End of the year report card

where you at lads?
what did you start with?
what is your goal by Jan 1 2019?
I started with 14k.
pretty shitty but I'm getting better

Started two weeks ago with 1k. Already at 4k. Going to turn that into 500k by end of 2018.

Where you see LMC going?

started with 5k. ending the year with 70k. coulda been a lot better tho.


Started with 1k in sept. Up to 12k. Didn't sell some where I should have, some I sold a day too early.

It's been a learning experience. Still outperforming btc by 100%. I'm pretty happy with it though.

What this then? I delete coins instead of adding transactions so the profit numbers don't add up.

December was basically summer 2.0

Good job faking that.

Bought periodically since March 2017. Have $12k invested of my own money.

Sorta wish I wasn't such a pussy and went all in when I started.

Jan 1 2019 Goal: Any number higher than what I currently have.

>muh invest 2 weeks ago
>4x le moon
>market tanked
go back to poverty

Started two days ago. I'm hooked. I need to work out how to get a wallet because I don't have a computer.

Why the fuck is everything mooning

same bro

started dec 8th with 15k

up to 49k

i even threw away several thousand in those mcafee pumps when shittrex wouldnt cancel orders

XRB is a god, $100 in 2 months, $1000 in a year

smart man

Started with $1300 between Feb-Jun. Now at $31k. Fully expect to be in 6 digits by EOY 2018

Started with $750
Now $1400

Only been at it 10 days. Hope to be up 100% by midnight.

started with 500
got 9k after 6 months of being a trash trader

if i held shit id legit have about 30-40k

aiming for 100k by end of 2018, taking this shit so much more serious now.. all of us should

lets not fucking waste the easiest money of a lifetime you faggots

go all this new year, forget the past, forget mistakes.. learn and earn

also fuck chinks

Turned 4k into 100k. Started in september

Summer 2017 put in 250e
Now at 1400e

its shit but i hodled btc so i dont get fucked in salts satoshi wise


Man I started with 50k, and turned it into 57k..
Started 20th Dec~.

I own like 1% in every shitcoin, and 80% in Eth.
Can I make it like this, or is the only way to win, to put 40Eth into a penny shitcoin the first time I hear it shilled and then dump on the cunts once it 3x's and I see more shill threads on Veeky Forums?

Started around Thanksgiving because of college break with 870$
Friends are now interested in it.

Also what do you guys recommend got 810 sitting around on btc.

Got a good feeling about 2018.

if you want to make it like this you've got to put into a penny shitcoin. but you can still make it with a bigger coin, i mean, ripple just fucking 10x'ed recently.

desu i'm expecting SUBstratum to at least 10x from where it is, so there's that too. but yes, try to get into ICOs or coins with low market cap, good team and good potential.

you are definitely not going to make it with eth dude

im only gonna tell you this once, XRB IS NOWHERE NEAR TOO LATE. $100 coin 1-2 months.

the real moon happens on this coin once every top exchange has it and everyone is using xrb to transfer between them or do arb

What did you invest in? Are you for the long term?

started with 2k

now have 10k

but I lost vs BTC lol

human beings are funny. they have incredible resources saved up yet cannot even spend one hour reading a book to protect it lol

What did you invest in?

Definitely in for the long term! My biggest rallies were:

got lucky on XRB. after watching this coin, its obvious nothing will stop this coin in the next few months. the earliest xrb will stop mooning is 6+ months if they ever 1) succeed mainnet testing on lightning network 2) actually start implementing it

if that second one doesnt happen in 6-12 months, xrb will be $1000

Hope there’s still time left..

nice user, get some SUB as well

Any tips? I started some days ago with 0.12 BTC


Started with $30k in Aug 2017
Goal by Jan 2019 >$2mm

Accumulating on long holds while flipping ICO profits to add to my long positions

nice storm

and time left for what?

you think alt mega moons are just guna stop after these normie fucks have tasted xvg and xrb type gains

get your serious face on for 2018

if you arent an actual idiot that portfolio can easy be a mill eoy

btw, those btc alredy turned into raiblock.

very clean and even numbers

$1,600 three weeks ago
$2,100 today

I'll be pretty happy if I can get up to 20k honestly.

MVP, cauz of that LMC, it's going x50 in 2 months and you will hit the million.

Started with $20 in may, now have $12,000

$XVG $BITB $OK are main source of gains

what exchanges are you guys using? what exchanges allow you to deposit FIAT in good amounts (none of this $200 coinbase shit)

>mfw wanted to invest in anything in May
>invested in weed stocks and my etrade portfolio only went up 15%
>thought crypto was sketchy
I wish I could go back in time to kick my own ass.

ur gonna make it just hodl

fund your USD wallet on coinbase with a bank wire transfer. usually only takes a few hours if you do it during the day, 10k deposit limit

I heard that coinbase counts transfers as sells. Would it be better to transfer USDT to bittrex/binnance if you're worried about taxed?

You're too diversified for what you're playing with. Condense your portfolio in to 3 maybe 4 coins


I believe I'm a shit trader and wish someone like you would show me the ropes. I started with 400 and am at 2500. Missed out on a few moons for sure.

Started in june with $300. Now I'm at 95k. Bought NEO at $2 SNC at $0.017 and POWR at ICO

1k start
PLR and DIM are my pet pajeet coins.
Am I going to make it? 100k when?

>Down on wabi as it's mooning
hmm yes this looks real

How did you know to buy those? Just lucky and listened to what people were shilling?

>mfw autist
>started 7k few weeks ago
>still haven't break even cause held in btc eth and ltc and didn't chase moons

hoping to hit 10k by eoq1

poured 4k in, 26k in gainz a total of 30k

>People thinking they have made money when they haven't cashed out yet.

Started in August with 1k I hope 2018 is good to me bois 20m is the goal, at 18.

i would honestly be really happy if i could pull this off this year with my 5k

what app is this?

I don't believe you.

Convert to 4th, transfer to coinbase and convert to fiat and have it wired to your bank account. Pay taxes, done

I started on Christmas day out of boredom.

>82 XRB
>400 TRX
>235 REQ

Am I gonna make it?

It's called "Delta". I switched to it from Blockfolio due to Blockfolio's syncing issues.

Crypto market cap went 1t to 6.2t in less than 6months. November forecast was 2t by the end of the year, instead we got 6t.

This is going parabolic, expect insanity coming years

thanks user happy new year to everyone

you win the most unbelievable LARP of 2017

Started mid November with 500$ all on litecoin before the moon. Day traded my way here.

>what did you start with?
1500 USD

>where you at lads?
15,000 USD

>what is your goal by Jan 1 2019?
2019? 2 MM USD
I'd be fine with 500 K USD, I mean that guarantees mortgage for a pretty nice place or paying rent on a really nice condo for 20 years, I want to start a business by then, but doesn't hurt to have extra capital

REQ shot me past 100k

Use metamask for now. Just remmeber that when you start making serious money you'll need a serious wallet, like a ledger nano

Any tips for day trading?

Started with $9k in May/June. Currently at $95k

Ok don’t believe me. Here’s my Blockfolio, though I didn’t update in november for a while after I threw it in bitcoin so It will look a tad bit odd.

>It will look a tad bit odd.
It looks odd because it's bullshit lmao

What coin took you from 50K to 150K in 2 days?

good god did u invest in wabi during the moon phase?

there have been threads here telling u to get in before 2 bucks jesus

Newfag. Started in November with 0.034 sats. Sold a snow bought some shilled coins I believe in, working out alright.
But unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to make it this year, with such little invested and not enough to invest with my wage-cuckery, I’ll be in a better position for sure, but no lambos in 2018.
But I think it’s a decent start.
What did you lads start with and how long did it take you to ‘make it’?

Sold all my btc*

I have no fucking clue how that autocorrected to ‘snow’.

>tfw only have 25k to work with now


Bought bitcoin at between 200-400 but sold it when I doubled my money. Bought eth as soon as it got on coinbase at $10, moved to litecoin at $40 when it added to coinbase. That was all building up to buying 10,000 vertcoin at 50 cents, then buying groestlcoin at 18 cents. When it got to over $2 I diversified 20k into a bunch of shitcoin moonshots.

Maybe 4k total invested. Have 260,000 now. I want to be a millionaire, quit my job and drink myself to death.

1. Jan 2017: Had 1k in crypto
1. Jan 2018: have 150k in crypto
feels comfy if this repeats in 2018

3 or 4 months ago I had 25k, now I have 400k +. You can make it user

Cool thanks. Now I just need to get to a computer to 2fa my market account

$14k from $3k (started with $900 in april)
bought xby

Another one of these "I have so little money but Im gonna pour it into 10 coins anyway"

Stop diluting your holdings. Dilute your holdings and you dilute your profits. You can either 'make it' or you can stay at the top. The strategy you're using here are for those who want to stay at the top. If you want to make it you need to take risk, and that means going all in on 1 or 2 shitcoins and praying you don't lose all your money. Otherwise you will make about $200 profit in a month. That's not 'making it'

Started at 2k. Trying to hit 10k by Jan

On dec 7th I was at 150, but on dec 4th I wasn’t actually at 20 I was at like 60 I hadn’t changed since November 24th on Blockfolio. And the coin was iota. If I was all in I would have made more but whatever.

Started $3.5k five days ago. Up a whopping $500 (no thanks to BNTY being a dick).

>Less than a month in to cryptos

>More than X2, int starting with 50% iota at 3,80-4,50

>mostly btc

DEAR GOD what are you doing

btc is dead dude, will never reach 20k again

>less than a month in cryptos
>Make more x2 despite starting with 50% on iota at 3,80-4,50 usd
>Feeling of having Lost money

Started with 3k, now how 16k, even after making lots of mistakes.

Don't use Blockfolio, it phones home.

Started with $20k in March.

$457k currently.

Hell of a year. I expect a million sometime next year.

Diversified brainlet here (3k) I don't want to get burned shifting my stack around, nor eaten up with fees. Are you really recommending putting "all my eggs in one basket" or something like that? Hell I put only $150 into ark and it's worth $700 now. I'm stuck in the hold mindset. I tend to put a little bit here and there and just wait. Never got losses that way.

Started two weeks ago with a 30k personal loan. This shit is too easy.

Unless you're retarded or rich why would you risk ruining yourself financially?

Because I don’t want to live the rest of my life as a wage slave.

Started with 7k in october