Jibrel Network (JNT)

Who in and comfy?

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I do, nest ICX like run baby

How many JNTs equal comfy?

How you buy



Token sale is done. Waiting for exchange listing.

Don Tapscott
Strategy Advisor
CEO of Tapscott Group

Abbas Zuaiter
Capital Markets Advisor
Former COO Soros Fund

Mohammad Al Sehli
MENA Advisor
CEO & Founder of Arabian Chain

Soros + Arab sheik + ICX advisor = gold mine

Hodling my 133k JNT's until 10x at least.

i did not get my refund from these fuckers yet
5 days and counting
stay the fuck away

Fuck. Not comfy then.

sound like jew coin

the jewiest

You are right It is a jew and a arab coin. XRP moon is nothing compared to that. Jibrel will go parabolic times 2.

Did any of you contribute through Bitcoin Suisse? Those folks still have not approved my registration for this ICO! >_

Jibrel is like buying XRP in 2016

Exactly this.

And we will all be astonished. how fast and on how many exchanges this will be listed. There jew connections and arab connections will let make us rich

Salty no-JNT'ers are spamming the board again

They're working on getting listed sooner due to selling out so god damn quick. Comfy.

this was available for presale FOR MONTHS
I fomo'd in hours before it sold out
so happy right now

happy that you invested in a certified shit coin? congrats

biz is funny


why exactly is it a shitcoin?

>boss has been shilling Jibrel to me over a month ago
>didn't even bother to check it because had no excess funds at the time
>token sale finished
>only then did I check it out and see how solid the fundamentals are

because it does nothing new. nothing.
>oh but it has collateralized assets
ever heard of MakerDAO?
>oh but they have a nice website and font
yeah, definitely worth tens of millions..
hah! no product for years and reddit wont even understand this coin
This seriously has 0 fuel for a moon mission

it's backed by tapscott, a soros jew, and saudi money. are you fuckin retarded?

It's already dead

no they are retarded, and you are too.

why did ICX moon user? because platforms are hot shit right now
why did XRP moon? normie friendly and low price per coin, imminent coinbase listing
why are LINK and REQ mid-moon user? because they are unique and people can understand the cool ideas behind them

tell me user, why will this moon?
>muh-muh jew money, muh advisors
literally who cares? dumb money (the whole of this market) wont buy this
please tell me you Jibbies have SOMETHING up your sleeve??

the ico is over faggot
you dont have to fud this anymore
wait till it's released on exchanges at it 10x instantly
then you can fud again lol


Tried to argue against your bullshit analysis about 4 random coins, but after reading your XRP "arguments", i was done. You try to argue with logic and then on the other hand you call XRP a low price per coin and normie friendly and in the meanwhile XRP has no right to excist and banks can buy the TECH without even touching the useless tokens. Great shit.

Keep it up, i want more FUD for JNT anyway. JNT is dead and scammed billion of people already. This will drop below ico price faster than Confidio announced their exit scam.

Im fudding to save you money not any ulterior motive, i swear.
i've been in about 25 ICOs and know what to look for.

That may sound arrogant but Jibrel has major red flags. these are:
>lack of hype
>being complicated to understand for avergae joe
>not being unique
>not being exciting
>no product for 6months-1 year

together this puts off dumb money, normies and flippers
sorry Jibbies it honestly just doesn't look good, unless you get a Binance listing and a well-timed and exciting update from the team this is dead on arrival...

sitting on 120k jibrels and very comfy with it

>unless you get a binance listing

ya, i'm not too worried lol

It's ok darling. I have put in 50ETH and i regret putting in more. Since you have been in about 25 ICOs you also know how the game works. Nobody is writting text of walls to save random people on the internet money, especially not on Veeky Forums.

Already starting to lie like a shit pajeet on the first day of this year. Poor one.

not putting in more*


>lack of hype
sold out 1 months before the end of the ICO, 40million (120mil was available for sale) sold of it in a matter of hours

>complicated to understand
it solves the tether problem with digitalized assets, how is this hard to understand?

>not being unique

not even gonna continue, try harder nocoiner boy

>calls me pajeet
>"writting texts of walls"
I'm just a bored, rich NEET user, no motives here.
good luck getting back your 50ETH rohit

proves that every retard who got into crypto early could get rich


honestly, jCHF would be fucking sweet. jEUR or jUSD will do too in the meantime, I guess.

Read my first post in this thread.
Jibrel is in no way unique, MakerDAO have been making collateralized digital assets to solve the stablecoin/tether problem for >2 years and have a working product and big connections.
They've been dropping hints of integration with large exchanges in Jan-Feb all over their reddit and in their presentations.
watch their Devcon 3 talk: youtu.be/ugbRyZSPfYE?t=1h37m40s

I am contributing mate, and hope you learnt something from this. also gtfo being so rude when i'm just giving an alternative opinion.

i watched ur video, and makerdao has very little in common with jnt

you are not contributing, you are just spreading unwanted FUD, so you can go and fuck yourself

how!!?? hahaaha
unless you can explain what makes a Jibrel collateralized stablecoin (which may I add, is centralized and underdeveloped in its current state) better or at least different than MakerDAO's 'Dai' (which is democratically run by a DAO and already in use) then you either dont know what you are talking about or don't want to know.

i really cba arguing with some fudding pajeet, but i will drop you a hint buddy

which financial and regulatory institutions are makerdao working together with?

check the same for jnt

also i know whatever i say you will keep going on about your stupid half assed - trying to demoralize people who are excited - 'ideas', so this is the end of the argument here kiddo

your stable dai shitcoin has absolutely no fucking liquidity whatsoever. How are people gonna hedge with that shit? If there is anything that competes with Jibrel it's Bitshares (1.8bn MC), if I'm not mistaken. But they don't have smart regulations and connections Jibrel has.

>Taas Fund
>Aurora Partners
>Arabian Chain
literally who

>Andreessen Horowitz
>Polychain Capital
>the fucking EEA
literally riddled with ex-coinbase personnel

Stablecoins and collateralized 'safe' assets are something to be excited about i'm just saying get a broader perspective of the competition.
You can't argue Maker have a track record, more connections and will be first to market. Watch the talk again if you doubt this.

because its in beta mate, the full release is coming in weeks


btw i dont hold any MKR or Dai just playing devil's advocate for you guys which is important

I'm not here to talk shit about that project but you can see yourself, it's a pie in the sky still
Jibrel will roll out their Jusd/eur/etc any day now, people cannot wait to get into those afe heavens in times like this when the bubble is growing rapidly and there are darker clouds above tether/bitfinex every day. Even just as a tether-alternative the demand for the JNT will be huge enough, let alone other tokenized assets that will come out down the road

We'll see... It seems to me that Dai have fiat, btc and eth pairings ready to go on a number of exchanges this Quarter whereas the only thing on Jibrel's roadmap until Q3 is a block explorer..
now im sure that cant be right but on face value it looks like they are behind.
Another example, Jibrel are setting up their DAO in Q4 whereas Maker's has been running for years.
My point is guys will have to have a better product, get exclusive partnerships with exchnages that are willing to wait or hope Dai fucks up somehow before their network effect grows too strong.