Stellar has removed the SJW section of the community guidelines

Stellar has removed the SJW section of the community guidelines.

Is /pol/ satisfied now?

Pump it

Good, at least the fighting will increase volume

there was? what was written in it?

>Is /pol/ satisfied now?
fuck /pol/... what a bunch of whiny little nazi cucks. el oh el

Yes, now pls go to $3.

We're not Nazis bro

Just free market white nationalists

does the devs browse this shithole?

Even worse.

How the fuck is that worse?

We're peaceful people that want to raise prosperity for everybody.

We did it reddit

Good, now they need to be explicit that this coin's one purpose is to defeat the Jew coin Ripple.

In fact, I want that written in the community guidelines. NOW.

i must say i am very disappointed with xlm right now

No I won't be satisfied until some heads roll. People should be fired for this or I still have no faith.

Now you /pol/ fags need to buy into this coin because we're goin $5 EOY

What are you disappointed about? They just removed the SJW crap that wasn't even warranted in the first place. We don't even know if the current team has added in those retarded statements.

An user in another thread abbot this shit made a good point. Something like:
> even Jews would've invested in Hitler if they thought it would bring them profit.
Though that may be true, I really fucking hate SJW's and their hypocritical bullshit and wish nothing but only the finest "cultural enrichment" upon them. Hell, I think even shitskins hate SJW bullshit because it's so easy to see how fucking mentally ill and cucked they are. FUCK XLM

Honestly Fuck /pol/. Bunch of degenerate paranoid losers, annoying as fuck with their constant whinning.

>muh white genocide

It's so fucking embarrassing.

>I think even shitskins hate SJW bullshit
IDK brah, no SJW ever implied I need to be euthanized for my skin color

Degenerate hedonist.

the reddit apology was garbage let them burn

So you're saying whites aren't being displaced demographically in their home countries? That is literally genocide as define the the United Nations.

They only have Veeky Forums twitter(hardly anymore lol) and fake fb profiles left.

They are a dying breed of people.

They didn't. Probably some intern just copied guidelines from geekfeminism wiki and called it a day

Sjw btfo
Keep pumpin boiiis

Nazis win again, faggot.

Please please do some kind of public speech about white genocide. I want to see you humiliated

oh look a shit skin celebrating white genocide.

>IDK brah, no SJW ever implied I need to be euthanized for my skin color
Then you are not paying attention. It's fucking everywhere

white genocide is hilarious, you rat

They didn't. Probably some intern just copied guidelines from geekfeminism wiki and called it a day.

win so hard you get run out of town wherever you babies show up.

Antifascists literally demoralized you guys this year and drove you back to the internet lmao


>Then you are not paying attention. It's fucking everywhere
I'm not white. The only people who support kiling me because of my skin color are your kind...

i never know if you people are being serious. you realize he's not talking about getting rid of "white people" but only getting rid of the illogical concept of "whiteness" (racial cohesion based on skin hue even though "white people" aren't a real racial category) right?

surely you cannot be this dumb? please?


Nope White Cuban hombre.

No one gives a shit except for shit eating degenerates who's only self worth is their skin color.

Pol is fucking pathetic.

>White Cuban

Then why did he not say that? Why did he say whiteness and not blackness or latinoness?

Eat shit and die you fucking kike

>No one cares about genocide
I mean, you're making you lefties look fucking retarded, so sure, say that

This is why /pol/fags will never make it. Already made my 18x gains and dumped that shit.

the /pol/ invasion with FUD isn't going to do anything except expose the fucking retards for what they are
you all cry about oppression just as much as the SJWs now, you're no fucking better lmao


Genocide would need to have actual piles of dead bodies.

he did, you just didn't read it because you didn't look past the Veeky Forums picture like a true political visionary, i'll quote it for you :)

"It is not fair skin that makes people white; it is fair skin in a certain kind of society, one that attaches social importance to skin color. When we say we want to abolish the white race, we do not mean we want to exterminate people with fair skin. We mean that we want to do away with the social meaning of skin color, thereby abolishing the white race as a social category."

Hey holmes I'm a White Puerto Rican.

>muh post-irony
Fuck off faggot.

Why is it OK for "blackness" or "coloredness" to be promoted then?

How could insane shit like this happen in the first place? They either share this ridiculous beliefs or they didn't even read what they copy-pasted (the favorite narrative of the XLM shills right now). Both is totally unprofessional and unacceptable. If there is no sort of "quality control" or at least a four-eyes principle implemented, I don't see the company succeed as a business.
Inb4 shills try to downplay this - if a company would publish that drivel with reversed race/gender, declaring harassment against blacks and women acceptable, they would be in the news already and we had Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook organizing mass boycotts.
We only care for profit, fine. But this shit is really not raising trust in this project and the professional attitude (or lack thereof) of the involved people.

>its cool bro, he just wants to destroy the "social construct" by bashing whites incessantly
>I mean he doesn't literally want to murder you so suck it up faggot
Kill yourself.

Not according to the UN definition of genocide

>Tfw already made it
;^) I've seen more rich "Ebil natseas" than rich basement dwellers, arent 92% of sjws unemployed or some shit?

>> even Jews would've invested in Hitler if they thought it would bring them profit.
They did you moron. Please graduate middle school before you start posting.

no one gives a shit exactly because it's not genocide, all that's happening is that white people are having sex with brown people and making slightly less white babies by their own volition, it literally does not matter at all to anyone who isn't retarded


>Necklacing doesnt exist
Zimbabwe has been burning white people in tires for 20 fucking years, what are you on about?

is cuba a nice country to live in?

when did I say it was? he's still wrong and he's obviously the SJW type, but he's no the (((evil jew trying to kill the whites))) that pol warned you about, that guy doesn't exist

you might benefit from reading this too because with an iq that low you won't figure it out yourself

wait till this guy finds out 99% of the population is not a nazi and simultaneously not an SJW

ok, maybe white genocide in Zimbabwe is a serious issue, my apologies. I should have specified "in the west".

>Whites down from 90% of the US population to

I wish 99% of people were sane and sensible, they arent and its sad


they probably gave some sjw control of the page and didn't realize what they'd put there

I'm glad to know stellar does not support white genocide, I was about to sell it all for ripple

Puerto Ricans are White desu.

I'd wager that both my IQ and my bank account are a lot higher than yours faggot.

Colonials and their descendants arent people so idc

they're certainly not sane and sensible, they're just not political radicals of that particular kind. those positions are very unpopular

in the west its still an issue because of culture displacement, immigration is one thing, 10 million at once is just retarded, if people want to come to a country they should actually want it, there should be stops etc, though I dont care nearly as much about that

Why are you people constantly trying to gaslight us? WHY?

Non-whites are constantly celebrating white demographic decline, yet you keep telling us to just lie down and take it. Fuck you.

God damn imagine how hard life is for these fucking cucks. Everyday they wake up in fear of other races bc the internet makes them feel sad.

Pathetic. You'll never be a success /pol/

Also Cuban. You are a disgrace my hermano

>Oh yeah it's because of race mixing and has nothing to do with an influx of non white immigrants, many of whom are illegal

what influence has this had on the ABSOLUTE number of white people? lol

>I can smell your dirty rat face from here, kike
way to prove me right, you're too conspiratorial m8, I'm more of a pure aryan than you are, would bet my portfolio on it

you are wrong about IQ, and probably wrong about bank account too

Yet, can you explain if it was really the team today that is responsible for such actions in writing these statements in the guidelines? I mean, they did correct it based on how the community reacted to it. I assume this because of how quickly responsive they are when it was posted on Reddit earlier today. I said earlier that the marketing was lackluster, and there was not much provision in leading the site, let alone the guidelines. I'm not a shill, so it's your decision if you think the team is incompetent in their work.

Most of them are white too, they congratulate themselves on how not racist they are all while willfully ignoring what happens in every country after whites become a minority.
Nah, I'm right about both unless you happen to have more than 8 million.

sure, but it has nothing to do with genocide

I'm whiter than you, you ugly fucking retard. do not speak to me like that again

You're a fucking idiot. You will stay poor for the rest of your life.

just bought 100k to fund the future of the white race

>Nah, I'm right about both unless you happen to have more than 8 million.
well, you said so online, so it must be true. are you saying 8 million USD or 8 million IQ? wouldn't doubt that you'd make either of those claims :)

No one cares gusano.

>he thinks $8 million has to be a LARP
Get off my board poorfag.

>hurr you're afraid of having your country ruined by 3rd world subhumans

>what influence has this had on the ABSOLUTE number of white people? lol
>what are voting rights
Are you retarded?

yep, that's exactly what genocide is, people on twitter hurting your feelings

no, your 8 million usd is actually more likely than you having a higher IQ. if you had a high IQ you'd recognize that there are more LARPers here than actual millionaires, so statistically speaking you'd have to understand why I lean towards that side.

but of course, you do not have a high iq


>i just want to end whiteness by importing millions of third worlders to replace the population of all white nations

It has almost certainly had a negative affect on the absolute number, but that's not the issue.

The issue is the preservation of my country, culture, and government, which will almost certainly be forever changed if we continue to be displaced demographically by third worlders. These people do not share the same values and beliefs as I do. I do not want to live in a socialist/communist shit hole.

So so so pathetic. Absolutely hilarious. Please stay on the internet cletus lmao

it went up after they removed that garbage

Statistically speaking there's more millionaires than LARPers and only the poorfags think that most are LARPing. You're both low IQ and poor.

>>what influence has this had on the ABSOLUTE number of white people? lol
wait, where in this graph am I supposed to look for the white body count?
or are you just going to try to tell me that minorities tend to be left-wingers, and less educated ones at that? wow! didn't know, thx for info

Yes because its always someone elses fault that white people refuse to breed with eachother. Dindu nuffin.

if you love capitalism so much move to Bangledesh and work in a sweatshop

>White Cuban

Why do latinos think they're white? I don't fucking get it.

Japan has an incredibly low birthrate, yet they don't have to worry about being replaced. Yet, reasonable immigration policies are considered racist if white people do it

XLM will be successful with or without a handful of butthurt anons. Q1 2018 pink wojacks will be posted.

the millionaires don't post about it online as much as the fakers you fuck

>complaining about capitalism on Veeky Forums

uh no its not because its reasonable its because they are literally being spearheaded by unfounded fear and a voting base that wants to blame their heroine addiction and no jobs on brown people.

Please please please OD on an opiate or something cletus

This place has been infested with communist redditors. I swear I don't see a single thread these days without some retard shitting on capitalism.

KILL yourself

Capitalism in the current context is a broken system that can always be improved with safety nets for the vulnerable classes.

Yes even those poor white coal miners would benefit from a safety net so they wouldnt just off themselves with opiates alll day long