I have 800k and want to cash out a bit of my crypto and make a nice purchase so I feel less empty and depressed

I have 800k and want to cash out a bit of my crypto and make a nice purchase so I feel less empty and depressed.

Would you get a Lexus LC500 or Porsche 911

Tesla model 3.

I dont have a house with garage so tesla seems like a poor choice at the moment

the lc500 in red looks like a car god himself would drive

Porsche for sure

pic related: realistic dream car


I want to FUCK this car

>want to feel less empty and depressed
>buying things that are poor stores of value and will not cure your emptiness/depression

You need a purpose larger than yourself user. Stop trying to be nigger rich by buying glitzy shit.

I have a sedan right now and ive never given anybody a ride in the back :-(

so i want a coupe

I may be gay, but at least I got trips.

filling the void with material possessions isnt the way to be happy user.

R u dumb. 100k for one of those cars will 10x to 1M

I like shiny things that go fast. I havent even bought a cheeseburger with these cryptobucks whats the point if i dont buy anyhting

>Audi A4

My nigga

Buy the Lexus. Far more reliable. Porsche is shit.

how did u acquire 800k/ what are ur holdings? when did u start?

Buy unique experiences. Not things.

If I had your money I would be traveling and taking courses in art, cooking, combat, hunting, etc.

Perhaps I would write a book as well.

Dumbest post I've seen in awhile

If I ever make it I will probably buy a Toyota Corolla. Maybe a Tesla Model 3 if I am feeling super adventurous.

The Toyota has lots of comfy tech for a car in its class, like lane assist etc. and it's not flashy, i.e. not a big gleaming billboard saying



You need to test drive both and come to a conclusion. Been reading lots of reviews on the LC500 and it's a great engine, but it's not for everyone.

Both are fantastic cars and really the upper echelon of sensible fast luxury compared to the ridiculous lambo meme that gets shilled. People buy into that not even knowing anything about them. You like Murcielagos? Thats fine, but dont covert them just because of the meme.

If I had to chose between them I would lean toward the Lexus persoanlly, but that means nothing to you. You need to experience both these cars for yourself to make a good decision.

hes right though. european cars are fucking trash. notoriously overheats, oil leaks everywhere. japanese are truly the most reliable.

I dont wanna disclose exact details but ive been holding req since ico, xlm for a while, bitcoin for a while. Started with 100k

porsche is a true driver's car and will probably give you feelings you never thought you had for cars

please, don't buy anything buy porsche or you will be a depressed, empty faggot

cant argue with that

Daily reminder auto cucks are just as bad as man children that play video games all day.

Honestly an aircooled 911 like this would be an actual investment instead of a depreciating asset like the rest of the shit mobiles in this thread. I've started seeing everything this way. I even considered if my wife is a good investment earlier.

all these niggers chasing cars and I'm just hoping to get enough cash to buy a place to live in the country

>pick the most boring, sensible car possible
>get called an auto-cuck

enjoy getting robbed and then dying of the tuberculosis you caught on the bus

normies get out of my biz

nice just bought 100k

You need to chill why are you in constant fear of being robbed, also its called insurance.

*likes post*

We live in a capitalist society and we are barely int he door of one of the largest emerging markets we've seen for decades, it's natural to think like that.

I would prefer an older Porsche too. Not just from an investment point of view.

70s Carrera RSs go for over $1m now too.

>why are you in constant fear of being robbed

why are you not?

The Lexus looks weird AF, like it's been stretched for no reason

ayy we got an Veeky Forums poster. You see my thread about putting a cold air intake in mum's car?

pretty sweet now

Maybe you should get a house with a garage before an expensive car.

>any car
>an investment
You will never make positive NPV on any car that isn't a collector's item.

Lexus for comfy road tripping, Porsche for extra sportiness. I personally prefer the look of the lc500 over the 911 but that's subjective.

Oh... Shit. Get neither. Buy a 3k civic for now. Get one of the car's once you've purchased a house with a garage, parking one of these outside is pants on head retarded.

Good point I guess

>gets car jacked
>jamal drives home and bangs his wife


how would jamal know the way?

he's been there before


how the fuck do you have 800k to cash out when your brain couldn't even see how stupid it would be to get an expensive car without a garage.. Yeah park your Audi R8 on the fucking street you twat

>buying a car before owning a house
this is why Veeky Forums is never going to make it

>cash out

Are you an American? If so, you should just try to persuade someone to take actual crypto.

None of these are Lambos. Keep making gainz

>actually using crypto

>loud as hell uncomfortable sports car
just buy a fucking normal car you fucking retard.

All Porsches look exactly the same, why buy new one?
I'd buy cheap 2003-2005 911 and call it a day.
If i wreck it i wont be bothered a single bit, yet its still a Porsche.


Porsche will hold its value more than the Lexus believe it or not. Porsche is the bar at which all other sports cars are benchmarked against. If you actually like cars and want something that is flashy yet modest and will outdrive and outperform the Lexus then get the Porsche. And whoever says Porsche is unreliable is full of shit they’re one of the most reliable brands you can buy. Lexus is too though. Lexus will be technologically superior and flashier. Will turn more heads for about 5 years then people won’t care anymore. You’ll have more fun in the Porsche but everyone will think you’re a douche. Everyone will try to race you in the Lexus. I think the Lexus would be my pick just because I’m a sucker for the interior and tech. Porsche’s interior and simple layout will age much better than Lexus will though. Either one is solid.


Get a P100D

just buy a shit run about car

go buy a house or something.

I have a 98 Corolla. It genuinely feels more comfy than when I had my Evo IX. Owning a fast car is an exercise in frustration and stress of constant police attention.

Porshe 911 will retain value better also nice car

Get the Lexus, that thing is beautiful

i make about 75k per year, am single, and drive a 2005 corolla. i've made about 300k off of crypto this year (got in last january instead of contributing to my cuckbux IRA) and i will continue to drive my 2005 corolla even if i make over a million

spending your money on stupid shit like cars is what niggers do and is why niggers are broke the year after winning a lottery/lawsuit

> all this paper millionaires thinking they can actually cash out

>cash out my pretend internet money
ayy lmao

By the time a porsche or lexus loses 50k in value I will have already made 200k off crypto. I dont see the logic here

>all this paper millionaires thinking they can actually cash out

mfw the exchanges crash and btc/eth/ltc are worth 0 usd.

i don't see the logic in buying expensive shit that serves no purpose. i drive a 2005 corolla, wear a $15 argos watch, etc. i just don't understand the "nigger rich" mentality

its cause you have a sad and depressed life and you dont know how to enjoy life maybe?

Because I drive alot and they have warranties?

This is the correct answer.

>why do people buy things they want to have? I don't understand

Nice one captain autism. Enjoy your potato soup.

car maintainance and upkeep is at least 50% of the cars price
if you're going to buy an expensive car you gotta have money to maintain it


Have a dummy friend that makes about the same minus crypto and lives paycheck to paycheck. He just bought a new car and spends like a grand on food for himself every month.

I've been driving my car for 8 years now.

>why do people buy things they want to have?
i don't agree with this. i think it's more along the lines of:
>why do people buy the things that they have been programmed to want by marketing and sales?

escape the jew brainwashing, senpai

Thats why I'm buying a new car with a warranty. I can afford the tires, insurance and gas.

OP, don't buy new, buy very lightly used. You'll save yourself the $10k drop from rolling it off the dealer's lot. That said, 911's are fantastic cars - they've been nominated Best Car of the Year by many different sports car magazines and companies. Just remember that a twin turbo may give you more maintenance issues, but they're more fun to drive. It's all about what you like.

Weird looking car vs. beautiful car. Tough choice.

No fucking brainer, buy that quality German shit all day!

>Japanese quality is bad

>Just remember that a twin turbo may give you more maintenance issues
have fun spending 100k+ on a car where the jews in charge of the company don't allow the engineers to build more tolerance into critical components. meanwhile my 2005 corolla has needed 0 maintenance outside of the usual belts, filters, etc.

you niggers buying overpriced shitcars are so stupid it's unimaginable.

>quality German
this is now just a meme, sadly. quality in german engineering has taken a nosedive since the early 2010s.

That's an S8

>quality in german engineering has taken a nosedive since the early 2010s
about the same time they started force-importing subhuman niggers and diversifying their workforce with unqualified wymyn and niggers. makes me think

Go be fat somewhere else, Warren Buffett. If you got that much money but still live in fucking Omaha, you done fucked up A-Aron.

See this thread for inspiration:

I have a BMW M4, and I can't say enough about German quality. It has a great feel to it, in general.

Lexus doesn't make a bad car, by any means -- it's Japanese quality. But they never seem to have the same spirit. It's very mechanical -- hard to really put into words.

A Lexus (or an Acura) is like a Japanese interpretation of a German luxury sports car. They're just off the mark a bit.

Go with a Porsche (or look into BMWs, imo) and you'll never regret it.

Get a Cayman. You're not rich enough to afford 911, you fagit.

911 - not even a competition on any front

>Go be fat somewhere else
i absolutely guarantee that i am more Veeky Forums than you. i challenge you to a shirtless pic with timestamp to the minute. if you accept i will post my image first and then you follow. do you accept?

>If you got that much money but still live in fucking Omaha
so if you make some money you'll instantly move to a shithole city with 3x the cost of living and slowly bleed your money away? what's it like being such a dumb fuck?

>people like things different than me so they're wrong

Get fucked

Any opinion on Audi?

>people fall victim to the kike brainwashing called marketing and buy overpriced garbage they don't need
please do :^)

>If I had your money
Yet he does and you don't. Fuck off nigger. In fact, kill yourself you waste of oxygen.

Maybe if I could afford an R8? But then I'd seriously consider just getting a Lambo Huracan.

I've never driven one, but none of the < $100k Audis appeal to me. They don't have the same flair in my eyes -- personal preference thing, obviously.

you'll be bled dry by taking it to the shop every 2 months. german engineering is just a meme now

I’m buying a 2018 Lincoln MKZ on weds. A lot of bang for your buck with the twin turbo V6. I need comfort and I need some space. It checks all the boxes for me

Patrician taste.

I think you're misunderstanding. When have I been exposed to BMW commercials/advertising?

I like fast cars. I like cars that are beautiful. My car is strikingly pretty, and I stare at it every time I get out of it (currently garaged because it's winter here).

I like guns, fast cars/motorcycles, and I'm willing to spend my hard earned money on them. That's all there is to it.

I was actually looking at certified pre owned 2017 M3s in the yas marina blue color as well. I think I'm going to need to test drive all of them and see what to do.

>I like fast cars

> I like cars that are beautiful
i honestly do not find "beauty" in any cars. a tercel and a lambo are the same thing to me, really. i will never understand this mentality.

>I like guns
my nigga. guns are my primary investment. i have 4 pistols, 3 shotguns, 3 bolt-action rifles, and 2 carbines so far with about 1k rounds of ammo for each atm

the Yas Marina Blue is striking in person -- don't let pictures be the final judge. The Austin Yellow is gorgeous in person as well -- I almost bough one, but it was too flashy for me so I went with black.

You can also order them in individual colors (I think that's what they call it) -- basically any color you want, if you're willing to pay for it.

The craziest I've seen is a guy that wanted the McClaren red/orange, which is like a 7 layer paint job. It looked incredible.

additionally, there is no bigger "nigger what are you doing" moment for me than to see a fat/unhealthy person driving what is a "nice" car. this also applies to designer clothing/watches on fat/unhealthy people. your body is your vehicle through life and is the only thing you really have. i don't know why people don't take care of their bodies before trying to sprinkle some glitter onto it.

speaking of..
hey nigger i challenged you to post your body. where did you go?