Deep Brain Chain (DBC)

Partnerships with companies like Samsung and Lenovo confirmed.

Will not stay under $0.15 for a few more hours. We're headed to at least $0.45 by the end of tomorrow. Mark my words.

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Were the Samshit and Lenovo partnerships just rumors before? Which means that the mooning going on yesterday was just a warm up?

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No because the article is from September

Dbc will be insane this year.

i can't even load the deepbrain website because it's trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources

what kind of scam shit is this?


a coin I can finally ride to the moon with

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When does this get on Huobi?

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source? are you sure of it?

Is DBC hyped in China? For example Neo has a low trading volume in Huobi which makes me wonder if DBC will be traded as much as we anticipate.

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me three lads. I've just sold my BNTY into this. Hope Veeky Forums isnt too bullshit on this one...

How has this still not moved from 172? There has been constant buying. Who the fuck has so much to dump at these prices?

we can meme this to the moon

besides who doesn't want some DEEP BRAIN once in a while

HOLY SHIT, Why did that video make me laugh my ass off


Whos ready for todays gains?

It has been like this for days. There is some whale who has been doing obscene amounts of suppression. There is a contest on Kucoin to trade the most DBC, and when that is over tomorrow, he will hopefully stop. Without him we would have 100x'd by now.

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