Who here is having fun?

who here is having fun?

Me pick me

Just bought 137k, hoping it’ll take off soon

I am. I think this is a FUN coin XD


Can only afford 900. If it goes up a decent amount within a month I'll be satisfied.

I'm in this boat. The gains will be precious.

I got over 9000 now.

>tfw only 150,000 funs bought at 300 sats

is this a good time to buy? i dont have any but im interested

mainnet launches later this month, im thinking thats when it will really moon

Now is the best time.

pajeet pump n dump hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

anything under 10 is a steal

20k reporting in

only 12500. had 15000 fucked up a few trades. this hurts

Sold on the P bought back in the D and we seem to back on original trajectory

40K FUN reporting in, was supposed to get 100k fun but have not reached that goal yet

Only have 1,800 here. Got in late. Plenty of TRX though.

No one is going to want to gamble with imaginary tokens

22k reporting in sir, still trying to get to 100

200k reporting in

Not even trying to pajeet you when I say this, but yes it is. Buying at around 10 cents is going to look chad tier. Just hold and don't sell until it hits 1 dollar. I'm holding this cunt for the long term.

>implying cryptotrading is not already gambling with imaginary tokens

You're a fucking idiot. How do you not understand that gambling is incredibly pervasive. I hope god blesses you with a brain tonite.

>not even knowing the project you are shitting on

It's a b2b project you dipshit

is 660 sats the new floor man

$1 FUN only gives it a 4B marketcap, which is still less than some other shitcoins with nothing but a whitepaper and roadmap. This thing will be yuuuge

tfw it only goes up

well I just bought 2.8k

hope this moons

This is the kind of coin you need to put in your wallet and forget about.

Devil's advocate here. Why would I purchase FUN tokens to gamble with the extreme volatility of crypto? Why would I risk my winnings to the market that I may or may not even be interested in as a gambler?

Nigga if you gambling you will just see it as more money.

because 99% of online casinos are scam and the only way to be proven fair is by using public smart contracts

When you go to a casino, you exchange your money for imaginary tokens so I don't see your point

I don't think that's how normies gamble. They like to go to sleep knowing that their winnings will be the same as they were when they woke up.

who the fuck is buying this shit, its being dumped SO HARD right now but someone is slurping it all up

Those tokens are valued in fiat currency and don't fluctuate.

>mfw I say that about almost every single coin.

which is why they cash out at the end of the night like always?

I propose this as the 2018 HODL Alliance.

They don't though. People spend 3 day weekends at a casino all the time and don't always bother to cash out .

selling now would be a weenie move

this is ONLINE you fucking cuck retard

If you've already converted your fiat to chips, most of the time you won't cash out if you intend to play there again.

FUN will be the same.

>he says on a board devoted to gambling imaginary tokens
So ironic it has to intentional lol

28K reporting in

Can we not be associated with stinkies?

And this is the problem with market fluctuations.

>mfw i own all of these with some IOTA
i'm so normie/biz/


Market won't fluctuate much once the speculation stage is over. Once the casinos buy in, there won't be much day to day fluctuation as the bulk of tokens will be held in casino bankrolls.

Meh if you enter with FUN you know how crypto works. Volatility is part of the game.

If you enter with fiat any decent casino is going to use the buy exchange rate when selling. Sometimes they lose a bit of money, sometimes they gain a bit. Customer happy, they happy.

Also when FUN is up and running way more money will be in the market and volatility will decrease severely. Couple percent max during an average gambling session.

Accumulated an extra 7k during the dip






If this breaks 700 again it's going all the way to 1000 sats.

c o m f y

>hating solid projects this much
If you idiots are not hodling you don’t deserve this godtier coin. This is the future and don’t take our precious FUN as a P&D. FUN is for iron hands. You idiots will never understand the true value of this gem. I’ve been in this coin since it fucking hit binance as I am a FUNeran. Triple my initial cash stack of 100k and now I’m just laughing at you idiots who sell or even think about it. Honestly I implore you to miss out on these gains lmfao.

Well there's no way this is going up to $2 anymore.

Thats literally what Veeky Forums is about

Biz casino 2018 on fun platform pls




I'm holding 50k FUN and intend to double it playing blackjack

This is the funnest coin on the market

Just wait bro. This is a solid project.

man this coin will take off, surprised more aren't taking the gamble on it

just look at the team - the CEO has an order of the british empire and amazing credentials, not to mention patent pending tech to reduce the money wasted on tx fees on current gambling coins/tokens

When they get in the news as the first blockchain company partnering with existing casinos in spring, people will get it.

Patience is key.

10k Fun at 675 am I gonna make it Veeky Forums?

Can someone explain how this isn't just a gambling platform like the hundred others around all over the internet? The only difference is that they use their own currency you have to buy with real money. What's in it for normies that distinguishes this from the already well functioning 100 other gambling sites?

Not trying to FUD, just trying to see what your thought processes are in terms of its future. I wouldn't go into a coin thinking "Oh, this is a coin for gambling and the gambling industry is 200000 Trillion dollars so this coin will be worth 200000 trillion dollars!"

Because it is providing not only more information to players, but an actual product that people can jump start casinos with.

This one is the most promising. Everyone agrees.

>Because it is providing not only more information to players

What do you mean and how?

>but an actual product that people can jump start casinos with.

This I could see potential in, except most people (especially normies) don't care at all about this.

The selling point is it is provably fair after the fact, the whole point of using a block chain. You can verify the house odds are legit. That puts any other casinos at a disadvantage once adoption begins. It really has the chance to disrupt the industry and is one of the few crypto project that has a real purpose.

I can't wait to buy hookers and chipss in vegas with these bad boys

My man, read the whitepaper if you want this kind of basic information.

>implying this isn't already happening right now on multiple functioning crypto gambling sites

im sorry wat

i do this against my best interest as i don't want moar ppl buying relatively cheap fun but here it is:
you can bet the coins from your own wallet contrary to traditional online casino where you have to fun an account giving them custodial role over the funds and exposing yourself to an exit scam risk.
Maybe you don't want the missus to see "payed a gorillion dollars to gambling degenaret co incorporated in panam" on the credit card statement.
maybe online gambling is illegal in your jurisdiction.
the funfair games are provably fair because the game logic runs on an ethereum smart contract that is publicly auditable on the ethereum blockchain and not in a shady vps/dedi in curacao,panama seychelles etc.
incredibly lower gas cost(transaction cost) compared to their competitors because of their proprietary tech aka Fate Channels.

advantages for operators(casinos)
on boarding of new crypto-players
potentially lower operating costs as the game logic is in a smart contract
no chances of credit card chargebacks because the players has to commit funds in crypto
several more that i can't be arsed to explain atm

15k at 675
We're gonna make it or break it together senpai, hope you can find some comfort in this.

Instant depo/with with faith tunnel tech

This alone is big,none of that waiting and document shit

Way way cheaper. Way less servers required, casinos like that.

Gamblers like FUN because it is Fair, garuanteed, no hidden odds. RNG is truly uncheatable random. No more waiting for withdrawls, your FUN is never managed by the casino, just the state channel. State channel requires the casino to lock in enough FUN for the highest amount the player can win. If the player bets thousand bucks on 17 with roulette, the casino has at least 35 thousand locked in so if you win, it's instantly yours.

Team has loads of experience in the gambling sphere. Jez San started pkr.com, has an ex William Hill exec etc etc

Do you understand how many B2B gambling companies already exist that do just that?

0 future coin, a literal shit
stay away

Name a few

I thought I read somewhere that players wouldn't need to bring their own Fun tokens. Rather, they would cash into and out of Fun without even knowing it.

Already half in on XLM, so I put 25% in FUN. Will I make it?

Kambi, Sporting Solutions, SBtech, Bet Genius, Bet Radar, Paddy Power B2B, Evolution Gaming etc

Right here in the crypto sphere!

How many servers do they require? What are their licensing cost? Can they prove to their players their rng is not cheated?

FunFair first of all will scoop up all gamblers who want to gamble online but don't trust the sites. Once the word is out FunFair casinos can't be cheated, more and more casinos will want to be one. Or at least offer regular and FunFair games.

Hm.. this has me convinced actually.

A big part of running a casino is dealing with fraud/scams, regulatory oversight, security, etc..

Having all those things dealt for you would make this a HUGE leap in the gambling industry.

Fiat to FUN then FUN to fiat
I imagine there will be a fee aside from the token burn from converting to minimize switching between currency

FUN is needed for all operations in the casino

Not putting evolution first, not bringing up Playtech or NetEnt.

You can spam as Many b2b game devs you like, none of these are on the blockchain and does not cater for the same market. You do realise someone has to step in and take control of a new market? FUN will do this.

Bringing up b2b legacy casino operators and developers is like trashing crypto by bringing up VISA or SWIFT

literally everyone will want to gamble with imaginary trust tokens

That's a big one too. No more stolen credit card chargebacks. For both parties it's a win.

Also I hope that once regulators understand that FunFair casinos can't cheat, gambling licenses will be super easy to get for Funfair casinos.

Most of those are for sports betting? We're talking about casino games here.

Regardless, why would I hire a third party when I can launch the casino myself? The whole point of FUN is to cut out the middleman from gambling

I hope shady online mob lord casinos use FUN

I'm still regretting switching out of my ZClassic for this coin a few days ago. ZCL is up 20% and this hasn't done shit.

Launch in February, planned release of first casinos in the spring. Fun will have his moment of shine

Why do you keep saying casinoS? Like if there was more than one

whatever, i'm getting out of this junk on the next pump

FunFair is licensing their software to regulated and unregulated casino operators who will be able to customize and host their own FunFair-powered casinos

Yeah FunFair is not the casino, they make software for casinos.

Cool, good for you having a plan and sticking to it. Sorry that buying FUN didn't work out for you in the short term. May your next pick be the next pump coin.

seriously tho, the market cap for the coin dropped 80 mil in the past 24 hours but the price of the coin stays above .08c mostly. Just canceled my 5 preordered lambos