hit 100k

Watch over him user

you're a good man user.

i fucked over my ex best friend badly, if i make it i plan to pay off his student debt (100k) in secret some how.

I'm actually into more vanilla things where the female is in missionary position and the couple is making love in the dark under a blanket.

I am not in a good place

thats all, but yea thanks

Here's myconfession you cunts, you all hoped to make a quick buck throwing your money into the crypto hole and you will all pay on blood!!!

I sold fun and req the day before they both mooned. Thought the price would go down so didn't buy back in. Just gave up and bought 10k fun and can't sleep because I'm afraid it'll continue going down. Going to delete everything including my blockfolio and will check back in spring

Crazy part is they were shilled exactly like XRB, REQ, etc. are right now. I would have sworn XRB was pajeet-tier when I researched it at $2, but obviously I am just a complete brainlet. Even though I still have six figures to play with and I'm positive the crypto mcap will pass $1t soon, I feel completely hopeless for myself in 2018 and will probably be broke or close to it by the end of Q1. Best of luck to the anons out there who are not retards, you are going to make it

I bought bnty0x at ATH. Forgive me father, for i, cannot forgive myself.

That post actually makes 100% sense.

No they were not, each coin shown up on Veeky Forums with shills already in the earliest threads. Look at the archive and you'll notice that right away. There was never any strong debate from the start for any of these coins. Compare that to threads about REQ and XRB.

Lurk more next time newfag. You could have just made it with mememetics.

I went all in close to the ATH

I shill xrb all day long and I don't own any.
I do it because if I am miserable about missing it, you should be too.

fomoed into bch at 3.3k, still hodling these bags.
also had 3k into ripple, bought at .22, sold at .35.
i deserve this.

I’m a normie. I have like $1,100 in. Mostly XML some LINK and eth IOTA.

I’m secretly hoping that if I just hold these that I’ll make money in 2018.

I was also in the discord group for uprising and while it seems good - I don’t know how to buy it.

Pulled all my crypto off of all exchanges and cold stored them. In a month or two, ill make new email /exchange accounts and use the profits to trade upcoming shitcoins. Ill use some shitty vpn to avoid taxes

I often FUD promising coins for the sole purpose of accumulation.

I like traps and need to stop asap

I participated in a pump last night. Got dumped on in the first 3 minutes. Lost a grand. My portfolio is only 6 so it hurt. Ah well I'll get it back.

how did they trick you?


I'm addicted to 100X leverage on bitmex. Please help.

Hey I've got a PnD discord for you to join. Just say the word. We'll get that $$$ back for you, jeet.

Im also stuck with POE bags from the exact same thing. We should be free in a day or two.

holy fuck, I'm laughing right now.
You would have literally made more money wagecucking at mcdonalds.

my fucking god.
Your post proves that the wealthy doesn't necessarily get wealthier, you need a minimum IQ to make it work.

I have no idea how buy and sell orders work and only market buy and sell. I'm still up thousands.

You know what's funny?

I was so ashamed of myself that I actually forced myself to learn some TA about 2 weeks ago.

I now have an idea of what to do and what I should have done. I had to get burned like an idiot to understand how fire works. Fuck me.

I invested 50 bucks in crypto and with fares I only got 30 to trade in binance
Now I can't buy JACK SHIT. Everything is below 0.001 BTC

It was that guy with the HODL discord and website. ITSYABOYVERGE. The guy who pumped marx coin.

I trusted him for some reason and went along with the group bu after x2 they dumped and 90% of people in the discord lost money.

I don't know what the fuck I'm doing and I just follow the memes. Works alright.

I made 400$ from a P&D group. Everyone still gives me shit about it.

Are you sure TA works?

Not always, some times it should be overbought but a buy wall placed by whales appears and the price inflates.

But usually it does as far as I can see.

failed BCH swing trade
lost 50%

I'm holding massive bags from fucking KNOWINGLY engaging in FOMO purchases. I have only myself to blame... FML!

this post is legitimate and you should know that if you've been in crypto for longer than 6 months.

I bought some ETH weeks ago, and today was the first time I actually looked up what it does.

Sounded ok, I guess.

Lost 75% of my total crypto gains trying to swing trade the XRP pump due to Binance shitting itself and me being a general fuckup in life. FUN is all I have left to live for.

I acquired 17k of credit card debt buying chainlink. It's worth 45k now and I refuse to cash out my initial investment. Score has gone from 735 to 545

Half of people on Veeky Forums only care about making money, regardless of the consequences. But whatever, enjoy getting fucked yet again by the banks

Please tell me you're LARPing

Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how Raibitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?

Don't be a fucking idiot, if it moons, you will fucking make it on 28k worth of link

im all in on this sleeper.

But I'll make it 2 and a half times faster if I hold

Wish I was. Worst part is it was just laziness. I tried to time market buys/sells instead of just being prudent with limit orders. I would execute the order s and Binance was so backlogged that there were 1000 SAT swings between price points when I bought and sold. I am a failure in life.

Pic related: It's me, flying too close to the sun.


>bought 20k verge at ca 150 sats on average
>it moons
>squander the mooning with daytrading
>instead of gaining 10x i maybe gained 100% if that, havent bothered to calculate all the trades and dont want to lol

Why would you jump from one shitcoin to another? learn from your mistakes