Why the fuck is LINK being shilled so hard? What does it bring that other shitcoins don't?

Why the fuck is LINK being shilled so hard? What does it bring that other shitcoins don't?


I'm gonna hide this thread because of this NSFW image.

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Just go with it man. When Veeky Forums goes autistic on one coin for a long time. It will eventually go fucking ballistic. Just checkout what they did to ETH, NEO and OMG.

This. When biz goes full retard join them or you'll feel depressed for the rest of your life

Newfaga need to die. Reqd a whitepaper. The Oracle problem? Solved

Mainstream smart contracts.

Are you new? Links been shilled here relentlessly every day since it’s release. It got shilled so much that eventually the same people shilling it, started to fud it because it was funny. I can confirm this as I am one of those assholes.

Smart contracts, if you don't understand them get out of Crypto now, because you probably aren't smart and are going to lose a lot of money.

it doesnt do shit, xlm, xrp, smart contracts built on ethereum already solve everything. Link is a giant ball of shit.


Try reading for once

>xlm, xrp
Congratulations on not knowing what oracles are.

>smart contracts built on ethereum
Congragulations on not knowing what the fuck you're talking about, period.

yea i missed req im not missing link. the fucking memes alone are worth 100 million. literally ive never laughed so hard in my life like these link memes, more power than doge i can feel it.

i'll let you in on a little secret whale insiders are calling the "LINK killer"

They took sergey's whitepaper and actually hired a real team to build it after he squandered the opportunity.

I knew this was happening... because I also do this (from time to time)

Stop your shit now and just buy BZC

how is that unique? there are many just like it

Its an ERC20 token thats being shilled to shit

>Whats ERC20 user?
Completely dependent on the Etherum network, not its own thing outright

>how is that unique?
How is what unique?

t. Trenchy McTrenchskull

it solve problem


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the problem is oracle solved. very obvious OP.


Cheap Asian knock off . But do they have a working product

>What does it bring that other shitcoins don't?

A shitload of bagholders



Lmfao at that meme. I feel a little dirty given I know what the original headline was (no laughing matter) but fuck it's awesome.

the more you see a dev's face the more skeptical you should be


could you please show some respect to your fellow Veeky Forums posters, a lot of us struggle with compulsive masturbation.

Linkies should get the fuck out of crypto.