Holders, how are you set up for 2018?

Holders, how are you set up for 2018?

Swap XRP for BNTY and I'm the same

My folder is not doing so good. I could have picked xlm or req or link


glad to see another poorfag

Sold 1M xvg today for nav and XMR someone fucking tell me I didn’t fuck this up!

>has XRP
>doesn’t have XLM
Sweetie I....

bought in with $480, desu want it down to $0.16 again so i can accumulate

We will get there bro. You should include your USD spending so your portfolio value shows only profit. Keeps things in perspective.

I know i've put in 1000€ so no real need imo to do that.. it's even less after coinbase fees so I'm probably around 300-350$ profit now. 10 days time, feelsgood. I hope to at least make it to something like 40K.

You fucked up.....

cause you could have bought more link.

More upside potential on that for a yearlong hold

You did the right thing. Verge is dead

XRP is the superior technology. Superior team, superior partnerships, superior in every way. Ripple, unlike Stellar, actually had an insensitive for XRP to accumulate value. Stellar has no interest in making XLM a store of value, but OMG MAH BIG BANKS, MAH IDEOLOGY.

XLM is cool, but it's really just a poor man's XRP.

You got off the train at the right time. XVG is the ultimate shitcoin.

yh i was thinking of increasing my current positions, mainly LINK and XBY. i still might move some things around.

I think you're a little over diversified for such a small amount of money. That NEO is just a bag, maybe you'll get 1x what it is now. That money would be better spending being dumped into XLM or REQ when they correct.

Well, I sold my REQ for the easy money, but I think I'll all in XRP until february. Right now I'm:
33% XRP
33% POWR
33% ETH

HODLing strong.


Wanting to do some trading today, anything looking at 50%+ gains? Feels like a slow day after I bagged some profit on XRP XLM and still holding my XRB

You're like my slightly less competent cousin

Nvm, we're equally competent. Forgot pic

>still has 400k XVG

should've dropped it all, m8..

I bought the NEO because I read and heard it was a good long term investment. I bought in at 459000 sats, it's at 5649000 now. Should I sell? In what should I put the btc?

My second week lost $200, I think my IQ might be less than average. Help

am i doing it right when iron hands?

Comfy right now. Hoping to make it 6 digits by eoy.

Feeling comfy

second part

Is XRB just goign to keep goign up? I bought in at $10, again at $17, thinking of buying again at like $23. Doesn't seem like anything else happening today and I'm just holding ETH for now with that money


Up a good amount since Nov.