Moons silently

>moons silently

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xrb 7000+

>moons loudly

>2billion cap

>20 million cap

enjoy your 20% gains. this is the easiest 30x i have ever seen

that claim is unconfirmed, you fucking shill

visa: 24000

nobody cares about centralized shit user

ok hear me the fuck out
this coin launched in january
and the HIGHEST VOLUME EXCHANGE this shit is on is craptoptia
how does this happen?

>tfw accidentally in since 0.15$
Best drunken buy of my life.

maybe you should get drunk more often, user


also if you wouldnt have had your head up your ass for the past weeks
you could have bought sub 3$
anyone that buys rai now is retarded

new mainnet launching in q1

i did buy. i sold yesterday

>not buying NGR

i dont care about your mainnet
did u read what i said
this shit is around for a year
and you can only buy it on craptopia?
how does this happen if you contact binance as developer they fucking list anything

raiblocks was around since march and its not on anything good either

plebs BURST can do literally 100k tps

thats true but i can see why its not on anything major since setting it up is a pain in the ass.
but theyre gonna win the binance voting so shits gonna go ballistic

Oh so your shitcoin can pump out a lot of big numbers,


yea ok. enjoy your 0.2x

everything is obvious once its mooned

>Piece of Shit Wallet
why would they name it this?


doesnt exist

fees, not DAG, no quantum resistance, no byzantine answer, no miner independence, no visa scaling.

Whats the point? XRB is way better.

because it's a literal piece of shit and the devs know it, they're having a good laugh about it.

exit scam con job coin would be equally fitting.

they literally just shared their private repo and its more active than xrb

if they wanted to exit they could do it a long time ago without anyone batting an eyelid

you will see by mid january. i remember when raiblocks got the same fud

they are rebranding to stakenet you losers

This coin is going x30-x50 before the season is up in 2-3 months.


To the people arguing about POSW being used as money, that's not the point of it. It's a coin that'll stake multiple coins deposited to their web wallet and in the future their desktop wallet. A "dividends," is distributed every month for POSW holders from all the POSW generated from each separate coin staked on the service, currently building a trustless version of this as well.

When ETH goes PoS, POSW will be a very needed service for passive gains for the average normie. Think of it as the next BCO but for staking.

I can't find the link but POSW is rebranding in January to Stakenet

no source no buy
almost every coin went through a pump for rebranding meme. So if you are sure there will be rebrand buy more.

>trusting posw after it betrayed bitbean
no thanks
click the links on the site (twitter, reddit, and medium all redirect to posw)

i bought this at 1.3k sold at 2.8k ama

didnt know about shit like this :(

is that like public knowledge yet ?

already it could do from here is 2x.

does not seem to be talked about much

their reddit, twitter, and medium say nothing about it
the closest thing to any mention is that "posw 2.0 is coming in Q1 2018"

You're so wrong, it's not even funny


New Pump and Dump group, looking to pump a new coin everyday once 5000 in group