Shill me neo

I really don't understand NEO, and given that this in June was shilled ti death I think that here may be someone who can help me better understand it. I have two questions: what are the advantages over eth? Why deploying a smart contract costs so much?

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Will tip ETH to well justified answers.

its developers can use java, python and other popular coding languages

pays dividends in the form of GAS (look it up on coinmarketcap)

wheras in ETH developers are restricted to solidity, eths own language

they are trying to get the support of the chink government and they want to be able to trace every transaction a legal entity

it's even worse than xrp

It's Chinese Ethereum, and as you probably already know, each crypto currency is limited to its country of origin. So there will be a crypto currency for Chinese people, Indian people, Irish people, and so forth. It's a very good opportunity to make PASSIVE income while you sleep!

It’s a shitty ETH, but ETH is an ancient version of UBIQ.

So the answer is obvious: buy Blockcat

- A smart economy will feature digitized physical assets.
- It gives out dividends (NEO GAS)
- Faster transactions. 10,000tps (transactions/second) vs ETHS 30tps
- Compliant with governments ( strong relations with the Chinese government)
- NEX exchange will be a decentralized marketplace
- Lots of ICOs coming up!

Happy near year! Go long on NEO!

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Bullshit. It takes any developer worth his salt 1 week tops to become decent in Solidity.

here look for your self, maybe not all information about neo maybe you can find more from this links coin&post_type=post

Gas is not dividend, It is? Dividend of what? So we are bullish on a coin actually because It is china centralized?

1 week of wasted time pajeet. Everything I wrote was fact, explain how it is bullshit?

You may actually be retarded pajeet.

True. I am a dev, and Solidity is a toy language.

I like to think of it as passive income.

Yes, because being "China Centralized" means things get done super fast.

Look at Wechat and what it can do. The West is a long time away from such a superapp

Eth with Casper Will implement staking this year.

Exactly guys this is the best work from home opportunity I've ever seen. Just imagine the possibility once Ireland establishes their own Ethereum, and then Scotland, and so on and so on. Lambo land awaits!

wechat is fucking gay. LINE is 10x better. line still sucks though

NEO is ~70 USD while ETH is already ~700 USD. It'll be easier to increase your portfolio % wise with the upcoming NEO ICOs ( Remember, ETH exploded because of it's ICOs.

Hopefully the Chinese government doesn't ban this wealth creating opportunity. Neo's passive income gains from GAS frees up more of my time to do things I enjoy - like being a mommy! I just hope the Chinese don't get in the way of the next Ethereum!

Digital Assets-NEO aims to convert traditional assets into digital ones using smart contracts. These digital assets will be decentralized and will be protected by law using digital certificates on the blockchain, which in turn, will guarantee trust.

Digital Identity–NEO will enable the creation of identity information of organizations, individuals, and entities in electronic form. These identities will be usable via multi-factor authentication mechanisms such as facial recognition, fingerprints, voice recognition, and SMS.

Smart Contracts– In NEO, unlike other smart contract platforms, you need not learn a new smart contract language. If you are a developer usingC#, Java, or any other mainstream programming language, you can get started right now to code your smart contracts.NEO’s Universal Lightweight Virtual Machine (NeoVM) has the advantage of high certainty, high concurrency, and high scalability for smart contracts based on the blockchain.

DApps–NEO will support the development of decentralized applications by continuously supporting and developing more mature development tools and techniques.Some of the examples of DApps are smart funds,AI-assisted legal smart contracts, and decentralized exchanges.

Dapps on NEO:

Forbes Unchained podcast with Da Hongfei as guest:


how you doin'?

>like being a mommy
fuck outta here roastie

60 times faster than eth, dBFT algorith that makes transactions secure without waiting for additional blocks, already working DPoS, free transactions, uses common programming laguages for faster development, decentralization of nodes in progress, built with legal compliance in mind from the get go so they are the best candidate for eventual chink gov approval.
>Why deploying a smart contract costs so much?
So in these early stages of the project only legit projects can be released on the mainnet, so it doesn't get too clogged with cryptokitties clones. They'll probably reduce the cost as the ecosystem matures.

what exactly are you getting at user? you're just gonna buy up the Eth of each country? Or is it all connected to NEO in some form?

No one answered one of my two questions: why 500gas for one smart contract?

Answer right above you.

So you think the fee will be reduced?

Just imagine a world full of different Ethereums, obviously each country needs its own Ethereum, we can't all use the same one. So it makes perfect sense we need one for each individual place geographically, think of the potential! Passive income wealth opportunity builders work from home make Neo a sure thing!

Holy shit getting baited this hard. He's a troll or some kind of weird ETH shill, ignore him.

One big difference between neo/gas and eth is that to use the ethereum smart contract system you need to pay for transactions with eth. So if eth goes x100 then basic transaction fees will also go x100, hurting every single token and contract that's running on ethereum.

Using the neo smart contract system costs gas, which is its own currency. Neo generates gas (over time 1 neo generates 1 gas, after that it's only from fees). If gas does not become a store of value then the gas prices should remain low, or at least not hardcoupled to the price of neo itself.

Whether or not it will end up like this is speculation. Right now eth is at least usable since neo requires bullshit fees to create a smart contract on the network, which is inhibiting the usefulness of the network for now. Only contracts with support from the neo council will be deployed, unless devs are willing to pay $10k+ up front.

Programming language is irrelevant. Solidity is easy. Shoehorning c# or w/e into a smart contract probably works on paper but it'll probably feel dirty af to write.

disclaimer: I own both, and am toying with solidity development. If eth rises too much, the ecosystem will die, causing eth to die (unless there somehow is no better blockchain for high tx/s kek). Neo doesn't have that artificial limit due to gas taking that burden, but since there's not much gas yet it might be hard to bootstrap an active ecosystem since everyone wants to hodl gas.

Time will tell. Maybe another coin comes along and makes both obsolete.

started reading about TKY but turns out USA is excluded -_-

still interested in NEO itself though

Ok guys, thank you. I Will buy 20k tonight.

i just have no clue what the user is talking about, not getting baited at all nig

>not getting baited at all nig
Yes you are. He's making fun of the meme that NEO is the "Chinese Ethereum" as if we need a new ETH for every country and you're taking him seriously. The irony is that NEO is actually much more advanced than old and busted ETH but they're obsessed with regulatory compliance in China and will basically be the bitch of the PRC so long as that's where they want to be headquartered.

>in June was shilled ti death
There's your answer. Smart money rode the hype train and sold 6 months ago after it rebranded and went x10 in a few weeks.
It's not a bad coin but you probably won't get better returns holding NEO than you would holding any other top 20 coin.

0 transaction fees

How does NEO deal with the fact you can't send a fucking fraction of a coin?

Reminder that nobody really gives a fuck about smart contracts.

They're functionally useless aside from extremely niche applications. Vitalik agreed that eth is only worth $8, don't bother him about it.

Easier to program and get into

Not proof of work, much faster, scalable, more centralized however

two coin system, dividents, NEO being not dividable (it's a share, while Gas is more like the money)

Gas costs are historical and have not been adjusted yet. Right now they function as to keep the blockchain clean of shit test contracts

>Reminder that nobody really gives a fuck about smart contracts.

Best post. ETH and NEO aren't very comparable beyond their primary function. NEO is going to be around for a long time, ETH may get replaced. NEO is my end game. Beyond a doomsday scenario I'm not selling any until $300 then $1000 and holding it really long after that

GAS is the utility token that is divisible and will be used for fees and funding ICOs. NEO is more like a share in the blockchain, a stake in the network that accumulates GAS.

You are a fucking imbecile. I'm doing my PhD on crypto. Look on google scholar.

In early December, NEO announced a partnership with Stellar, Elastos, and Ontology to build the foundation for a smart economy. Ontology is an ICO from Onchain, NEO CEO Da Hongfei's private company.

In the partnership, NEO will be the public blockchain, while Ontology will be the private blockchain. Elastos will be the protocol layer that connects the two. And Stellar will be the payment platform.

This is significant since Elastos chose NEO over Ethereum. And it's a step forward in achieving NEO's vision of a smart economy,

can you name 1 smart contract application besides the dao that is functional and provides vaue


I rode it from 100k sat ants to .013 btc a piece and back and neo will always be my dear
In all honesty it mooned for the same reason xlm is going to 5x over the next few weeks: eth mooned and everyone jumped on the competition