Tell by about the future of internet, skycoin senpai

Tell by about the future of internet, skycoin senpai

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1. SKYCOIN: A coin that is technically superior to any alt there is. Transactions with zero fees that take approximately two seconds, unlimited transaction rate, no need for miners and block rewards, low power usage, ALL of the bitcoin's technical vulnerabilities fixed, a consensus mechanism superior to anything that exists, resistant to all conceivable threats (government censorship, community infighting, cyber/nuclear/conventional warfare, etc).

- Once coinjoin is implemented and the network is running over skywire, it will have a higher level of privacy than any other coin (more anonymous than zcash/monero and without the overhead). Wannabe drug lords should switch from monero/dash to skycoin after the CXO browser and skywire are available, because all of the ecosystem components are integrated with each other. You could have a decentralized silkroad on skywire and pay seamlessly with the same coin you use to pay for your utilities.

- Numerous peer reviewed whitepapers.

- Skycoin is being developed by legit engineering geniuses, for years (predating Bitcoin’s boom).

- Holding Skycoins generates income in the form of Coin Hours (like NEO's GAS). There will be a marketplace where Coin Hours are traded and Coin Hours will be used for services within the Skycoin ecosystem.

2. SKYWIRE: A decentralized ISP where you earn coins for forwarding traffic/bandwidth (like Tor but faster, not backdoored by NSA and you are getting paid to run a node), that will give everyone nearly free internet access and will get a lot of users and actually be useful. Different networking protocol than TCP/IP, designed to be immune from literally all currently known network based attacks.

- Uses public keys instead of IP addresses, with all of the traffic encrypted by default, making man in the middle attacks impossible.
- Nodes forwarding the traffic can only see the previous and next hop, not origin or destination, making it extremely private.
- Latency is superior to TCP/IP because ISPs use hot potato routing, while Skywire doesn't.
- Speed is superior because bandwidth aggregation is possible, making it possible to share the unused bandwidth of your neighbors.
- Immune to ISP control tactics, such as throttling, censorship, outages, etc.
- Designed to be ran on skycoin's own open source hardware infrastructure.
- Works as an overlay over the current internet as of now, but will be completely independant as soon as the network backhaul is in place.
- Incentivized for the first 14 years, you get paid for running a node and transferring packets for the network.

first batch of the miners delivered

3. SKYLEDGER: A platform that’s their version of Ethereum’s ERC20, but with Ethereum's technical limitations fixed. Every coin is given their own blockchain and the platform runs on top of the skywire infrastructure. Coins have already started doing ICOs on skyledger (, SPACO, etc). About 30 coins lined up so far. There’s a programming language (CX) and it’s not limited to just "smart contracts". Developers of each chain can hardcode whatever they want to do. For example full video games could be embedded on the blockchain, if anyone would want that.

Ethereum is using javascript for front-end. Skycoin is using CX and CX is completely memory sandboxed and uses affordances to box applications and APIs in, so stuff like the parity hack can never happen in skycoin. Skycoin is using affordances and a genode style resource/permission system. So there's an easy way to write security policies - like "the frontend should not be able to access my coins unless something gave it permission to do so". Where as ethereum cannot enforce constraints like this, so they are just duck taping over the problems and hoping they go away.

Skycoin is designed to make these problems impossible through good architecture.

4. Then there’s the massive ecosystem of stuff being built on top of the previous three things. Like the sky-messenger, the file sharing/dropbox functionality, distributed social media (sort of like Steemit but running on skycoin's infrastructure and platform), DEX and OTC markets for the whole skyledger family. There are about 15 development teams working on different projects within skycoin’s ecosystem. And unlike shitty erc20 tokens promising similar things, most of this stuff is already being developed, you can check the github to see the progress.

A few of us recently created a very effective coin pump group. Our last coin pump went up 150%! We have the largest discord group in the world with about 54000 members. We’re pumping our next coin in a few days. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

A list of bitcoin's technical vulnerabilities that skycoin has fixed:

- elimination of the need for miners for network consensus through a new consensus algorithm
- elimination of dependence on the human element in the network operation
- duplicate coinbase outputs
- signature malleability
- reduction in complexity in implementation
- dozens of other small security related improvements
- elimination of external network dependencies that create security concerns
- 51% attack proof and strengthening against various cryptographic attacks
- simplified, more power data, transaction and wallet APIs
- brainwallet, deterministic wallets as default
- intrinsic support for gmaxwell CoinJoin transaction privacy protocol
- new networking protocols to enable the verification of the mathematical prerequisites for consensus network convergence
- separation of coin creation from consensus network, to eliminate Bitcoin's tendencies towards mining centralization
- directed bipartite TX/UTXO transaction graph structure which is more elegant and efficient than Bitcoin's multi-graph structure
- provably upper bounded network, RAM and CPU resource usage for network operation
- soft coded, adjustable blockchain size parameter to enable network transaction rate scaling
- rolling unspent output state error correction coding in the block header for early detection of software/hardware non-determinism
- blockchain/transaction/history storage database with constant time lookup, indexless operation for all major blockchain history queries


Skycoin presents itself as ridiculously ambitious for the sole reason of attracting normies to pump and dump without the intention of ever achieving the proposed goals. Investing in such vaporware is incredibly retarded and you deserve to lose money.


Skycoin reeks of jews

Yes, it reeks of Jews sweating in nervousness



Vaporwave, the coin

How many shekels did Comcast and Time Warner give you for those posts?

Ain't that that helicopter game? Played it when I was young

Also not sure if people here are seriously ripping on skycoin or just fucking around.

I'm just fucking around, been following the thread forever, never bothered to invest.

This is not maid or substratum or xvg or like every other coin and has a working product.

I have no idea I just got it off a wallpaper thread in hr. It looked dope.

at least synth finally hired some marketing shills to disguise his vaporwave scam

>selling miners for cyypto


You're fucking retarded. What scammer makes hardware for their coin?

Whats your motivation for bashing it?

Someone who charges 1 btc for a miner, the price is going to absolutely tank when they start mining, it's a scam

It's been shilled for weeks by the people who bought miners, trying to prop up the price before they take a huge dump.

Im not saying it's bad long term but it's awful short term

What do you think about NXS?

then its obvious its too elaborate to be a scam

I'm one of the shillers and I don't have a miner. But to be honest, it really only gets shilled here on Veeky Forums, and the project needs more exposure. A lot of people aren't really aware of it. Its not that we're trying to pump it, its that we try to create awareness. But I guess it could come across PnD, shady or w/e. Not the intention though. There's not really much said on Bitcointalk for example, I did once made a thread but litterly got almost no views and 0 replies.

Those iota bags must be getting heavy.

The decentralized isp shit doesn't make sense.

You can't just plug into your ethernet jack and broadcast your shit. You need to pay the isp to connect you to the line in the first place.


No but what you do need is hardware, physical infrastructure. Thats what the miners are for.

You indeed can't just plug in a jack and say here's internet, you need hardware.