Serious xlm thread

>inb4 SJWs
What will the partnerships be, other than fair x?
What do you think the price will be tomorrow? in a week? Two weeks? A month?

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Already confirmed partnerships are Deloitte and IBM...not like those companies matter or anything

What the fuck is delloitt

Don't be such a touche

>What the fuck is delloitt
Holy fuck I only started trading crypto 6 days ago and even I wouldnt ask this question.
>short answer: old money

Has everyone already forgotten the hype over this pic? At this point Visa is more or less confirmed, we're just waiting on them to do the name drop.

I'm predicting 10x - 15x over the next year. It's just as good as Ripple, if not better. Seriously undervalued at the moment (comparing market caps). 10x would take it to 60B, 15X to 90B. So thats $3 - $4.50

>he doesn't know about the big 4

>$3 - $4.50
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Delloitt is one of the big four accounting firms in the US

*in the world
scroll down to the section that says "companies", 1/2 down the page

for the next few weeks, not much, probably lots of consolidation and trading sideways, maybe a slight dip, especially if btc pulls out of this slump.

super solid long term hold, and great opportunity for trading too, just make sure not to miss out on big moves
TA shows parabolically increasing floors, and super solid uptrends. also if you go back historically, we still haven't hit btc comparative ATH, and just hit top 10 on coinmarketcap again. Could be towards the later half of this massive bull run but if IBM actually launches the XLM backed exchange and it really gains traction as an ICO platform
isn't unreasonable with the growth and potential that xlm has

Who the fuck are you? It's gonna 5x tomorrow then another 3x over the next three weeks baka

fuck off child

>100% in
your crystal ball better be right

Its not even just exchange...they're saying its going be used for 60% of south pacific cross-border payments in 2018. Just think about that for a second -- payments, remittances, banks

can we all stop for a minute though and appreciate OP's ID?

Nigga, I'm 65% in myself, I thought about 100% in myself several times and I'm kicking myself for not doing it, the rest is in ARK, OMG, and LINK, thinking about selling the ARK too and putting it in XLM as well

So if all this is true - is it really only expected to go up 15x?

Seems like it would be a lot bigger over a whole year.

I exited my position in Ark few days ago to pump in XLM too. Now I'm thinking i should of held atleast 20% in ICX for Q1
Depending on this moon to recover my losses for being an autist and get me a used car

yeah, which is why I agreed with you,

however, if you look at the history of this coin, it's done 10x in 2 months instead of 2 weeks like icx xrb and others. this is a good thing as it indicated much more solid natural growth, unlike xvg which had a massive crash off of false info. however, that stuff doesn't even have definite release dates and if you look at the charts you see a few waves of 2x and higher moves. it's a daily chart, and big moves generally no sooner than 10 days apart, and based on the size of the last move from 0.2 to over 0.35 it will take a while before it makes the next big move up.
this coin also responds very well to news and release dates. every major even triggered a major moon.
XLM is also positioning itself to be a US compliant ICO platform (kinda like what ETh does but compliant to more regulations) and is also being used for pathfinding so that you can exchange any currency to any other and get the best rate by finding which currency flips to use in between
it's going to be big.
if the entire market growth is even slightly on par with what it was this year, I wouldn't be surprised to see 50 bln marketcap in half a year.
I actually think this is one coin that is easier to time though, and it holds super steady in that it doesn't wildly exceed the expected extremes in price highs, so you don't have to worry about missing another huge leg up within a few days after a multi-day run