How much have you put into crypto? How much have you cashed out?

How much have you put into crypto? How much have you cashed out?

I put in 2k a year ago and made like 19k so far. I would’ve made more if it weren’t for a bunch of shitty gambles I made without research.

Also, Bitflur is king.

I’ve cashed out 4k so far

I put in 500$ a month ago and have 3.2k now, will probably cash 2k out when I reach 10k

not bad

Put in 200
I’m at like 7000
afraid to cash out

My graph. I'm fucking retarded and should have just stayed in BTC when I got in on antshares but I didn't sell when it hit $50 the first time. Hopefully that piece of shit BTC dies for doing that to me. Could have had 200k if I had sold NEO into BTC then sold BTC at the top. Fuck.

Also portfolio value is actually 94k right now, dunno why it says 82k there.

All in I probably have $20k invested between miners (ETH) and straight fiat-crypto trades.

I'm not doing as well as others, but I have ~$60k right now total, 50% ETH, 50% alts.

BTW I made most of my money this month, according to my graph made like 70k gains for late Nov/and rest of Dec. I was struggling before then to surpass 20k for WEEKS because I just didn't know what to buy and NEO was being too stable for so long. I finally got off the ride when it surpassed the $60 mark but I was pissed I missed so many moons because of it.

Put in $300 for the lulz and had $600 within a week. Currently sitting at $7k.
I haven't cashed out though. I'm happy if I get out my initial $300, it's been a fun ride.

very delicious

Around 40k

Originally put in 200 every week until it was like 3k.

Grew that to 8k. Cashed out like 2k on flur(initial investment return) and grew the remaining 6k to 10k as of today.

kek how

man i used to know this kid with downs syndrome named fleur (pronounced 'flur') and every time i see bitflur i just think of retarded people

$2 from faucets in 2014.
Grew those $2 to $8 by swing trading. Old poloniex trollbox was amazing.

Grew $8 to $20 and bought 40 ETH at 50 cents each. Let them sit there.

Thanks, faucets

About 7k most of which was in mid December. At 12k now, but about half of it went in a meme coin which will either go 10x or flounder around forever

>He thinks you can cash out


Write a book about getting rich off of crypto user you will make big bucks kek
sell that shit to boomers and offer your services to get them into crypto or something. My family paid me to show them how to buy crypto not even joking.

Put in 2k in March. Cashed out 20k with 2k left to reinvest, back upto 7k now, planning to cash out again near the end of 2018.

150 and nothing, started the week before Christmas, currently sitting on $400 and chasing enough moonshots that diversifying makes sense

That’s magical kek

14k in, cashed 14k last week.

203k of pure profit in my portfolio.


I'm at $30k atm, haven't cashed out yet


Cashed out 67k

Have 40k still to play with.

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