Verge had a huge sell off right as it became midnight in India...

Verge had a huge sell off right as it became midnight in India, because the Pajeets don’t understand time zones and thought they had missed the Wraith deadline.

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its gonna happen every midnight.

Show bobs and vagene

Sell your verge and buy myriad, its the original multialgo coin and its market cap is 100x smaller ;).

Is this fucking shit being released or not?

It's being released within the next hour, Has been confirmed. I'm not making a thread about that though so i don't attract more fud.

>Has been confirmed

yep, confirmed user.
if you dont like it, roll all your myrad shit and stick it up to your ass.


Verge is breaking out. Look at this. That's a bullish cloud breakout (where the candlesticks rise above the green "cloud"). Huge indicator to go long. The Blue and Red lines are the Kujin/Tenjin respectively. If XVG goes any higher than it is right now we are going to see a bullish TK-cross. Another huge indicator that this is going to the moon.

Prove me wrong.

those were a lot of fancy words you just said there annon; thanks bud, just sold 500k

so much tension

can someone please tell me what time zone verge developers are releasing this shit in?

I hope to god I can sell a small portion of my verge stack to pay off some serious tax gains, and defer my verge sale for 2018.


Look at their twitter.. UTC-5 posted not so long ago there

how has this coin not died yet baka

well im fucked. I think im going to end up being a bag holder.

How the FUCK have these discord bots not been banned yet?

Side note: Sell the news, newfags. It's already dumping.

its not's consolidating



breakout woulda occured at .299

cannot wait for others to realize this. xspex to the moon.

>open source
pick one


>before january 1st 2017
Now it's 2018. Is thee anything a doge coin fork can accomplish?

>january first 2017
Yeah this guy is legit

It's open source on github. They have only themselves to blame if they didn't market it properly. They are way, way, way PAST overdue on the 1.4 wallet which was supposed to integrate Tor+stealth addresses. Xspec only have themselves to blame.

the top 100 wallets are about to dump 95% of all verge. enjoy applying for jibs tomorrow morning

This has been debunked time and time again you LINK holding retard

Where are the proofs?

This was for you