XRB Is about to get fuckled

Fuck this crypto. I'm salty I didn't get in at like fucking $5 or whatever when that large dip happened last week but seriously it's at $21? I see people on this board saying hop on but getting in on this price is absurd seeing it's only on obscure exchanges. When it hits a big exchange like Binance or KuCoin (this post is a well designed KuCoin shill use my ref code E51kiq) the price is gonna tank and pink wojaks will rule this board once more. I have seen almost no wojaks in the last week and you retard XRB holders are about to wojak it up.

Right now XRB is raping all the other coins in the binance vote because of all the XRB holders who want to move their XRB to a better exchange and or people like me who refuse to buy XRB until it goes on a legit exchange. The XRB holders are digging a grave for themselves by voting XRB to be the pick on binance because that will fucking correct the price so hard that there is almost no doubt it will go below $12 because right when the price goes down -10% reverse FOMO will happen causing it to tank it's fucking obvious no crypto has ever just always been up and at such an insane percentage, especially one unknown to most.

> But muh XRB is best crypto
Who gives a fuck it won't be till mid 2018 where people give a shit about what the coin does. Until then people just buy what gets shilled to them and what rises.

> XRB iz da IOTA slayr
They are fairly different coins and other than no transaction fees I see almost no correlation between the two

In conclusion stop shilling XRB and if you are lucky enough to have purchased XRB >$5 Sell before it gets listed on binance then reup after the HEAVY correction that will come.

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You're an idiot. Buy now or forever hold your shitcoins.

>Fuck this crypto. I'm salty I didn't get in at like fucking $5

Stopped reading there, tells me everything I need to know. What a pussy, scared of buying.

>>not buying below $2
>>like i give a fuck if it tanks to 12
enjoy the salt pajeet

5-11$ was a good time to buy
now however its not
unless you got a lot of money to play around with
just try to get 133 of them and see where it goes lmao

>Not buying Litecoin 2.0 while its under $100

You deserve to be poor

buying right now is retarded, this is the most overvalued crypto. so insecure, one dude could bring down the whole network atm. needs an incentive for people to run nodes.

so this project is like a working Lightning network or something? seems to be?
>no fees
...how the fuck isnt this 1k already?

Haha even an exploit couldn't bring down XRB. It's probably going to hit $50 soon my man.

Yeah whatever. Got a thousand of these bad boys

Typical XRB holder doesn't read shit

>needs an incentive for people to run nodes.

Yeah but then that would actually be smart. Zero creation of new coins and a lack of node operator incentives is stupid

>This much salt

Stay salty homo lmao

imagine how everyone said not to get onto ripple when it was in the top 10 anyway because no one thought it would moon.

digibyte went 150x
antshares/neo went 800x
verge went 250x
raiblock went 50x+++

moon missions happens all the time, dont be sad you missed this one, there will be others, its happening more and more often infact

xrb is going to correct, dont believe the shills that say it'll go parabolic forever, they are mostly newfags who dont know nothing about crypto and got their first 10x gains, so they are high on gains are delusional

>litecoin 2.0
vertcoin was litecoin 2.0 this is litecoin 3.0

If all you guys have so much confidence in it somebody drop more than 1k in it right now I want to see you get JUST'D in a week. You guys are getting worse than verge shills lmao

>I'm salty I didn't get in when it was $5

Pic related literally you

Exactly this user. Only salty because the fake fomo is gonna seriously hurt somebody's wallet. This is my warning screenshot my thread Raiboys.

Got em for 9.33
Super comfy right now

>You guys are getting worse than verge shills lmao

That'd be hard since Verge is a literal shitcoin, I just think Raiblocks is overvalued


I saw this at $3.80 at it's lowest 2 weeks ago, I threw 0.3 Eth at it mostly because of the shitty exchange, I was like 60-70% sure they were going to take the money and run. (Stack size over 80 Eth in total).

I think Raiblocks is the nextbitcoin man, I think it's going all the way, 1k, 2k, 10k, 15k.

Cryptocucked, the post

anyone who has seen raiblocks wallet knows that this piece of shit is going to correct, hard.

webwallet :P

Where can I buy this nopajeet coin?

this. the gap between all the other "bitcoin 2.0s" is huge.

Thx, just bought 120 more.

Sell the shill, buy the FUD.

>xrb is going to correct, dont believe the shills that say it'll go parabolic forever, they are mostly newfags who dont know nothing about crypto and got their first 10x gains, so they are high on gains are delusional
this is so true. no coin has EVER gone up like this in such a short amount of time without a serious correction

This guy fuckin gets it, listen closely idiots or stay poor.


This shit is actually instant too, only thing holding it back is the fucking garbage exchanges not being able to process withdrawls fast

And what happens after a correction? New ath.

The incentive I get from running a node is securing the network that made me rich.

Make node wallet, designate actual wallet to stake node. My processor can spare 1%
Having Binance open is more resource intensive.

>stay poor.

So you're a shill is what you're telling me

every time I see this coin a part of me dies.. was too lazy to move 1000 USD into bitgrail because I was busy playing pubg then forgot about it.. saw it mooning and thought meh, too late now and it's at 20 USD now.. atleast I won that fucking pubg game THAT COST ME 100K LOL


ive been FUD'ing this coin to be honest because its on shit exchanges, has a horrible user interface with the desktop wallet, has scary problems when trying to withdraw from shitexchange to webwallet, has no incentive to run nodes, its a bubble, has no volume, manipulated price etc etc etc.

the fact is its got momentum and its being added to more exchanges (this is a bullish sign no matter what anyone says).
I am not stupid enough to miss the potential for a moon mission no matter what I believe. The proper move is to take an amount that you are *willing to lose* and FOMO into this shit. Then consider the money gone already. its lost forever in your mind.
Check back when the coin is added to more exchanges, or just check in the far distant future if you are one of those types of holders

thats what I did anyway

peace and love my fellow Veeky Forumsraelis
we are all going to make it no matter what
happy new year

As in > $1,000,000,000,000 market cap?

user us buy in now. It'll keep going. Don't let every day have you saying "should've bought yesterday"

Ikr I want to filter this coin

Ya'll are dumb af, I got in at sub $3 because this is the ONLY crypto that normies would be willing to use. You actually think people will sit around for anything more than 30 seconds waiting for a transfer AND be okay with being charged part of their transfer for that shitty slow service?

Why would they bother when dozens of banks allow you to transfer FOR FREE and INSTANTLY???

This shit will be top 10 by end of 2018, if not 6 months from now. Cya on the moon morons.

Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how Raibitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?


Don't be retarded, it was trading for 2k sats not long ago. Look at the buy walls, there are not enough to warrant cashing out for whales, that's why it's still pumping to bait buyers in.

Fucking retard. It went x200 already you idiot. You will cry so hard.

People can sell things that they have and then other people buy them

he posts this in every thread
dont respond, he knows damn well how a market works

But why male models?



xrb will be $100 coin, there is nothing more guaranteed in crypto. you would see if it if you followed the xrb order books last 2 weeks and did all your homework


Yeah, where's all the faggot shit talking rai now?