Why do bs pump n dump coins win over actually solid projects?

why do bs pump n dump coins win over actually solid projects?

because UFR is low cap undervalued and your shit coin is overvalued

Fundamentals mean nothing without marketing.

fuck off pajeet


Even looking at the top 10 coins, only 4 can I count as being worthy of the 1 billion dollar market cap.

Shitcoins like Ripple being placed as high as they are is solid proof of how much dumb fucking money is in the system.

I am of the firm belief that when we have our so called 'Dot-Com Bubble Burst', fundamentals will hold strong, while hype and marketing of shitcoins will capitulate.

Anybody not buying UFR is obviously destined to be an eternal pajeet.
It's like some people hate money.

fuck off pajeet

In the long run, the real projects will give better returns. In this dumb money time, people want to buy something very cheap and expect 100x

What do you mean win ?
XMR has a huge reputation and a huge marketcap, it went up 400% in the last 2 months and 2000% in a year.

It's the top 11 coin, the top anonymous coin and has 4 billion marketcap.

You can't be 24/7 on a moon mission. You bought late that's it

this, verge keeps being shilled everywhere

monero is just a fork of cryptonote

This whole market is a whale's playground. Combined with the fact that almost NO ONE really cares about the fundamentals here. People only want to get rich, so stats like market cap and price action matter to most investors.

Haven't you seen what happens with the news? When a coin gets big positive news, what happens to the price? It drops. People sell the news, and don't care about he fundamentals or potential. Do you think anyone actually wants to use Ripple?

We're in a bubble, and greed is what's driving it.

cash is king


I like Monero and i will hodl mine forever.
The black market uses it and if one thing is forever than this.

go read what cryptonote was built for

will it probably bounce back up soon?

Bounce back up to what? It's only been higher in sats once in its history. Give it some space for a while, it's doing fine.

Actually made 250% this week with pump & dumps following these signals : discord.gg/g3Ve4np

this is assuming BTC wont tank right?

Because more solid alternatives and forks exist to your overvalued XMR

The biggest source of privacy is from amount of transactions, which create noise. SUMO is dead on arrival, it has to catch up massively in transaction amounts to be truly private.

>why does a coin that's existed for six months and gets no transaction traffic have less issues than a coin that's existed for 4 years and has been a staple for drug dealers worldwide

Fucking kill yourself.

Crypto is filled with retards jumping to the next hot thing, but I guarantee you in 3 years Monero will still be a top coin and your shitcoin will be dead in the water.

This. Please fuck off with that pre-mined shitcoin. It's an embarrassment to all of the hard work that went into making Monero. Changing a few parameters around on an open source project does not solve anything.

Also, the name sucks. The logo sucks. Not even Japanese, etc.

Kek. Screencapping these for 3 months from now

Yeah, in 3 months when the entire darknet operates on SUMOKOIN? top kek end yourself

>xmr has a traceable transaction history
what a shitty image full of lies to peddle your shitcoin. neck yourself, pajeet