Tron releasing new game. Cute dogs. Koreans love cute shit. If you love money you'll probably want to buy 100-250k TRX NOW

wtf why is 1 dog 200 TRX expensive dogs in the future

How much does the average ETH kitty cost?

8$ for a dog is cheap...LOL

holy shit do these idiots not have a single original idea?

Blatant cryptokitties ripoff from the actual game to the UI design, could the cryptokitties guys sue over this?

>mfw trying to sue chinks for ripping of an idea.
How new are you?


Lmao. I'm going all in.

This coin is the definition of made in china

korea and China eat dog, year of the dog, cryptokitties ripoff, clone, definition of China

so this is what the self named "wonderchild of china" brings to the technological revolution... a shitty dog tamagochi that looks like made in the 90s

good job bagholders

This it too stupid to pass up.

If those damn tanks made it, being a fucking obvious ponzi scheme, then this will surely make it too. Although not as fast.

Yeah Im getting 15k

Same, put $700 into it.
If it drops no problem, steel hands, supposedly it's going to join a new exchange every 2 weeks or so.
I'll just pile them up.

You're just mad it will work.


the gooks love that type of stuff.

fuck they are weird

Link to the game's site please

Stratis just launched their ICO platform.

They only allow professional business to use their blockchain solutions.

If you want to be in on the Microsoft of Blockchain, dump that shit and buy STRATIS now. Mark my words people.

Fuck off Pajeet

holy fuck, we have
1. Cryptokitties.
2. Ethermon
3. Fishtank or some bs like that, trading fish.
4. Tanks (IDk I saw some people trading tanks the other day)
5. Cryptodogs?

Crypto is now officially a platform for normie-mobile-games.

fuck off apu

Buy buy buy easily x2

Asians will love this shit. Added a good chunk to my position

As always the chinks copy an idea and make it worse.

The shitty game is going to make us rich.
Post in on plebbit.

Actually laughing out loud right now knowing ill get rich of a stupid dog game (i have 2M trx coin lmao)

Please tell me it won't get worse than this...PLEASE

Just bought 100k, will I make it?

Finally a cryptogame I can afford to try out, I got 500 TRX for free too, going to buy few dogs lol.

Fuck off pajeet

Yes, just wait a few weeks.

Where to buy the puppies?

good thing verge is going back up.

2000sats by tonight. everyone is holding

Fuck off, go shill your failure somewhere else

wrathhhhhhh wraht warhj pruatocall WraTH

>tamagochi trading
Nuke it

This is the thing. Millions of normies will find a way to buy this shitcoin just because of the puppies and it will moon. I sold my stack today, so expect a huge jump in price tonight when I go to bed

I should have bought TRX than XRP

I just bought 5.6k of this shitcoin I guess

Ethetemon goat tho and this shit has no function

This justifies a 3bn market cap yes

Ripple will moon again by the end of the week.