Stable job with $3300/month or $1000000 in gainz? Go


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Why not both?

As someone with the stable job with that salary...I would rather have the gains.

i make 4k a month at my job doing nothing. crypto gains are much more satisfying

>use the 1 mil to pump ether
>dump at the top
repeat ad infinitum

gains obviously you could make that shit from returns from the gains doing fuck all

>not realizing you would spend that million within 10 years.

But you can also make gains from the job. What are you trying to say?

No I am white.

Check this if you want to know how

go all in on fun now nigger

2 months then?

1mil is not enough for a life with no income

if you just yourself there's no way you're getting anything from the government

Invest it you fucking pleb

>Take the job
>Put 2k a month in crypto
>Make that 1mill in 2018
It'a not hard plebs. I'm living on 1.1k a month in the Netherlands atm.

fuck stable jobs, boring as fk

People underestimate gains. THey are TIME discount money === hugely valuable. 3.5k monthly gains means you pay each month taxes and monthly fees for living such as rent or mortgage.

The quicker you make gains the more valuable. Even 100k in this concept of average western european or murican is hugely valuable gains when you think the time it takes with average salaries minus living fees and time


I have a stable job with double that salary and I'd take the gains in a heartbeat

lmao you idiot i could use that milion to get 10 million 1 year later thanks to crypto

I got a job as service technician after being neet 2 years

I get paid up to 100k a year depending on work

Kinda happy finally be able to do something but at the same time I have to start to work at 5 am and I always think about doing le sick goy

$1000000, put it all in chainlink

also i could live for 25k per year

or much much cheaper if i go someplace cheap

I make 4k a month. It’s never enough. $10000000 gainz please.

the only reason to work is to have capital to invest in stuff. Careers are for losers and you never make any money

he said white not nigger

I make 5k a month
I want them gainz nigga

>>not realizing you would

No, YOU would.

Fucking dumbass

>not reinvesting that million to get more

>gambling /makingit/ money into a bubble

>3300 a month job


This. Be a teacher or an oil rigger or seasonal fruit picker, do crypto and trading in your down time. No sense in putting all the eggs in one basket.

24 years, make that a day with crypto. What a timeline. Ik kan je wel leren user.

The 1 million gains could give you 2.5k pre month dividend easy. While you can work another full time job that'll give you let's say 2.
That's 4.5k vs 3.3k

Ummmm that's pretty hard to decide.