Corrections, Buy Now

Correcting from the big boost yesterday, here is your chance. Platform releases soon, this is going to shoot up next month

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so why are people shilling this coin again?

>bought 5 minutes ago
>still keeps dropping

Veeky Forums quit fucking scamming me. Im going to lose everything arent I.

A meme that gone too far.
Got PnD'd a few days ago.

read the website fag

>tfw bought at 690

don't freak out over 5 minutes normie. this is a hold. The platform releases next month

stop shilling this dip , im trying to get as much as possible before this goes back up into space.


will FUN actually get somewhere? im thinking about pulling out and buying XLM/TRX instead


I bought in when it was 10 cent yesterday. cant look at this coin right now. make a new post when its 11 cents

Well it's the only coin that has an actual use and and a clear path to implementation. I can't think of a better coin desu. I'm all in.

god damnit I missed out on the dip again plz plz plz go under 6c again

R8 my stack

The new floor is at .08 or .09, you'll never see .06 again son.

right i fell for the burst coin meme cause a "its ya boy verge" posted. dont believe anything

>that much tron
>muh crypto bikes
not going anywhere till 2019 son

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af...

Lol never need to buy soon has a new low and that's going to be 8 cents

Even if that's the case, it's hard not to buy a few thousand when theyre 5 cents a pop

Yeah I'm going to accumulate a lot for the big jump I'm fully committed to believing that this is going to moon stupidly

>1716 req
Not gonna make it