Red Letter Day

Alright boys, today's the day. I'm moving my LINK off of binance and onto my hardware wallet, and I'm not touching it for a year. Iron fucking hands turned into fucking granite.

How many of you are long term hodlers?

Recently added to my position and moved it off Binance. Best of luck!

Fuck off back to le reddit, your post stinks of fucking cringe


id punxh youright in the fucking face

You're a wise man, OP. I also am holding til EOY 2018 at the earliest.

I'm holding the shit out of my link homie

Calm down sperg, even if his post sounds cringy moving all LINK to hardware wallet is the best thing to do anyway.

newb here, what kind of wallet can you store link on?

I mean do they have a download?

Don't man, it cost 10 LINK to do that
In 2020 terms that's 1,000 dollars lost

LINK tokens will become revenue generating. For anyone to sell before that happens is really impatient. But don't worry, someone will gladly buy. Passive revenue generating assets are pretty much the most desired form of investment in all of investing.

Link at 61 cents

is that count down the cause of this?

/ o u r c o i n /

I would literally choke you to death in real life. Not even larping.

Just finished buying the last of my 25k stack minutes before it jumped to $0.60. Here is to a 2018 hold!

Yeah wtf is that about...

they raised it to 10 during cryptokitties then never brought it back down after link tripled in price and eth tx went nearly back to normal.

my grandfather called them "the jews of the east"

>"the jews of the east"
That's fantastic

Im ok. I can put my 16k stack up for a year and not starve.

Yeah download the LINK wallet off their site

My Ledger has been locked away for months. 150k, not touching for years. Don't even keep it in my folio any more. Set and forget.

Ikr, I bet he even watches Rick and Morty unironically

yeah well I would literally choke you to death irl
not even larping

you watch it ironically?

There's no way I'm holding all of my link for a year. I'm gonna need it to be able to NEET all year after I graduate university next month.
I'll be cashing out just barely enough to live like a monk.

Takes 10k to operate a node according to their paper. I moved 11k into a hardware wallet but I'm not confident enough to put more in. I unironically think this will be a great investment long term though.

What's a good LINK wallet?

You dont need any LINK to operate a node

can you explain in layman's terms what a node does?
do i need like a server?

I moved it onto a wallet with no eth so even if I wanted to move it off the wallet I couldn't.

how do u get it out then

I am never taking it out. Links could be worth 1MM each and I will die with the same amount of link in my wallet as I have now.