Jan 2018 target: $0.42


Where is the PoS atm?

O yeah, that's right. It doesn't fucking exist.
This coin had everything going for it and spat us in the face. Hope the dev has armed guards at his NH home.

This is the perfect ad.

Wtf do u mean

OP shill just a little bit harder, I'm about to go all in

These are all bitbean sprouts btw. Which is POS mining

I'm about to drop $1000 into this, give me one reason why I shouldn't

You're a month too late.

OP why is target at 42 cents?

buy the magic beans idiots while i 5x on zcl

fuck I want to buy this, are there any downsides?

bump, what's stopping this coin from taking over?

>please delist BITB by 6/2017
POSW 2.0 is one of the greatest unspoken anime betrayals in crypto


I sprouted today what are you talking about

what does this even mean?

newfag detected

whoops i misread your post

nobody cares about the point of sale machine


so if I buy bitbean I will be reach and get my dick sucked?




last one
happy new year

Can someone post the one of bitcoin with the bean hand on it's head getting

I got you buddy

the memes have convinced me. I just went all in gentlemen


Salty nobeaner scum not buying the bean dip.

bump for bean

Aw yeah, that's the good shit. Absolutely degenerate!

This is going to be huge based on the memes alone. It could be the next Dogecoin!