How do I go full autist Shkreli mode?

How do I go full autist Shkreli mode?

Most of us growing up mindlessly browsed Veeky Forums, or played /v/idya for hours on end. This nukka studied chemistry and biology in his free time. How do you stay awake and keep focus after like an hour of that shiet?

maybe start reading some books dumbass

Its not something you trick yourself into doing. Its something you do because you see the patterns in mindless Veeky Forums browsing and realize youd rather spend your time doing something else.

You need an IQ over 135. Sorry OP, but you won't make it

He's just got better genetics than you dude.

Is he still in jail?

Why do you need to ask us? If you want to learn those subjects just learn them.

>chemistry and biology in his free time
he only did that because he got a job at an investment bank and needed a niche

you aren't going to do it because you have no immediate financial incentive to

He was born with high IQ

Just try to copy what he does

Every time I watched him stream he was playing 2K but also trading and multitasking 5000 other things too. Pretty impressive desu

Happy new year, and give Marin greetings if you talk with him. I gave Martin a pepe in jail, and I hope he do god. The pepe was sent from Veeky Forums along with a long line of text where anons wrote a word as the thread went on.

The guards have prolly thought it was some sort of super secret code, while it made no sense. Bless you martin I hope you enjoyed my pepe

Sentencing is on or around Jan 16th. Bond revoked a couple months ago, so yeah, in jail

Just find something that interests you so much you become obsessed. That's how I am with crypto. Hopefully you naturally find something like this that makes money and you aren't actually super interested in something like social justice or stamp collecting.

yes, the jews jailed him for shitposting. Then they wanted to talk to him in jail, he told them to go gas them selves and reminded them that donald trump was their president too.

He is lit shitposting at the msm from jail, he is a saint user. A shitposting saint

i sent him a letter too, got a response back 2 weeks later :)

The jews are going to kill him in there, and he will become saint martin.
>so misunderstood
>such a big heart
Saint Martin

Should send him a crypto kitty, he'd think it's fucking cool

I wanted to send him a book but looked up the MDC Brooklyn policy and they said no packages, only letters :(

What'd he respond with user

honestly all the neets that make it read a fuckload

nice an user from pol sent our letter, which consisted of a pepe and what people wrote line for line.

Like we will write Martin a letter now, so write the words, so we sent him a letter word for word which went like
you get the drift just random words put into a letter

send him the kitty he knows how to decrypt it too

Learn to love learning and browse fourms with stuff your interested in. I first got into crypt in 2012 by being involved with darknetmarkets and seeing the potential all this had. I have discovered so many ways to make money by just browsing reddit Veeky Forums and a handful of forms. Once you have something you enjoy to learn about and has a bright money making future for you just slowly shift more time in to that though. Just remember that these websites are full of the general public so it's not useless to browse them because it takes you out of your head and back into the real world.

Martin Shkreli truly is /ourguy/

Has anyone sent Shkreli a letter to tell him the BTC price?

He made an investment livestream a while back saying he was going to invest 1 million in BTC, but was trying to find a good exchange. That was when the price was at $1K I think.

Shkreli bought in between 1-2k. He said he would be holding for a minimum of 5 years.

At first he was sceptical of crypto but he quickly understood how unique BTC is.

>gets out of prison

Still he would have every fork. Plus BCH will probably sit at around 5k next year if BTC drops hard

>all these replies proved once again that it doesn't matter if you're actually smart or not, if you act like a narcissistic confident asshole people would think you're a genius
I think there were even studies on this

he isnt autistic

he is an above average intelligence sociopath, he went to a private high school for the gifted and was working on wallstreet at 18

none of your retards will ever be shkreli

Why do stupid people think reading some random fiction is going to improve your life or make you smarter?