Its really that easy?

its really that easy?

Yes this will help all neets make it.

No, you just got lucky.

>Investing in superior, disruptive, overshilled-since-June technology.

Get your head out of your ass and realise the potential of Raiblocks.

That graph is absolutely nuts.

Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how Raibitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?

>max supply of 133 xrb
sign me the fuck up this thing will pull a ether

Buying 33k of Rai at 16 cents has been the most influential decision of my 22 year old life. Thank you all.

how much in portfolio user? gj btw

Damn. Good job man.

Iron of steel if you still got it all or more.

u sold it all?

you did it bro

u dropped 5k into one coin jesus man haha good job.

>>Saw this at $3.
>>Have a 80 Eth stack, 11 Eth i'm looking to divest.

>>Is it on a good exchange?

>>Hmm bitgrail wtf is this..

>>What the flying fuck it looks like runescape's website in the early 2000s.

>>This is 90% a scam website, I'm going in with 0.3 Eth just to see if they take it.

>>Alright I grabed like 40 coins, good enough to start with il'l buy some more later.

>>Later that day.. hmm it's almost double the price now... I Better wait for a dip.

>>Rocks back and forth for last 2 weeks.


How did you hear about it at 16 cents?

That was before all of the shill threads I think.

Saw this shit before it was even worth a penny didnt buy because of the exchange fml

there were a few shill threads but everyone ignored it
usual Veeky Forums

I did even the captcha but it was too troublesome so I decided to fuck it

Sad I saw this at 3 usd , went all in though.
Still feel bad for not finding it before.

That is what made me buy too. Once biz ignores i do more research. Wish i sent more over. only 3k XRB..not mad though!

Fak, 3k.

That's like 60kUSD.

That's my whole 2 year profits from holding Eth.


cost me $245!!

Part that does suck is i almost never put anything less than 1k into a coin. I just sent over whatever i had in a shitcoin over to bitgrail.

you did it bro

>start of december
>bought some iota
>saw some /pol/ user FUDing iota and saying that raiblocks was the nazicoin
>check the price, just some sats
>only on shitty exchanges
>gave up on it

I will listen to /pol/ shills more from now on.

Once IOTA works , Raiblocks will be useless. It can't even run smart contracts. Shitcoin

>muh smart contracts
what point of p2p DAG coin thats made for payments only dont you understand?
tell me how many smartcontracts are ran on ETH right now
oh wait almost none
all ETH is rightnow is a ICO quick buck cashgrab platform
come back when IOTA actually works

Can confirm, I bought in at $0.15, sold 80% @ $4.50, fuck my life.


I picked up 1600 @ $0.15 when I saw biz ignoring it. Sold a lot at $4.50 though :/


comon boy, larp harder for us next time, ya dirty lil homo

Ouch.. Still
7.2k aint a bad profit.
I hate doing math like this.. but If I went in with just what I wanted to divest out of eth (11 eth).. at 15 cents. I'd have 1.1 Million right now.

If I went all in, I'd have 8.2 Million.

sucks. I asked here if i should sell at what would have netted me like 12k. Some user basically scolded me and said it would be the worst possible time to sell. I figured i would let it ride. Thanks user!

RIP you.

I started with under 2k, and now with everything I have (I've divested most of my shit out of crypto) I have about 15k

So I'm not super salty about a win.

Yeah but pretty much luck base.
Coin performance can't be this good if it's on major exchanges.
I bought around 3btc worth and it's now value at 1.1million. If I haven't sold half the stack early, I would be at above 2 mil.
So it's luck and iron hands.

I just keep looking at the ROI on the total market cap, and I'm expecting it to all crash down within a month. I can't wait to buy back in if it all crashes, but if I'm wrong, fuck, eh?

How didn't you know that /pol/ is literally ALWAYS right? not kidding, xrb confirms.